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Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 22:03:32 EST

Hi Listers,
I have just received the following book and would be happy to do lookups.

David Quimby Cushman * Originally published in 1882 * Spiral bound *
photocopy * EACH PAGE HAS BEEN ENLARGED to FULL PAGE SIZE, because the
genealogy section is of such a small print it was hard to read * 87 pages ***
These family genealogies are listed alphabetically, some are 8 generations.
*** The families listed were of the area of Sheepscot and Newcastle * Some of
these families were the original settlers - others moved into the area and
established themselves there - these genealogies are the family lines before
1882 * Information on some families is extensive - giving even the
information where the descendants resided out side this area *** SURNAMES (
primary name will be bold - allied names will follow ) : ADAMS - Pinkham,
Shattuck & Dodge. * AUSTIN - Watson, Osgood, Cheney, Dunlap, Jones, Clark,
Leighton, Bentley, Lincoln & Teauge. * AVERILL - Hodge, Curtis, Kennedy &
Chapman. * BAILEY - Blinn, Jones & Hilton. * BAKER - Erskine & Choate. *
BALLANTINE - McLelland, Cunningham & Hodge. * BARKER - Nickels, Fowles, House
& Small. * BARSTOW - Taylor, Whitehouse, Melcher, Glidden, Flint, Daniels,
Madigan, Weeks, Slapp, Hitchcock, Borland, Libby, Holmes, Little, Day,
Kingsbury, Handly & Tukey. * BORLAND - Campbell, Glidden, Whittier, Reed,
Hazeltine, Jennings, Glidden, Haines, Dana & Barstow. * BOYD - Gorham &
Fitzpatrick. * BROWN - Tukey, Clark, Witham, Campbell, Ames, Hutchings,
Campbell, Woodbridge, Reed, Arey, Pinkham & Wilson. * BRYANT - Barker, Wall,
Clapp, Waters, Connor, Merrill, Greenleaf, Smith, Myrick, Haines, Call, Wade
& Madigan. * BURNHAM - Webb. * CALL - Bryant & Chase. * CAMPBELL - Malcomb,
Cooper, Fairfield, Borland, Chase, Cunningham, Reed, Boyd, Simpson, Emerson,
Cook, Punn, Chapman, Kennedy, Brown, Trask, Given, Chapman, Woodbridge,
Given, Haggett, Delano, Winslow, Ford, Rogers, Lennox & Baker. * CARGILL -
Abernethy, McKown, Cunningham, Simpson, Oliver, Holmes, Fullerton, Decker,
Delano, Plummer, Kelley, Given, Paine, Holmes, Kennedy & Hatch. * CARNEY -
Bell, Wheeler, Vose, Hall, Eastman, Bent, Russel, Cole, Brown, Yeaton, Abbot,
Mahoney & Harley. * CATLAND - Winslow, Clark, Perkins, Lewis, Southard, Reed
& Averill. * CHAPMAN - Keene, Averill, Simpson, Lunt & Dickinson. * CHASE -
Gove, Stewart, Woodbridge, Turner, Laiten, MeLellan, Donnell, Dorry, Curtis,
Carney, Packard, Flitner, Murray, Given, Clifford, Wilson, Clifford, Webb,
Keene & Jenny. * CLARKE - Blackstone, Hall, Rollins, Jones, Leishman,
Birdsley, Lincoln, Lord, Spaulding, Sweet, Hopkins, Dyer, Carter, Hussey,
Palmer, Murphy, Linscott, Howard, Laler, Reed, Tomlinson, Young, Calderwood,
Given, Ames, Clark, Gove, Coombs, Hanley, Simpson, Hatch, Pierce, Brown,
Perkins, Randall & Ford. * CLIFFORD - Holmes, Curtis & Flye. * CONVERS -
Counce. * COOK - Cambpell, Page, Reed, Huey, Kennedy & Mellus. * COOPER -
Woodman, Tarr, Nickels, Gray, Little, Nickels, Ames, Weeks, Wilder, Donohue,
