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Obituaries, 1836-1838 YARMOUTH REGISTER
Mercier, Jane

May 4, 1837
In Boston, 21st inst., Miss Sarah Jane MUNROE, 14.
23rd, Mrs. Elizabeth RIPLEY, 60.
Madam Dorothy DIX, in the XCIst year of her age.
Ellen Maria, youngest child of Mr. George W. SEAVER, 10 months.
Mr. William H. APPLETON, of the firm of Wetherell, Sowle & Co., and only son of Mr. John APPLETON, 24.
In Cambridge, Mr. William F. BASSETT, 30.
In Dorchester, Mr. Rufus DAVIS, a Revolutionary Pensioner, 83.
In Wilmington, Mr. Amos TAYLOR, 84.
In Northampton, 21st ult., Mrs. Charlotte, wife of Mr. J.C. TABER of New Bedford.
In Pensacola, 14th ult., whither he had gone for the benefit of enfeebled health, Mr. Jacob FARNSWORTH, 46, formerly of the house of S.O. Babcock & Co., of Boston.

May 11, 1837
In Nantucket on Wednesday last, Capt. Obed FOLGER, aged 81 years.
On Thursday last, Mr. Joshua C. RIDDELL, aged 45.
In Plymouth on Sunday week, Miss Deborah, daughter of Mr. Samuel COLE, aged 18 years.
In East Sandwich on the 28th ult., Lucy S., wife of Joseph HOXIE 3rd, in the 35th year of her age.
In Natick, 12th ult., Mrs. Lydia GAY, 102. Her hair had been white with old age, but was returning to its original color, black. She left three children, 17 grandchildren and 27 great-grandchildren, and two of the 5th generation.
In Boston on Friday, after a short illness, Miss Huldah H. DEANE of Wellfleet, 28.
In Dorchester, on Sunday last, Miss Suvinnah TOLMAN, 60.
In Trieste, in March last, in consequence of injury received by a fall from the deck of the ship JOHN JAY, Capt. James GOODDAY of New York.

May 18, 1837
In Dennis, 11th inst., Mrs. Joanna, wife of Capt. Barnabas HALL, aged 56 years.
In Orleans, 6th inst., wife of John TAYLOR, 70.
Lost overboard in Connecticut River, from sloop GEORGE HENRY, Capt. PARKER; Frederick FULLER, son of Mr. William FULLER of Centreville, aged about 10 years.
In Boston, Caleb Reed, youngest son of Mr. John F. CURRANT.
In Boston, Helen, daughter of Mr. Watson FREEMAN, 2 years, 4 months.
In Boston, Mr. Isaac UNDERWOOD, 67.

May 25, 1837
In Plymouth on the 14th inst., Miss Arabella, daughter of William TAYLOR, Esq., 30.
In Boston on Tuesday morning, Deacon Joseph FIELD, 83.
In Peoria, Illinois, April 22nd, Eleazer B. MORGAN, 27, a native of Boston.
At his farm on Mill Creek, near Cincinnati, 7th inst., Mr. Elihu FOLGER, 73 years and 6 months - an honest man. Mr. FOLGER emigrated from Nantucket to Ohio in 1812.
In Davidson County, Tennessee, Col. Adam HINCKLEY, aged 136. Her served throughout the Revolutionary War at which time he had a wife and eleven children.
In Palmyra, Michigan, March 7th, Chester, second son of Joel NIMS, Esq., of Bronville, New York, 26.
March 11th, Laura, his wife, 19. Said to have been poisoned by eating pickles which were prepared in a copper kettle.
Died at Sandwich on the 18th inst., Gideon WING, in the 69th year of his age.

June 1, 1837
In Salem, Jonathan HODGES, Esq.
In Provincetown, Mrs. Paulina, wife of Capt. Thomas HILLYARD, 30.
Drowned in the Mississippi, night of the 16th inst., Isaac, son of Capt. NICKERSON, master of schr. MARY, for Philadelphia. He fell between the steam tow boat and the schooner.

