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Subject: [LITTLEWELLS] Murray/Cromwell/Gist/McLain/Morgan/Jones
Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2007 00:57:14 EST


1 Mary Hanson. Born 11 Oct 1739. Died About 1758. Buried in Greenmount
Cemetary, Baltimore, MD. She married <A HREF=" Thomas Rutter">Major Thomas Rutter </A>.

Parents :
2 Jonathan Hanson. Born 10 Sep 1710 in Baltimore County, Maryland. Died 1786
in Baltimore County, Maryland. He married Sarah Spicer, 12 Jun 1733 in
Baltimore, Maryland.
3 Sarah Spicer. Born 30 Nov 1710 in St. James Parish, Anne Arundel, MD.
Children of Jonathan Hanson and Sarah Spicer:
Jonathan Hanson (22 Feb 1733/1734 - )
<A HREF=" Hanson">Keziah Hanson</A> (4 Mar 1735 - ) m. William Askew
Timothy Hanson (9 Feb 1738 - )
<A HREF=" Hanson">Mary Hanson</A> (11 Oct 1739 - About 1758) m. Major Thomas Rutter (17 Dec 1732 -
28 Feb 1821)
Elizabeth Hanson (12 Aug 1741 - )
Edward Spicer Hanson (21 Feb 1743 - 1785)
Joshua Hanson (2 Oct 1745 - )
Amon Hanson (13 Feb 1748 - )

4 Jonathan Hanson. Born April 29, 1682 in Dover, New Hampshire. Died May 1727
in Baltimore County, Maryland. He married Keziah Murray, 1 Nov 1706.
From: Steve Hanson<<A HREF="mailto:"></A>> :
Greetings, I saw your query on the Hanson GenForum. I have been trying to
trace the descendants of Thomas Hanson of Dover, NH 1630 for many years. One of
his sons, Timothy, moved to Delaware and generated a family that spread
westward through Pennsylvania and northern Maryland, but which I lost after only a
few generations because they seem to have scattered so quickly. This is what I
have on this line:
Jonathan Hanson (s.of Timothy Hanson and Barbara Bowers); The family was
Quaker; b. Apr 29, 1682 Dover, NH; moved with his parents to Philadelphia, PA 1696
(age 14); settled in Baltimore Cy, MD 1706; 1711 bought land from Charles
Carroll, 31 acres of Cole's Harbor and erected a mill near the (present) NW
corner of Bath and Holliday Sts in Baltimore; d. 1727 Baltimore, Cy, MD; m.1st
Keziah Murray (d.of James Murray and Jemima Morgan); m.2nd 29d 5m 1718 at West
River Friends, MD, Mary Price (d.of Mordecai Price and Mary ?; of Ann Arundel Cy,
MD) According to West River Friends records, Jonathan and Keziah Murray had
only one son, Jonathan (bp. St Paul's Church, Baltimore, MD at age 22, 12 June
1733, and married the same day (out of Quakers) to Sarah Spicer (d.of John
Spicer and Guliagha ?); Sold his father's mill to Edward Fottrell 1741; d. PA,
1786. [West River Friends in Ann Arudel Cy, MD was established in 1674 and its
last entry is dated 1824. His birth is recorded in West River Friends as 10 9m
1710, St. Paul's recognizes his birthday as Sept 10, 1710. It is unusual for a
Quaker date to equate to a civil date.] Jonathan's second marriage to Mary
Price produced 3 children (again, according to Quaker records, so there may be
more): Margaret, who died age 6; Mary; and Mordecai (I have a little
information of these if you are interested). I have eight children from the Jonathan and
Sarah Spicer marriage, with only birthdates for some of them: Jonathan,
Keziah, Timothy, Mary, Elizabeth, Edward Spicer, Joshua, and Amon.
5 Keziah Murray. Born About 1688 in Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland. Died
Before 1718 in Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland1.
6 John Spicer. Died 1739. He married Juliatha Hawkins, 10 Nov 1709.
7 Juliatha Hawkins. Born 1689.
Children of John Spicer and Juliatha Hawkins:
Sarah, b. 1710

