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From: "Jon Nixey" <>
Subject: Re: [LO] Odd message ?
Date: Fri, 3 Jul 2009 09:07:56 +0100
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From: "MargM" <>

> I am puzzled too as to what a messages file extension is ??

Hi Marg,

Most Email clients offer two formats that you can send an Email in...Rich
Text Format (rtf) and Plain Text (txt). the rtf and txt are the file

I think your lister is trying to send to the list in the wrong format,
Rootsweb only handles Plain Text Emails.

If they are using Outlook / Outlook Express, there are 2 ways they can
handle this:

First, if they have each rootsweb list they post to in their address book,
you can set each one to only send as plain text. Go to the address book (or
list of contacts) and right click the contact you always want to send Emails
in plain text to. A menu opens, click Properties. On the Names sheet, you
will see "Send Email using plain text only". Make sure this is selected, as
by default it isn't. Click OK. Now each time an Email is sent to that
specific address, it will be sent as plain text. Note though that when the
Email is actually sent, they will be prompted to choose either Plain text or
HTML, even though they've specified Plain Text as above. Always choose Plain
Text in this instance.

The other way is while the Email message is open, before it's sent, click on
Format, and in the menu that opens they will see RTF and Plain Text as
options. For sending to Rootsweb lists, they need to click on the Plain Text
option. Again, they will be prompted to make sure they really do want to
send the Email in Plain Text, just click the OK button and it will be sent
as Plain Text. If this way is preferred, they will have to click Plain Text
each time an Email is sent to a Rootsweb list.

No doubt other Email clients offer a similar choice, but as I don't use
another Email client, I don't know how to change the format in those.

Kindest regards,


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