June 8, 1837
In Brewster, May 17th, George William, only child of George COPELAND, Esq., 4 months and 20 days.
In Boston, Joseph B., only son of Mr. Joseph B. LYON, 3 years 7 months.

June 15, 1837
In Brewster, Capt. Thomas SEABURY, 72.
Mrs. Ruth, wife of Mr. Moses SMALL, 38.
At Jamaica Plain, Roxbury, 6th inst., Miss Frances A., daughter of the late Capt. John THOMAS, 21.
In Vassalboro, Maine, 6th inst., Mr. Tyng S. LIBBEY, 45. He was accidentally killed while engaged in rolling logs on the bank of the Kennebec.
In New London, Connecticut, Mrs. Alma HUNTINGTON, consort of Rev. DAniel HUNTINGTON.
In Norwalk, Connecticut, 1st inst., Capt. Hezekiah BETTS, 77. He was in the Army of the Revolution - at the battles of Monmouth and Yorktown; was present at the surrender of Cornwallis; he also witnessed and was on duty at the execution of Major ANDRE.
Died May 19th, on board packet ship ENGLAND, from Liverpool to New York, John WILLIAMS, seaman. He fell from the foreyard upon deck and survived but four hours.
Killed by lightning April 6th, on coast of Barbary, Mr. William M. GRAY, first officer of brig MARGARET of Duxbury.

June 22, 1837
In North Dennis on Sunday morning, Mrs. Mehitable HOWES, aged about 44.
On Monday morning, Mr. Obed HOWES, about 80.
Lost overboard off Cape Horn in December last, from ship PERUVIAN, Cephas HILLIARD, boatsteerer, supposed to belong to Barnstable County.
In Boston, Thomas PERSONS, Esq., 80.

June 29, 1837
In Barnstable yesterday, Mr. Elisha CROWELL.
In Chatham, on Thursday last, Capt. Bassett JACKSON, aged 70. While ploughing in his cornfield, he fell down and died in a few minutes afterwards. He had previously enjoyed good health.
In Boston, Amos W., son of Mr. Thomas REED, 12.
In Milton, Mr. Joshua WARD, 82, a Revolutionary soldier.
In Sandwich on the 27th inst., of consumption, Mr. Barnabas NYE Jr., son of Capt. Barnabas NYE, aged 22 years, 10 months and 17 days. Mr. NYE was, by profession, a school teacher. For several months past he has taught a school in Provincetown. By close application to study he had obtained a good education and returned home about three months ago to take charge of the "Sandwich Boarding School For Boys". He was much pleased to return to his native place, on account of being located near his friends, but more particularly that he might enjoy better religious privileges.

July 6, 1837
In Osterville on Tuesday 27th ult., Capt. David ALLEN, 63.
In Nantucket, Mrs. Eliza SHERMAN, aged 83.
In Nantucket, Phebe S., daughter of Tristram COFFIN, aged 15 years and 5 months.
At Fall River, Mr. Gardner CHASE, 40.
In Springfield, June 26th, very suddenly, Mrs. Sarah, wife of George BANCROFT, Esq., and daughter of the Hon. Jona. DWIGHT, aged 34.
In Boston on Friday last, Miss Susan Symmes, daughter of Mr. Isaiah STODDARD, 18.
In Haddam, Vermont, Deacon Ezra BRAINERD, 93. Among the mourners at his funeral were his eldest son, aged 75, a grandson aged 50 and a great-grandson, aged 30.

July 13, 1837
In North Bridgewater 2nd ult., Deacon Jonathan PERKINS, 79.
In Havana, 18th ult., Mr. David WILKINSON, 1st Officer of brig BETH of Boston and son of Simeon WILKINSON, Esq., of that city, 24.
In Rindge, June 24th, Mr. James FAULKNER, a Revolutionary Pensioner, 73. He ate his breakfast as usual on the morning of his death - went into his field a few rods from his dwelling - was taken suddenly ill and expired in about an hour and a half.

