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This is some of the Information I have, Descendants of Anthony Hunter and wife Jane. William Hunter born abt,1646 in Sandwich,Plymouth Colony,MA He married Rebecca Besse,17, Feb,1677078 in Sandwich, Plymouth Colony,MA. daughter of Anthony Besse and Jane Beme. Rebecca was born Bet. Sept 1853-56 Sandwich, plymouth Colony,MA. NOTES: QUOTE: PIMOUTH to Samuel Stirtevant Constable of Pilmouth,Greeitng you are in her Maties Name hereby Require on sight hereof to give Notice and Warne William Hunter and his famely no Resident in our ds Town and likly in time to be Chargeable to sd Town that he forthwith Depart sd Town hereof you may not faile Given under ou hands at Plimouth this 13thday of August in the ye 5th years her Maties reign Anno Domminy 1706,,,,, CALEBLORING and JOHN WATON SELECTMENT OF PILNOUTH,,,,, ON September 3d 1704 I went to the place of ye Resident of William Hunter and his family and I warned them to Depart our Town. SAMUEL STIRTEVANT CONSTABL Records of the!
Town of Plymouth 1705-1743: VOLUME11p.86,,,,, Reprinted with Plymouth Colony Vital Records;p155, The Genealogical Publishing CO. Inc:1976(F63,N48m1976 CSL)John Hunter ,New Haven 1644 d 1648 Daughter Mary Ann Hunter mr John Piles Sr. William Hunter deed of gift to my daughter Mary PIles wife of John PIles"Lamesly" located bypigman'sbranch in Piscataway."/issue Hunter Piles b1721, /william Piles,1724 /John Piles 1728,/Thomas Piles,1729 /Francis Piles 1730 /SarahPiles 1734/,Josas Piles 1725,,,,,,,,,,, William Hunter sr,,,,Prince George"s Co, 6th May,1728,, June 28m1728 TO WIFE REBECCA, personal estate during widowhood;at ther marriage or death to son William and daughter Mary, wife of John Piles, TO grandson Thomas Hunter is, EXS:son William and Zechariah Wade. Test: Philip Tennely, John Brawner, James kendall, McW 19,425,,,, charles couty land Records,Liber Q Page 118:8 Mar.1696: Indenture from William Hunter of Portobacco, Gent., To Robert Benson of Nanjemy for diverse!
good causes and considerations;a parcel of land between Greene's Mars
h and Little creek in St. Thomas Manor;formerly in possession of Jjohn Cherman:containing 200 acres:lease for 16year/s/ William Hunter, Robert Benson (mark) ,,,,,ORIGINALLY in CHARLRS COUNTY,,,,, 1642-1753 RENT ROLLS CHARLES COUNTY< Maryland Hundred- Roll pages sequence 396-119 HUNTERS FIELD: 392 acers"Possession of 392 Acres None: Surveyed 18 Apr.1689 for william hunter beginning in the East line of Randolph HYNSON called the LOCUST THICKETT: Other Tracts Mentoned: Locust Thickett: This land is said to lye in Prince George Co.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, children of Rebeca Besse and William Hunter are 1,Sarah Hunter d 1715 Ma,2, Elisha Hunter b 10,Aug 1678 In Sandwich, Barnstable Co.Ma He married Sarah ATwood 17 May, 1726 in Eastham, Barnstable Co. MA She was born April ,1692 ,in Eastham Barnstable Co. MA 3,,,William Hunter was born Mar., 21, Mar, 1681. In Sandwich,Barnstable .Co. MA. 4,,, Alice Hunter br 25 Feb,1682 Rochester,Plymouth,Co.MA., She mr. Job Randall. March,1707, He was bor!
n 3 Mar, 1688 In Rochester,Plymouth CO. MA. 5,,,, Mary Ann Hunter br, 1690 Sandwich , Barnstable ,Co., MA. mr John Pyles 1721 son of Francis Pyles He was born 1690 and died 1735. In Prince George, co, Maryland,6,,,, Rebecca Hunter born 1698, Rochester,Plymouth Co.MA died Sept 30,1746 mr to John Bumps ,,,, Johnathan Hunter br.,26 March 1702 In Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA. and died 1762 Sharon, Litchfield Co.CT Mr, Hopestill Hamlin 27 Nov.,1729 Rochester,Plymouth Co MA born 23 July 1702 Barnstable, Barnstable,Co. ,,, 7,,Thomas Hunter born b1686 in Sandwich ,Plymouth Colony MA. d 13 April 1719 Prince george CO MD mr Elizabeth newell 10 March 1780 ,,,8 William Hunter JR> born Mar 21,1680-81 Sandwich,Plymouth Colony died 20 Sept. 1723 Prince George Co. MD WILLIAM HUNTER JR WILL STATED HE WAS UN MARRIED list he brothers and sisters as Thomas, Jonathan and sister Rebecca. Mother and father William Hunter and Rebecca Besse . I have the list of ea child of william and Besse chil!
dren's children and two many to type in. Will look up. Many say that
Rebecca Besse name is Bearse, Note.... John (CHIEF WAMPANOAG SCHAEM) HYanno Born about 1603 In Cape Cod MA, Mattachee Indian Village. He died In cape COd, Ma Mattachee indian village. he was married to MARY NO_PEE daughter of NO_TOOK SEET about 1623 Mary NO PEE was born about 1600 , Their children are,,,,, Mary ,Little Dove, Hyanno. b 16023 In Cape Cod. Ma d 1700 Barnstable, Ma, mr to Augustine (Autin Bearse about 1639 Cape Cod. He was Deported from England for being a Romany Gypsy. Their Children,,,,, Sarah Bearse, James Mary Bearse, b 1640 ,Martha Bearse Priscilla Bearse ,Abigail b 1747, Hannah Bearse br 1649 ,Joseph Bearse, Hester Bearse ,1653 and REBECCA BEARSE SEPT 1657, Lydia b 1665 Sarah mr to John Hamblen, I do not see how the other researchers get william Hunter out of this line. He was born 1650 and there is nothing about his children there is just one name the means anything and that is Alice. This willaim Hunter has at least 10 Isaac, about the same for Ni!
cholas and about 5 Hardys and they have not miss a branch without those names. Hope this helps someone out and I copy itfrom the records just like they printed it . If anyone has any information on Nicholas please let me know, << Merry Christmas everyone, Good is Good.

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