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Edward McGuire was very active in the area around Winchester in the
Shenandoah Valley, in Frederick Co., VA.

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March 29, 2005
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Author: Bushy Hartman Date: 27 Mar 2000
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Looking for information on Edward MCGUIRE b.1767; married Elizabeth
HOLMESOR Edward MCGUIRE b. 1720;d.1806; Maj. British Army, came from
Ireland to Winchester, VA 1756 Looking for the father of my ...

Descendants of James McGUIRE
Generation No. 1
1. JAMES1 MCGUIRE was born 1620 in Fermanagh, Ireland, and died 1682
in Fermanagh, Ireland. He married CECILLA MCNAMANA 1658. She was born
1623 in Fermanagh, Ireland, and died 1665 in Fermanagh, Ireland.

Notes for JAMES MCGUIRE: Ireland is the background of the McGuires
Family. About the year 1000, the County of Feremnaugyh in Ireland was
referred to as McGuire County, since nearly all of the inhabitants
were McGuires. A Station near Harrodsburg, Kentucky was know as McGee
also as McGuire Station, and it was here the McGuires settled when
they reached Kentucky with the Boones and other hunters.

James McGuire and his wife, Elizabeth Pack McGuire, had children born
in Ireland: upon hearing of the opportunities here decided to move to
the new world. Their oldest son, John, came to America ahead of his
parents, but he later returned to Ireland to marry his childhood
sweetheart, Nancy Holden, I have this listed later as information
gleaned from other researchers. I have some that have doubted the
facts but this researcher tends to believe. and brought her to this
country. James and Elizabeth, upon arriving in America, settled in
Greenbriar County, Virginia. Soon afterwards they moved on to
Kentucky and settled near Harrodsburg. This James had a brother named
John, one named Samuel or "Sam", and William, and two sisters whose
names are not known. The Revolutionary War enlisted James and he was
killed at "Blue Licks" battlefield August 19, 1782. The four sons of
James and Elizabeth McGuire were: the John mentioned above, who
settled in Morgan County, on the Licking River, James II, William and
Archibald McGuire who all settled on the Kentucky River, in Lee
County. Hundreds of McGuires of the foothills Country trace their
family background to the James McGuire S., of Ireland.

\\\\ Alma makes note of the following information to help dispel some
of the doubts of our family line. Alma says " Harlan told me about a
year before he died, that his mother, Aunt Lousesa, told him that our
great, great grandfather John McGuire, was the son of James McGuire
the Immigrant from Ireland. This gives me confidence that the
material is more accurate then some give it credit for. "Excerpt"
from letter from Eric Passmore white. Four brothers that came to
America first are known as Samuel, who settled on the Big Sandy
River, in what is now extreme eastern Kentucky; James ancestor of all
of the McGuires in this genealogy the most part "SAP" who was killed
in the battle of Blue Licks with his son Jessie, settled first near
McGee's Station, in what was then Fayette County; John, who with his
seven sons, was killed at the battle of Blue Licks. And William, who
tradition says settled on the Kentucky river. However, it is felt
that he has been confused with James's son William and may be the
William McGuire named in the East Kentuckian. Cornelius McGuire,
mentioned in the same publication was apparently related to the above
William. This William also lived and enlisted in the Greenbrier River
area where James came to Kentucky from. James also named one of his
sons Cornelius who was scalped by Indians. Also of interest from
another source, indicated were Samuel, James, John, and William, the
same names listed in the East Kentuckian, with the exception of
Cornelius.\ James and his brothers already stated apparently came to
Kentucky with Daniel Boone. At that time it was part of Virginia. It
was later made into Kentucky County of Virginia, in 1776. As Settlers
moved in they demanded that Kentucky be made into a state, which was
done. It was first divided into Three Counties of Fayette, Lincoln
and Jefferson. The ancestry of the McGuires of what is now Lee
County, Kentucky may be found in the records of Owsley, Estill, Clay,
Madison and Rockcastle Counties.\ Further Histories Kentucky
Counties: Kentucky was first a county of Virginia. The Three counties
were formed while still a part of Viginia: Fayette Lincoln Jefferson
1786 Madison county was established from Lincoln County. 1793 Clark
County was established from Fayette County. 1799 Jessamine County was
established from Fayette County. 1807 Clay County was formed out of
Madison County. 1809 Estill County was formed out of Clay and Madison
Counties. 1839 Breathitt County was formed out of Clay and Estill
Counties. 1843 Owsley County was formed out of Clay, Estill and
Breathitt Counties. 1860 Magoffin County was formed out of Floyd,
Johnson and Morgan Counties. 1870 Lee County was formed out of
Breathett, Estill, Owsley and Wolfe counties.

The McGuires and MaGuires have lived near each other many times and
obviously are the same family. Many of the McGuires of Morgan,
Greenup, Pike, Lawernce, and Elliot Counties came from this John,
1756--1837, the oldest son of James; He also enlisted in the
Revolutionary War in 1770. Records show that he was granted a pension
from Morgan County as Revolutionary War Soldier in 1834. James
McGuire III, 1780-=1870 the oldest son of 1756-1837 Married Sarah
Coffee. Samuel Willey 1822-1891, who became the third County Judge of
Magoffin County in 1870, was a son of James III.\\\\\\ Old court
records which we have studied and examined from Richmond in Madison
County, Through the foothills to Pike County, unfold the McGuire
History bit by bit. These records include deeds recorded, marriage
License, census, and Land Grants extending from fifty to one hundred
and fifty years back across the history of the eastern section of
Kentucky. Descendants of She McGuires have the story here from
Ireland to Kentucky. We wish details could be interwoven in this
chapter, but that is of course impossible. Many McGuires died
following an unpretentious life, this leaving little history of
themselves. Like most families in this area they never occupied high
offices of honorm they did not often acquire great wealth, moreover
many of them were humble people whose life span was tied to the small
community of their time.

2. i. CONSTANTINE2 MCGUIRE, b. 1661, Fermanagh, Ireland; d. Virginia.

Generation No. 2
2. CONSTANTINE2 MCGUIRE (JAMES1) was born 1661 in Fermanagh, Ireland,
and died in Virginia. He married JULIA MCELLIGOTT 1706. She was born
1663 in Fermanagh, Ireland, and died in Virginia. Children of

3. i. JOHN3 MCGUIRE, b. Abt. 1707, Ireland; d. 1750, Ireland.
ii. EDWARD MCGUIRE, b. Bet. 1708 - 1717, Fermanagh, Ireland at
Maguire's Bridge; d. Fredrick Co. Virginia.

Generation No. 3
3. JOHN3 MCGUIRE (CONSTANTINE2, JAMES1) was born Abt. 1707 in
Ireland, and died 1750 in Ireland. He married CATHERINE MARY. She was
born Bet. 1707 - 1715 in Ireland, and died Bet. 1738 - 1790.

4. i. LT. JAMES FELIX4 MCGUIRE, b. Abt. 1734, Dublin, Ireland; d.
August 19, 1782, the Battle of Blue Lick Springs, Kentucky.
ii. UNKNOWN MCGUIRE, b. Ireland.
iii. WILLIAM MCGUIRE, b. Ireland.

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