G Grandparents:
8 Timothy Hanson. He married Barbara Bowers.
9 Barbara Bowers.
10 <A HREF=" Murray">James Murray</A>. Born 1665 in Tullibardine, Scotland. Died 1704 in Athol,
Baltimore, MD. He married Jemima Morgan, 1685 in Md.
>From "Directory of Scots Banished to the American Plantations 1650-1775":
Murray, James Covenanter in Argyll's Rebellion Prisoner at Canongate Banished
to the Plantations 30 July, 1685 Transported from Leith to East New Jersey by
George Scott of Pitlochie on the Henry & Francis master Richard Hutton, 4
August 1685
>From "Settlers of Maryland 1679-1700" by Peter Wilson Coldham, P. 121:
Land purchases Murray [Murrey] James:
Bal Athol 617 Acres 10 Nov 1695
Bal Morgan's Delight 500 acres 10 Nov 1695
Bal Murray's Addition 89 acres 10 Nov 1695
Bal Murrey's Point 68 acres 16 Oct 1698
>From Maryland Calendar of Wills 1653-1743 Fiche F3 6046924 at the LDS:
Morray, James Patapsco R. Balt. Co. 9th May 1704;17th July 1704
To eldest son Josephus as 21 yrs of age and hrs, 400 A. viz. the land at
Garrison and "The Addition."
To son Morgan at 21 yrs. of age and hrs., 300 A. part of "Morgan's Delight"
on e. side Jones Falls.
To son Jabus at 21 yrs. of age and hrs., afsd tract in event of death of his
brother Morgan without issue; 200 A. part of "Morgan's Delight," 100 A., "The
Meckleans Hopyard" bought at Hector Machlane in lieu of 100 A. at Hunting
Ridge; in event of his death without issue, to revert to brother Morgan afsd.;
also 300 A. "Jules Gileard."
To son Melchisedeck, dwelling plantation, 350 A. "Duck Cove"; also land
bequeathed to son Josephus afsd. in event of his death without issue.
To wife Jemima, extx. dower rights Residue of personal estate to be divided
among child. afsd. as they come to majority.
Trustees: Rich'd & Thos. Cromwell. In event of their death during minority of
child, West River Meeting (Quakers) to become trustee. Test. Geo Thorpe,
Edward Clarke.
Hollingsworth, George, Patapsco River, Balt. Co. Jan. 1702 25 March 1703:
Sons John and Francis to live with Jas. Morray and Jemima his wife during
>From the Compendium of American Genealogy, P. 240 (kindly sent to me by Mrs.
Elizabeth Newell):
James ("Morray") Murray (d 1704), of "Atholl" Baltimore County, 1694; his
will filed Baltimore Co., 1704, is sealed with coat of arms identical with that
of Murray of Tullibardine and Strowan, and Murray of Murraythwaite. Arms:
Azure, a crescent or, between three mullets argent.
11 Jemima Morgan. Born About 1668 in Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland. Died
Before Nov 1711 in Baltimore, MD.
>From Maryland Genealogies, P. 506:
Richard Gist m. 7 Dec. 1704 (Friends' Records), Zipporah Murray, dau. James
Murray (d. 1704) of Balt. Cty. and Jemima his wife, dau. Capt. Thomas Morgan
(d. 1698).
>From Maryland Genealogies: P.344
Thomas Cromwell b. 168-, d. 1723 a Quaker m. 1705 in West River Meeting (Ann
Arundel County) Jemima Morgan, dau. Thomas Morgan, widow of James Murray.
Children of James Murray and Jemima Morgan:
Josephus, b. 1687
Jemima, b. 1687
Keziah, b. 1688
Mellchezadek/Melchizadek, b. 1689 or 1693
Morgan, b. 1689
Jabez, b. 1699
14 Augustine Hawkins. Born 1663. He married Susanna Carr.
>From the Compendium of American Genealogy, P. 240:
Wheeler, Isabella, (1765-1852), m. 1783, Edward Spicer Hall (1760-1848), of
Baltimore Co. (Joshua [1708-15-1783], mem. colonial militia of Maryland, 1747,
mem. Com. Obersvation, Baltimore Co., 1775, m. Diana Spicer [d. 1750], m 2nd
Ann Spicer, both daus. of John Spicer [died 1739], m. Juliatha [b. 1689], dau.
Augustine Hawkins [b. 1663], m Susanna Carr.
15 Susanna Carr.

