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Subject: Cherry Lane Cemetery/Springfield
Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2001 09:24:12 EDT

To all list members interested in finding relatives in some of the old
abandoned cemeteries.

The Cherry Lane Cemetery in Springfield, Hampden County, MA. is located on
Cherry St. off Mill St. and runs also off of Central St and Clifton Ave. This
is an old Baptist Church burial grounds. I have looked up articles on this
cemetery and have tried to get the city to clean it up. I posted the
following after a message was sent on the Hampden County list that I
subscribe to on rootsweb, (which is also included at the end of the burial
information). I will also send the article posted recently in the Springfield
Union News about the removal of the Revolutionary and Civil War burials in
this cemetery for May 2001.

This was from 1932;

Cherry Lane cemetery was included in an article dated Nov. 9, 1932 in the
Union News. A photo in the paper  showed  the old cement columns and Iron
gate(which is broken and rusted) also monuments where the Civil or Rev. War
graves may be. These monuments are gone. Rusted flag pole which never had a
flag since.
The bottom of the photo states;
Two Views of the Cherry Lane cemetery, recently taken over by the city as an
abandoned burying ground at the request of George Washington Chapter, Sons of
the American Revolution. Upper shows wrought iron gates and general view of
entrance. Lower, the completed cemetery in which lie the bodies of three
Revolutionary War soldiers and a Civil War veteran.

(A write up followed this photo.)

Rehabilitation of Cherry Lane Cemetery Done, 11/9/32
Oldest Burial Ground in City to Be Dedicated on Friday;Work Done by Jobless

In striking contrast to it's former condition, the Cherry Lane Cemetery will
present an entirely new appearance Friday when it is turned over to the city.
Work upon its beautification has been carried on during the summer and
unemployed of Springfield have been used on the project.
Set aside as a burying ground in 1826, the cemetery, in which lie the bodies
of three Revolutionary soldiers and a Civil war veteran, has gone through
several periods of unkemptness, but through city intervention at the behest
of George Washington Chapter, Sons of the American Revoluntion, it will have
a perpetual care from now on.
Trees growing in haphazard fashion have been removed,, graves restored
through months of search among records by Dr. John F. Streeter, S.A.R.,
official, and the entire tract graded under supervision of Raoul N. Boucher,
who surveyed the cemetery when the society first began its attempt to have
the work done. A flagpole adorns the center of the cemetery and will figure
prominently in exercises Friday when the cemetery is dedicated.
On the Cherry Street entrance the cemetery has a wrought iron gate of
Colonial design with posts carrying the dates 1826 and 1932. A waist high
cement wall surmounted by a two-foot spike fence carries the gate, and a
barberry hedge in back somewhat softens the plain, solid appearance of the
Records show that first attempts to beautify the cemetery came a score of
years after it wa slaid out. In 1848 a group of citizens took over the
project and succeeded in changing its then plain appearance to one more
ornamental. The cemetery remained in excellent condition until 1900, when it
again began to lose its appearance of beauty and remained unkempt until 1917,
when the George Washington Chapter, headed by Richard H. Stacy, took over the
fight for its improvement, The chapter cleaned out brush piles and generally
policed the burying grounds but from that time on the cemetery again slipped
back to the official status of an abandoned burying ground.
In 1923, a group of Girl Scouts, head-quartered at Central Street School in
that section, applied for permission to attempt to remove accumulated debris
and succeeded in restoring the cemetery to very near its condition at the
turn of the century, but after that work had been done neglect and decay very
quickly carried the now ancient cemetery to its former state of dis-repair.
Last year George Washington Chapter, with Mr. Streeter as principal
spokesman, determined to make one final plea for having the city officially
take over he cemetery and a petition was drawn up with that idea in mind
signed by a number of prominent persons. A state law permits cities and towns
to take over burying grounds that are abandoned and it was under this
provision that subsequent action by the city was taken.
Charles Adams was appointed commissioner of cemeteries and the work of final
restoration commenced.
More than 1000 cubic yards of loam and fill were shifted, the site was
expertly graded and unemployed were used in the bulk of the work. With graves
finally plotted and stones placed in proper position, the cemetery
today(1932) has more than a dozen unoccupied lots, so that in the event these
are sold the city will undoubtedly be in position to acquire a profitable
return upon its small financial outlay.
Wrought iron gates were donated by Mercy Warren Chapter, Daughters of the
American Revilution and the flag pole by George Washington Chapter, S.A.R.
Mr. Adams donated a number of evergreen trees and shrubs, and Mrs. Mary
Knaggs Tower presented the cemetery with a dozen plants.
Today when one walks down the broad avenues of this more than a century old
cemetery, it is possible to identify at a glance markers denoting final
resting places of some of Springfield's pioneers- persons who died so many
years ago that descendants have been scattered to the four corners of the
earth and consequently no care has been taken of graves until the
S.A.R.-propelled city move assured perpetual care.
And for the first time in many years all that remains of "LEVI DART, I Co.,
of the 9th Conn. Regt. Revoltionary Army", lies by the side of his wife,
Elizabeth-while in the southeast section of the burying ground a small grave,
holding the tiny bones of "Helen Eaton, aged 3 months, 10 days, died in 1828"
has been restored. It was uncovered entwined in the gigantic roots of an elm
tree when workmen cut it down. They gathered the tree-protected relicts,
carefully reinterred them and straightened the headstone.

