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From: "Ray Marshall" <>
Subject: [LO] List member can send to the list
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2009 20:38:35 -0600

I am the new owner of the County Kerry, Ireland, List with about 600
subscribers, most of them not very active. I have have been the de
facto owner for quite a few years but the previous owner surrender
finally retired.

Now that I get all the admin messages, I see that there's a lot more
spam than I knew was possible. Is there anything that can be done about
that than the obvious things requested?

But one of the members is a subscriber, shows up on the Membership
Management directory correctly, and gets all the Kerry List messages.
But she cannot send a message to the list or reply to the list.

The only thing that I can think of is that she is typing in the
incorrect list address (or her computer is copying an incorrect address
to the message. She claims that she is not very knowledgeable about

Might there be any other reasons why she might be having this problem?

I noticed that she and some other subscribers don't have any "x's"
marked in Membership Management directory. I assume that just means
that they get every message individually? What does the "plain" column
mean? The legend doesn't mention it.

Thank in advance for your advice.

Ray Marshall

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