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From: "DanM." <>
Subject: Re: [LO] Lots of porn
Date: Sat, 7 Aug 2010 22:35:49 -0700
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Yeah. Well as I wrote before I found a way to filter out the bad admin mail.
Its really simple if you have filters and folders in your e-mail you use.
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From: "Diane K. Hettrick" <>
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Sent: Saturday, August 07, 2010 2:04 PM
Subject: Re: [LO] Lots of porn

>I started getting the mass mails for drugs with the forged headers
> when everyone else did. The messages showed my list-admin address as
> sender and they came to my personal email as list-admin.
> Since blocking them in any way would have gummed up RootsWeb, I just
> kept deleting them.
> But now my personal email spam filter thinks it's ok to let those
> messages through to me. I'm glad it was just pills instead of the
> yuch stuff.
> Just imagine if any of this stuff made it through to the lists. I
> remember the bad old days before RootsWeb and filters. There was one
> message that went to a list and generated 150 messages. Half a dozen
> people wrote in to complain about the original message. Then other
> people wrote to respond to them or chastise them, then they
> responded. Other people threatened to leave the list "if that's the
> kind of message that will be posted!" and other people wrote to beg
> them not to leave the list. Another set started telling people to
> stop talking about it and do some genealogy, and yet another group
> started demanding that the List Owner appear and do something. Of
> course there were responses, some rather rude, to all these people.
> When the List Owner appeared and told everyone to shut up (politely,
> of course), a few messages came through from people who hadn't read
> all the mail before responding. Then people wrote and told them to
> pay attention to the List Owner and that started off another round.
> Several people got hurt feelings and announced that people were mean
> and they were leaving the list and others begged them to stay (repeat,
> repeat, repeat). It may have been more than 150 messages.
> We're missing all that fun...
> Diane
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