I copied down some of the names and dates from the markers on the ground,
that I could read. Note; I spelled the inscriptions here as they are spelled
on the headstones.

In Memory of
Mrs. Anna Munn
wife of
Mr. John Munn
who died Dec.3, 1801 aged 26
Near Wofe side
lie two of their children
who died in infancy.
Death tho unwelcome
fometimes shuts the door of woe
& opens one to peace & joy.
Which Earth can neither give or take away.

In Memory of
Sophia Hawl
the daughter of
Alpheas & Sophia Hawl
who died Oct.21, 1806
Aged 14 months
Alfo a child of
Earl & Amy Cooley

Elizabeth Goodsell, widow of Solomon Brooks, died June 25, 1869, Aged 79 yrs.

Rebecca, wife of Major Goodsell, died Sept. 11, 1859, E 71
Major Goodsell, Died Sept. 19, 1848, E 61

David-son of Rev. Nicholas McBrav? died 1831

Joanna L. daughter of Benj. & Joan ? Putnam, died April 2, 1831, E 6

? of Joseph & Julia, died Sept. 6, 1824, E 8 mos 3 w 1 dy's(couldn't read)

Sarah relief of Levi Booth
former wife of Nathan Allin, born April 16, 1753, died Jan. 2, 1814  /E 91

Diah, born Aug. 6, 1783, died Nov. 7, 1859, /E 76 yrs & 3 mos.
Lydia, wife of Diah, born July 28, 1782, died Dec.14, 1850, /E 68
?ph son of Diah & Lydia Allin, born Aug.12, 1827, died Jan.8, 1828

Eunice, wife of Sylvester Worthington, died Feb. 16, 1859, aged 76 yrs.
Sylvester Worthington, died Sept. 1, 1867, aged 84

Fanny, widow of Jesse Barber, Oct.22, 1798-Mar.6, 1871
Daughter, Mary B. wife of John L. Mitchell, died Dec.8, 1860 aged 43 yrs

Ann-Eliza, wife of Austin Collins, died March 28, 1839, Age 20

Thaddius & Eaton
died Aug. 2, 1828, age 3 m 10d's
Thaddius C. Eaton, died May 14, 1837, age 34

Edward Parsons, died Aug. 16, 1823, 84 ?

Meutta Heitetarell, died Aug. 11, 1829, 83

William H. Foster, died May 24, 1862, aged 35 yrs.
Martha L. Thayer, his wife, died May 6, 1862, aged 38 yrs.

Willie J. Coates 1869
Willie T.  (2 markers, can't read)

3 markers together, can't read for EATON

Sarah Sanderson, wife of David A. Cadwell, born Sept. 2, 1801, died May 30,

Eliza Caswell, wife of David A. Cadwell, born June 20, 1801, died May 27, 1838
David A. Cadwell, born Sep. 1, 1800, died Mar.3, 1863

Elizabeth, relief of Samuel Douglas, died Sept. 13, 1836, /E  60

daughter of ? & Catherine Keith, ? Jan. ?  11 ms. (can't read)

William H. Parker, June 29, 1836, Mch 13, 1890

Isaiah 1789-1860
Cynthia, wife-1791-1836
Eliza M. 1824-1844
Sarah B. 1831-1859

James H. Call 1829-1901
Henrietta, his wife-1830-1890

MAY 23, 1813

Frances V. Spangler
Born un Harper's Ferry
Oct. 24, 1842, died June 5, 1862
Emma C, Spangler
Born in Harper's Ferry, June 15, 1844, died April ?

