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Subject: Cemetery Visits, a few from Colrain, most Guilford, VT., pt 1 of 2
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 22:18:17 -0400
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Cemetery Visits, Colrain MA and Guilford, VT, Oct. 10, 2004

I was looking for a particular grave, this being a family foliage ride
primarily, but got a few misc. records with no rhyme or reason-while I wrote
ones I wanted, my husband snapped pics while my daughter shot videos, when I
was done, they were done. These are by no means a full representation of
what's there. For those new to Franklin Co genealogy, and not familiar with
this area, Guilford, VT is just over the border from Colrain, Leyden,
Bernardston and surrounding towns. Many of the same last names are found in
Franklin Co and Guilford, and go back to Rehoboth and Swansea and Plymouth.
Many families seemed to move back and forth between the two, I have found
this with several of my lines. My mother was told there was a much loved
pastor there and that's why so many married there, and also that there were
some very large farms that related Franklin Co. families would help to work.

***Main names I was looking for: Brooks, Carpenter, Jones, Mowry, Newcomb,
Potter, so for those researching these names, if they aren't on this list,
they aren't in these cemeteries (unless there and unreadable).

Many graves were hard to read, so I attempted to verify these with other
records/trees, and have shown the info in parenthesis below, I cannot vouch
for these records, but most made some sense due to other names found, some
info was for my own records to tie in to my tree.


Small cemetery right on side of road not on my map, located around Colrain
on way to Guilford, I didn't realize my husband snapped a single picture of
the monument next to him from car, I found nothing of interest to me, and so
don't have name of cemetery:

HALL, Joel 1747-1843; BUSH, Elizabeth 1752-1830; HALL, Loton 1783-1854;
NICHOLS, Rhoda 1786-1860


COLRAIN, North River Cemetery Rte 112:

Has Clark, Avery (more than what is shown below), Coombs, Fairbanks,
Shattucks, Thompsons.

AVERY: Thomas, Esq. 5/4/1825 ae 79

Phebe, w. of above 9/21/1849 ae 89

Russell, Esq. 12/16/1831 ae 62

Samuel P. 1/15/1871 ae 77

Phebe, w. of above 3/20/1863 ae 69

(Thomas b. 2/10/1745-6 to Christopher Avery 1709 and Eunice Prentice 1717 m'
d Hannah Smith then Phebe Ward; line back: Christopher Avery 1679 and
Abigail Park; James Avery 1646 and Deborah Stallion 1649; James Avery 1620
and Joanna Greenslade. Russell b. 7/18/1769 Groton, New London, CT to above
Thomas Avery and Hannah Smith b. 7/23/1745 Groton, CT to Nathan Smith 1702
and Mary Denison 1706 Stonington, CT. Samuel is son of Thomas and Hannah and
brother of Russell, although Hannah was almost 50 when he was born, age-wise
he could also be Russell's son: Samuel Prentice Avery 11/9/1793, wife is
Phebe Ward Clark)

MOWRY: Cordelia w. of John Mowry, Esq. d. 10/8/1846 ae 24

John D., s. of John and Cordelia d. 6/12/1839 ae 3

(Cordelia Deane, parents and dob unknown, I would appreciate this info if
anyone has it, w. of John Mowry b. 1/27/1803 son of George Mowry and Polly
Avery. The age at death for son John D. could be months or days and not
years, they married in 1835 but the next child I show b. to them is Sarah in
1840, that's a large gap, but she died a few weeks after giving birth to son
Christopher in 1846 so she may have had problems with pregnancies, so maybe
she had a series of miscarriages between John and Sarah.)


Guilford, VT, Carpenter Hill Cemetery, Carpenter Hill Road
(Carpenter Hill is a dirt road, there is a Potter Rd. just beyond it coming
from Colrain, although there is a strong connection between Potters and
Carpenters back to R.I., no Potter graves were found here.)