July 20, 1837
In Hyannis on Monday morning last, Mrs. Hannah, wife of Sylvester BAKER.
In Nantucket, Mrs. Abby H., wife of Mr. John M. GARDNER, aged 21.
In New Bedford, Mrs. Hannah, wife of Mr. John H. CHAPMAN, 24.
In Boston, Mrs. Sarah, relict of the late E. APPLETON, Esq.
In Northampton, 7th inst., of wounds from an explosion of powder, Joseph, son of Capt. Joseph ALLEN, 18, a young man of uncommon vigor and promise.
On the 8th, Dr. David HUNT - the last of the children of the late Dr. Ebenezer HUNT.
Lost overboard, 4th inst., from brig OLD COLONY on the passage from Liverpool to Boston, Mr. Isaiah NICKERSON of Brewster, 2nd Officer.

July 27, 1837
In Hyannis 19th inst., Mrs. Lucy, wife of Mr. Watson HALLETT, aged 33 years.
In Centreville on Thursday last, Mrs. Rebecca, wife of Mr. Joseph HINCKLEY, aged about 80.
In South Dennis on Monday morning last, Wilbur, son of Mr. Wilbur HARDEN, aged 3 years.
In Orleans, July 10th, wife of Levi ROGERS, 35.
July 18th, child of Capt. Thomas L. MAYO, aged 9 months.
In Nantucket, William H. GARDNER, Esq., aged 35.
In Nantucket, Mrs. Lydia CALDER, relict of Robert CALDER, aged 75.

August 3, 1837
In Boston of pulmonary consumption, Reverend Lucias S. BOLLES, son of Rev. Dr. BOLLES and late pastor of the Baptist Church of Lynn, 29.
In Newark, New Jersey, 26th inst., at the residence of her son-in-law Dr. L.A. SMITH, Mrs. Frances, wife of Rev. Dr. Edward D. GRIFFIN, late President of Williams College.
In Hingham, Mrs. Lucy A., wife of Capt. B. LOMBARD, 26.

August 10, 1837
In Barnstable on Saturday last, Mrs. Rhoda MARSTON, wife of Mr. Edward MARSTON.
In Hyannis Port, Mr. David Scudder of the firm of Scudder & Park, Boston, aged 27.
Killed by the upsetting of a cart, the only son of Mr. John ROBBINS of Harwich, aged 7 years.
In Provincetown, Mrs. Isabella NICKERSON, aged 85 years.
In Dartmouth, Freeborn SHERMAN of the Society of Friends, 47.
In Providence, Miss Eliza J. PHINNEY, formerly of Barnstable, 36.
In Kingston, Miss Sally F. COOK, daughter of Capt. Ira COOK, aged 26.
Mrs. Sylvia DREW, aged 72.
In Boston, Tristram BARNARD, Esq., 88.
Lost overboard from schr PILOT on her passage from Philadelphia to Boston, Mr. Charles MARTIN.
In Lexington, 31st ult., Mr. Marshall REED, 22.

August 17, 1837
In Barnstable, Mrs. Dorcas HIGGINS, wife of the late Capt. Barnabas HIGGINS of Orleans, 38.
In Wellfleet on the 7th inst., Mrs. Sarah N., wife of Mr. Solomon HOLBROOK, aged 30.
In Sandwich 10th inst., Robert Rantoul, son of William H. FESSENDEN, Esq., aged 15 months.
In Nantucket, Seth C., son of Capt. George CLARK, aged 21.
In Plymouth on Tuesday last, Mr. Thomas JACKSON Jr., aged 80 years.
In Tiverton on the 28th ult., Miss Bathsheba HOWLAND, daughter of the late Mr. John HOWLAND.
In Lowell, Mrs. Frances, relict of the late Hon. Fisher AMES, 74.
In Medford, 9th inst., Rev. Levi PRATT, Pastor of the 2nd Congregational Society in that town, aged 37.
In Boston on Friday morning last, Capt. Isaiah SKINNER, about 65 - for many years master of a packet from that place to Belfast.
Mr. Charles C. BERNARD, 22.
On board schr BONNY BOAT, July 21st, of billious fever, on his passage from Matagorda to New Orleans, Mr. William SHAW, son of Rev. Philander SHAW of Eastham, Massachusetts, 27.
Died in Eastham, 11th inst. of typhus fever, Joshua P. ATWOOD, only child of Joshua P. ATWOOD, Esq., aged 20 years.