GG Grandparents:
22 Captain Thomas Morgan. Born About 1639 in Baltimore, MD. Died May 1697 in
Baltimore, Baltimore, MD. He married Mary Elenor Hanna.
>From Maryland Calendar of Wills 1653-1743 Fiche F3 6046924 at the LDS:
Morgan, Thomas Balt. Co. 9th June 1697 1st March 1697
To daus Jemima Murry and Sarah Macklane, personalty.
Dau. Martha, wife of Nicholas Fitzsimmons, extx. and residuary legatee.
Test. Rich'd Cromwell, Thos. Crumwell, Thos. Durlin, Robt West.
23 Mary Elenor Hanna. Born 1646 in New York, New York
24 Matthew Hawkins. From the LDS Ancestral File. He married Mary.
25 Mary. D. 1685. From the LDS Ancestral File.

James Murray is a tantalizing figure. The LDS ancestral file lists his father
as John Murray, the Marquess of Atholl, and his mother as Jane McClean. (See <A HREF="">;</A>;) Both of these people were descended from the
Kings and Queens of Scotland, England, and all of Europe, with pedigrees traced
back to the dawn of this millenium. If this information is correct, it would
mean that they are descendants of Robert the Bruce, one of my heroes. However, I
have not been able to check the accuracy of this record. I do know that James
Murray had the following land records in Baltimore, Maryland: 10 Nov. 1695
"Athol" 617 acres.; 10 Nov. 1695 "Morgan's Delight" 500 acres (Jemima Morgan's
parents were Captain Thomas Morgan and Mary Elenor Hanna, of New York. Perhaps
this was their property); 10 Nov. 1695 "Murray's Addition" 89 acres; 16 Oct.
1698 "Murray's Point" 68 acres. From James Murray's will, I know that he also
had land at "Garrison", and that Morgan's Delight was on the east side of Jones
Falls. Also listed is a property called "The Meckleans Hopyard", bought at
Hector Machlane. Could this be some relation of his mother's? Other properties
listed in the will were "Julles Gileard" 300 acres, and "Duck Cove" 350 acres.
In the event of the trustees deaths, he lists West River Meeting (Quakers) as
trustee, so perhaps he was a Quaker. I do not know how James Murray arrived in
Maryland. Passenger lists for 1685 report a James Murray, Covenanter in
Argyll's Rebellion [a rebellion against James II of England and the imposition of
the English prayerbook], banished to the Plantations 30 July, 1685. Transported
from Leith to east New Jersey by George Scott of Pitlochie on the Henry and
Francis. If this was the same James Murray, how did he end up in Maryland with
the means to buy so much property? Jane McClean had Argyll relatives. James'
birth year falls in between the births of John Murray's legitimate children,
who were all born at the mother's property in England. Was James raised by his
mother's family? Did his relatives give him money to settle in the New World? I
think it's significant that he named his largest plantation Athol. I don't
know if I'll ever find the answers to the questions I have about James Murray,
but the few clues I've unearthed raise interesting speculations.
Here are some more clues:
>From <A HREF="mailto:">Jim Murray</A>:
According to "The Green Spring Valley" by Robert Barnes, Old James was
"transported some time before 1676 by Nathaniel Heathcote in a ship commanded by one
Captain Ely. In 1676 Heathcote assigned his land rights to George Yate for
transporting Murray and others."
I seriously doubt the parentage in the LDS entry. I corresponded with the man
who entered it and he said he "got it from a very reliable source who found
it some old papers in Scotland." I can't fit a McClean or a McLean in the
family tree I have of the Murrays of Tullibardine. The only John of the proper age
was married to Jane Campbell. I have a genealogist in Scotland working on the
report but haven't heard from him. Incidentally, the seal used on James' will
was of the coat of arms issued to John, the second of 17 sons of William,
seventh baron of Tullibardine, and Margaret Colquhoun. The crescent is the sign of
the second son in heraldry. Another report is that James was the son of a
minister who was an illegitimate son of the John who was married to Jane
Campbell, which might explain the Biblical names he gave most of his children. I also
asked the genealogist to check that report out. I'll let you know what I hear.

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