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From: "Nelda Percival" <>
Subject: Re: [LO] DNA genetic genealogy
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2007 23:28:23 -0500
In-Reply-To: <>

See Joan,
I don't agree, because if I send A message every day about my different
family of Gillocks what stops you from sending your information about your
different Gillocks every day and twenty other people and one or two
discussing genealogy at the same time each subject of each email dose not
interfer with the messages from other members. THe members with any
experience read an email from its subject line , not from the content... if
the subject line hold interest then you read it if not it is trashed... So
what does it matter if there are 20 messages about dna and 10 messages about
the census and 10 or more about a particular person they do not effect each
other so why limit a topic do you limit a topic about a branch of the
family? when it hold census and other data?? normally no...

Limlting is limiting and not progressive for the list and all memers not
just a few or even the majority. If you restrict information then you lose
and so do all the other members of the list even if they do not know they
are losing info because they don't understand it at the time...

But your list is your list and I am a member so will abide by your rules..
but as I said I wish... there were rules that said information about a
surname could not be restricted because of content as long as it was not


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