James Russell
Born in Wednesbury, Staffordshire, England, April 24, 1789, died Mar. 13, 1863
Elizabeth Adey, his wife
Born in Liverpool, England, Mar. 5, 1791, died Aug. 5, 1867

Harvey E. ?
May 30, 1875-Jan. 4, 1886

Hary 1792-1851
Betsy, his wife-1796-1868
James L.-1828-1878

Mr. Joseph Lumbard, died July 5, 1832   

In Memory of Harriet Lombard
the daughter of
Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Dolle Lombard
who died Nov. 25, 1809
in the year of hur age
Peace to the Lord Jehovah hand
that blafts our joys in death
changes the (can't read rest)

Dolly, wife of Joseph Lombard, died Jan. 1, 1840

?(can't read)  (could be ASA PARSONS?)
Rachel, wife of ASA PARSONS, died Nov. 4, 1850

Rodolphus T.
son of
Abel & Chloe
died Sept. 8, 1837, 21 yrs

Maria C.
daughter of Abel & Chloe
Attleton, died Dec.11, 1837, 16y  Age? (can't read)

Fidelia ? Attleton
daughter of Abel & Chloe, died ? 13, 1828

Chloe, wife of Abel Attleton
died Sept. 1, 1863, 77yr
Abel Attleton
died Mar.14, 1838, 54yr

wife of
Oct. 25, 1830, 65 y
AUG. 29, 1835

HYDE-? 1828

E. Zekiel Keith
died July 8, 1846
Mrs. Elizabeth
wife of
died Apr. 5, 1825, 41 y
son of Ezekiel, Elizabeth Keith
died April 25, 1866, 6y
Joel B.
son of Ezckiel, Mary Ann Keith
died July 13, 1837, 4yrs
John B. Keith, died Sept. 5, 1852, 19 yrs.

Mr. Joel Barber, died July 15, 1828, 62y
Mrs. Mary Keith
wife of Joe Barber
died Feb. 8, 1874, 85 y

Barber family
?(can't read) died May 20, 1836, 21 y

?(can't read) wife of John Warner, died Jan. 4, 1831

4 markers together, (can't read all)
Harriet ?  John C. Warner

John ?

? of Abel & Iona Jenks
died ?(can't read)

Solomon 1783-1833
Dorcas H., wife-1787-1843

Woodward(can't read)
Mother-Father (can't read)
Osborn, Apr. 19, 1829-infant son

AUSTIN (family lots)

Family lots for Pomeroy

WHEELER family ???

RHOADES family??

This was about all I copied that day. The markers are old, cracked, broken
and flat on the ground. Can't see them from the street. Tree roots lifting up
many of the front markers, sunken graves, etc.
Trash, small debris from fires that had been set..
At the entrance is an old Water Meter cover;

The Wabash Box(patented)
Wabash, Indiana
Ford Meter Box Company

I even wrote a letter to the Mayor's office in Springfield, MA. Mayor Albano.
To bring up the neglect of Cherry Lane and Bay Path Cemeteries in
Springfield, MA.
I hope something does get done.

Thanks to the internet and the George Washington Chapter of the Sons of the
American Revolution.
I've had uncles who fought in WWII, one, First Lieut. Erwin R. Schott is
amongst the missing from May 1, 1943, Army Air Forces, 100th , 8th Air
Force.. Flying Fortress. Over Continental Europe/Germany. Co-Pilot of a B-17.
366th Bomber Sq. 305th Bomber Group.
His brother , Werner E. Schott, also was in the US Army in Europe at the same
time, but came home safe.
They are two reasons I tend to get involved.

Thanks for all the help our veteran's can get.

Roberta Cyr
Springfield, MA.


> Subj: Are you related to these Rev.War soldiers ?
> Date: 3/27/01 7:10:14 AM Eastern Standard Time
> From:     (Cynthia)
> To:    
> Good morning everyone:
>   Am sending this to all mailing list that I can think
> of that subscribers could be related to the men below.
> --
>  The Springfield UNION-NEWS had an article in today's
> paper,page B4 by Bill Zajac.
> --
>  "The Director of Veteran's Affairs,Daniel Walsh, in Springfield,
> looking for relatives of the
> following men who are buried in Cherry Lane Cemetery
> in Springfield.
>   IF you recognize any one below,call Walsh at
> 413.787.6144
> --
> DART,Levi: who served in the 9th Connecticut Regiment
>  during the Rev.War and died in 1813. Other than his
>  burial record, Springfield has no other information
>  on Dart,leading Walsh to speculate that he may have died
>  somewhere other than Springfield.
> --------
> HYDE,Elijah: who served as a captain in the 4th
>  Connecticut Regiment in the Rev.War and died 1835,
>  at age 88.
> ---------
> POMEROY,Simon: who served in the Massachusetts Militia
>  in the Rev.War,and died in 1847 at age 93.  He was
>  listed as the oldest man in Springfield at the time
>  of his death,according to his obituary in the "The
>  Daily Republican".
> ----------
> STEVENS,Joseph L.:  member of the 1st regiment of the
>  Massachusetts Calvary in the Civil War,who died in
>  1870 at age 43.
> --------
>  The veteran's office want to move the bodies of these
> men with 55 other veterans to the new Massachusetts
> Veterans Memorial Cemetery,which is located in Agawam
> to be opened in May."
> -------
> Cynthia
> Administrator of:
> [Prior to 1700]
> [up to 1850]

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