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Subject: Re: [LITTLEWELLS] Warrenville
Date: Fri, 04 Jan 2008 20:46:09 -0800
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Melba died 28 Sep 2000 in Warrenville, Du Page, Illinois born 09 Sep 1923
What appears to be her mother-in-law, Mary Kopchik b: 16 Jan 1897
died in the same location Feb 1974
What may have been her father-in-law, Sta(n)ley Kopchik b: 08 May
1884 died there Jul 1966

My guess is her husband is
Michael "Mike" P Kopchik b: 1922
28581 Center Ave
Warrenville, IL

Call him and try to find out some information while he is still
alive. If he is a bit on the dodgy side, find out if they have a son
or daughter you can talk to who might be able to get you the
information on Melba's family.

If you hadn't seen it before, Corbett Bruce Wells, Sr. died in
Warrenville in May 1975 - he was born 2 May 1901 so you are correct,
there MUST be a Corbett Bruce Wells, Jr. It is possible someone from
the family is STILL there. There are only 4 Wells households listed
in I would call each of them and ask "are you related
to Corbett Bruce Wells or Melba Wells Kopchik?" and go from there.

You also might want to try to get obituaries from the local paper in
Warrenville or the Du Page County Clerk for both Melba and
Corbett. If Melba has any surviving brothers they should be listed
or maybe you will get lucky and they will list someone who will be helpful.

At 07:41 PM 1/4/2008, Susie S wrote:
>I am looking for information on CORBETT BRUCE WELLS and his family. I
>found out today that one of his daughter's names was MELBA MAHDEEN WELLS
>and I believe she married someone by the last name of KOPCHIK. Melba M.
>Kopchik died in 2000. I would still like to find any living male
>Wells'. I'm pretty sure Corbett Bruce Wells had 2 sons and one was a
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