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From: "marilynandmonty" <>
Subject: Re: [LO] To MIME or Not to MIME & number of bounces
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 21:06:11 -0700
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That was one of my questions after reading the tutorial, also, Janet. So we,
as admins, can change the way individual Digest subscribers receive, Joan?

Can they change it, also? I know they don't have all the tools, but will
they have some options (like in Yahoo and other mail lists)?

My other question was about setting the number of bounces before removal of
an address. I do understand the difference between hard and soft bounces,
but do we still have the option on slow lists to keep the number low? Or
higher on busier lists because sometimes the bounce will be soft if it's a
full mailbox. I also understand only 1 bounce per day will count, which
means on very slow lists, an address could be around for weeks (but since we
don't get the bounces, I guess that's not a problem). It kind of sounded
like Mailman decides. Or did I read that wrong? And what would be a good
number to set, if we do. Or should we go with the default until/if it
appears too low (from subscribers complaining, perhaps).

Marilyn G.

By the way, I thought the tutorial was very good and mostly easy to follow,
and I only found one instance where I think a mistake was made (incorrect
word used, something like using "will" when the author meant "won't"), but I
didn't write it down and can't find it now. I'm sure if it was incorrect,
someone else will note it (maybe I just read it wrong).

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From: <>
Subject: Re: [LO] To MIME or Not to MIME

> Yesterday I was told the digest could be received in MIME for just those
> who
> wanted the individual messages. I would be glad to do this for the
> subscribers, but the Tutorial states twice that if one subscriber's
> setting
> is changed, all must be changed to MIME.
> I am confused.
> Janet Crain
> No--the default for the general setting is plain text (best not to change
> that) but you can remove the check mark next to any digest subscriber's
> membership data and that will all that person to get the digests in MIME.
> Joan

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