August 24, 1837
In South Yarmouth, a son of Capt. Reuben BAKER, aged 5 months.
In South Dennis, Miss Adelaid JONES of Barry, aged 23 - she was a school teacher and highly respected in her profession and character.
Mr. Isaiah WIXON Jr., aged 20 years.
A son of Mr. Amos CROWELL, 2 years.
In Boston, Mr. William SYMONDS, 69.
In Wiscasset, Mrs. Victoria SHAW, 39.
In Naples, of the cholera, June 21st, Josiah ROGERS, Esq., of the house of Rogers Brothers of Marseilles.
In Edgartown, Miss Susan MAYHEW, 54.
At Jamaica Plains, Roxbury, Mr. John HALL, 43.
In Rowe, William TAYLOR, Esq., a Patriot of the Revolution, 84.
In Nottoway, Virginia, Jimmy,. an African, the property of Mrs. Magaret MARSHALL, at the advanced age of 140 years or more, as believed by his mistress.

August 31, 1837
In this town yesterday, Miss Maria E. THACHER, daughter of the late Henry THACHER, Esq.
In this town on Tuesday last, infant child of Capt. Reuben ELDRIDGE.
Infant son of Capt. Walter CROCKER.
In Wareham, August 18th of typhus fever, Gilbert, fifth son of the late Mr. Timothy CROCKER of Hyannis Port, aged 15 years.
In Barnstable, 22nd inst., Mrs. Mary, wife of Mr. David LORING, aged 90.
In Nantucket on Tuesday last, after a short illness, Mrs. Adiel BAKER, widow of Mr. Lemuel BAKER, aged 75.
In Boston, William Earl, second son of George BARRACOTT, Esq., 19.
Mr. Henry CHANNING, 33.
Mrs. Sarah, widow of Mr. Isaac ADAMS, 95.
Mr. Nathaniel KNOWLES, 32.
In Charlestown, Charles Henry, only child of Mr. Thomas M. PAINE of Boston, 3 1/2 months.
On Friday, Mrs. Elizabeth L., wife of Mr. Samuel P. THOMPSON and daughter of the late John JOHNSON, Esq., 22.
On Saturday morning, Hon. Timothy WALKER, 73. Major WALKER was one of the oldest, most respected and wealthy citizens.
In Lynn, Miss Betsy CHASE, 88 - she was found dead in her bed.
On board ship NAHANT of Lynn, in July, Mr. Zeno L. WOOD of New Bedford.
In Marblehead, Mr. William PHILLIPS, son of Capt. Joseph PHILLIPS, 24; drowned by accidentally falling from a fishing schooner in the harbor.
In Edgartown, Mrs. Mary, widow of Capt. Benjamin JONES, 77.
In Warwick, Rhode Island, 21st inst., Deacon John WATERMAN, 88. He served his country as a soldier in the Revolutionary War.
In the New York Hospital, July 28th, John MATTHEWS of Massachusetts, 48.
In Patchogue, (Long Island) 15th inst., John RYDER, Esq., 60. His death was caused by a negligent, or a needful extraction of two wens from his head. By which he lost the use of one arm and became prostrated in his bodily health and strength by the loss of blood.
In Cincinnati, Ohio, 6th inst., Rev. John A. WATERMAN.
In New Orleans, 15th inst., Capt. Samuel C. BOUSCH, mastr of brig TRIBUNE of Alexandria, a native of Norfolk, 30.
At Demerara, on board brig STERLING, John SHAW, 1st Officer of Portland, and Daniel McLEARY, seaman, of Boston.

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