BARNEY: Here lies buried Mrs. Sarah Barney, w. of Mr. Silvanus Barney, who
d. 5/7/1798 30y 9m 7d

(Sarah is supp. to be Sarah KINGSLEY but can't find dob or parents, Silvanus
b. 3/31/1767 Guilford to Capt. John Barney, s. of John Barney and Hannah
CLARK and Rebecca MARTIN, d. of Edward Martin and Rebecca PECK)


Edward d. 12/12?/1778 in the 78th yr of his age

(Edward b. 12/8/1700 to Benj. Carpenter and Renew Weeks)

In memory of widow Elizabeth once w. of Mr. Edward Carpenter who d.
4/24/1791 in the 85th year of her age. "Death thou hast conquered me/I by
the dart am slain/but joyus Christ has conquered (thee?)/And I shall rise

(w. of Edward above: Elizabeth WILSON b. 7/8/1706 to Benj. Wilson and Sarah

Arthur E. 1922-1984 Lawyer Adv. Justice

In memory of Mrs. Mary Carpenter w. of Mr. Edward Carpenter who d.
12/17/1792 in the (8)5th yr of her age (can't read saying below due to
lighting on pic, it is legible in person)

(Prob. Mary LIPPITT w. of Edward b. 5/7/1727 s. of the above Edward and
Elizabeth, her parents may be John and Mary Lippitt)

Betsey, w. of Capt. Cyrus 5/31/1813 42y

(Death date looked like 1812 to me, but everyone else shows 1813. Betsey
BARNEY b. 12/2/1770 to Edward and Elizabeth Barney. Cyrus b. 9/12/1769 to
Benjamin and Annie/Amie below, Benjamin is s. of Edward 1700 and Elizabeth.)

Miss Amie, dau. of Benjamin, Esq. and Amie 10/6/1780 18th year (may be

Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Amie Carpenter consort of Gov. Benjamin
Carpenter, Esq. who d. 7/10/1803 in the 78th year of her age; Blessed are
the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: yea, faith the Spirit, that
they may (t?)ell from their Labours and their workd do follow them.

Sacred to the memory of the Hon. Benjamin Carpenter, Esq. born in Rehoboth,
Mass. AD 1761. A Public Teacher of Righteousness. An able advocate to his
last for Democracy (and?) the equal rights of man. Removed to this town in
A.D. 1770 was a Field Officer in the Revolutionary War. A founder of the
first Constitution and Gov. of VT. A Counsellor of Censors in A.D. 1783. A
member of the Council and Lieut. Gov. of the state in A.D. 1778, A firm prof
essor of Christianity in the Baptist Church 50 years. Left this world and
146 persons of lineal Posterity 3/29/1804 Aged 78y 10m & 19d with a strong
mind and full faith of a more Glorious State hereafter. Stature about 6 feet
Wt. 200

Death had no(t?) terror!

In memory of Cyrus Carpenter, Esq. who died in hope of a glorious
immortality 12/9/1840 ae 71; My friends the Lord your Maker fear. And his
holy commandments keep; That when we've done with all things here we may at
least in Glory meet.

JONES: In memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Jones, w. of Eliakim Jones 12/16/1804

(supp. to be Elizabeth CHASE b. 1775 Guilford to Stephen Chase 4/21/1755, s.
of Stephen Chase and Katherine Lund, and Lucinda CARPENTER b. 3/6/1751, dau.
of Benj. And Amie/Annie above.)

RICHMOND: Lurissa A. dau of Ezra and Clarissa C. Richmond 12/22/1846 ae 22

(Lurissa was b. 2/29/1824 in Gerry, Chatauqua, NY, Clarissa is Clarissa
CARPENTER b. 10/17/1796 to Cyrus and Betsey above.)


In memory of Mrs. Rachel Wood, w. of Elder Jabez 4/2/1796 52y

Jabez Wood, pastor of Baptist Church, Swanzey 4/2/1793

(Elder Jabez Wood married Rachal BULLOCK 1/1/1776 Rehoboth, he is shown on
later records as Rev. Jabez Wood of 1st Baptist Church, Swansea. Jabez b.
1720 if correct is considerably older than Rachal, but she is a 2nd wife,
1st wife is Johanna SHORT, his parents are believed to be Jabez Wood 1691
and Hannah NELSON. Although Rachel's age is off by 2 years if I read the
grave right, she is supposed to be Rachel Bullock who was b. 6/23/1742 to
Samuel Bullock 1703 and Hannah BOSWORTH 1706. Samuel's parents are Ebenezer
Bullock and Sarah Moulton. Hannah's parents are John Bosworth 1671 and
Elizabeth Toogood. John 1671 is son of Jonathan Bosworth 1636 and Hannah
Howland, dau. of Mayflower John Howland.


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