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From: Listpig <>
Subject: Re: [LO] list problem
Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2007 23:06:42 -0600
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Nope. Essentially, HelpDesk is a message board, with the staff and vols
having passworded access to the board to see the questions and answer them;
answering causes an email to be sent as well as it posting/archiving for
HelpDesk's future reference.

HelpDesk personnel are extremely limited and mostly volunteer. The one and
only full time staff member is recuperating from a shoulder replacement and
not available to type at a computer. Volunteers have had issues ranging
from death and illness in the family to getting tied up in actual paying day
jobs, not to mention holidays and recovering from the same.

[I understand that when people have a question or a problem they want an
answer now if not sooner. On the other hand, speaking only as myself and
not as a HD vol, I have limited patience with people who want instant
service from people who aren't paid regarding a service the questioner
doesn't pay for. This truly is a case of "ya gets what ya pays for."]

Which I suppose is a way of saying "we'll get to you when we get to you."
Delays are sometimes caused by folks just flat getting busy in Real Life
<tm>----check that word "volunteers" again----but are as much or more likely
to be caused by it taking some time to figure out who the right person is to
find out the answer from and track them down, especially with staff not

Or in other words, if we don't answer you within the first 24 hours, it
means we don't *know* the answer, most often. Finding someone who does may
take a variable amount of additional time.


On 1/3/07 21:28, "mbox/tstowell" <> wrote:

> What I also wondered though, is there some sort of number associated with
> one's original post that one gets an email reply from the Help Desk saying
> in essense - helpcall #12345 has been received, we'll get to you as soon
> as we can, please do not repeat your request unless you don't hear from us
> in xx days. If this is an emergency, whatever.... ?

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