Lewis & Kennedy. * CUNNINGHAM - Ballantine, Cargill, Alexander, Payson,
Murray, Kennedy, Woodbridge, Wiseman, Hopkins, Emmons, Curtis, Judkins,
Heald, Austin, Kelley, Murray, Webber, Wadsworth, Gould, Hutchings, Seavy,
Abbott, Sherman, Campbell, Foster, Simpson & Lennox. * CURTIS - Hatch,
Holmes, Dole, Averill, Irish, Cunningham, Chapman, Erskine, Fowles, Donnell,
Austin, Clifford & Emery. * CUSHMAN - Morton. * DAVIS - Kelleran, Taylor &
Weston. * DECKER - Genthner. * DELANO - Grover. * DODGE - Tufts, Perkins,
Ring, Downey, Gray, Preble, Whitehouse, Merrill, Tilton, Sherman, Webb, Wade,
Bickford, Wilson, Kenniston, Goud, Bailey, Blenn, Heath, Freeman, Atwood,
Linscot, Kidder, Chapin, Davidson, McKaffery, Little, Cargill, Seavy, Ridlon,
Kingsbury, Fales, Wilson, Crayness, Marsden, Clifford, Williams, Reed,
Kennedy, Russell, Colby, Cheney, McKenney, Winthrop, Light, Park, Hildreth,
Somes, Stearns, Page, Haggett, Sherman, Emerson, Adams, Flye, Cushman, Trask,
Brigham, Averill, Fossett & Varney. * DONNELL - Chase, Harley, Burnham,
Glidden & Seiders. * ELLIOT - Melvin, Ward, Newell, Bourniman, Andrews,
Taylor, Perkins & Hussey. * EMERSON - Jackson & Matthews. * ERSKINE -
Woodbridge, Tomlinson, Waters, McLane, Baker & Tukey. * FARLEY - Dennis,
Jewett, Thomas, Hale, Brookhouse, Thurston, Little, Cooper, Gannett & Wilder.
* FARNHAM - Taylor & Webb. * FITZPATRICK - Waters, Somes, Boyden & Turner. *
FLAGG - Collier & Foster. * FLYE - Barker, Hilton, Perkins & Hitchcock. *
FOLLANSBEE - Woodbridge, Rundlett & Harley. * FREEMAN - Lee, Miller, Ruby,
Carpenter & Stewart. * GENTHNER - Flye. * GIVEN (Formerly Gibbon, of Scotch
descent) - Simpson, Clark, Donald, Perkins, Kennedy, Marson, Bryant, Tapley,
Boynton, Kimball, Chase, Freeman, WAkefield, Little, Clark, Seiders, Donnell,
Sproul, Hussey, McDuffee, Rice, Fuller, Packard & Barnes. * GLIDDEN -
Woodman, Dunbar, Dennis, Waters, Cotter, Borland, Lovett, Barstow, Handly,
Harrington, Robinson, Bryant, Myrick, Melcher, Lash, Wade, Clark, Belcher,
Mooney, Turner, Kerney, Leighton, McCobb, Borland, Child, Ryan, Joy, Hughes,
Waters, Webb, Porter, Campbell, Morse, Metcalf, Hufcut, Chapman, Webster,
Hatch, Turnbull, Wheeler, Nutt, Hatch, Hodgdon, Montgomery, Sproul, Marsh,
Burroughs, Flye, Hitchcock, Hatch, Harlow, Cate, Whidden, Shovey, Stinson,
Cotter, Weymouth, Dove, Warren, Auld, Temple, Woodward, Homer, Hemmenway,
Robinson, Page, Whitney, Fisher & Palmer. * GRAY - Harding, Harriden, Lewis,
Tarr, Chase, Hall, Weeks, Barter, Kennedy & Moody. * HAGGETT - Clark & Harley
* HALL - Blackstone, Given, Humphries, Nichols, Young & Whitehouse. * HANDLEY
- Glidden. * HARLEY - Decoster, Sawyer, Williamson, Brooks, Campbell,
Granville, Averill, Gardiner, Webster, Dodge, Kelley, Preble, Cushman, Case,
Hunt, Tomlinson, Kimball, Robbins, Field, Thayer, Follansbee, Nutt, Ayer,
Donnell, Carney, Haggett, Fuller, Stevens, Bartlett & Buker. * HATCH - Dodge.
* HEATH - Rice, Trask & Young. * HILTON Weeks, Sykes, Jennings, Dickinson,
Whitehouse, Bailey & Galusha. * HODGKINS - Glidden. * HOLMES - Dole,
Cunningham, Curtis, Garstow, Perry, Clifford, Cargill & Curtis. * HOPKINS -
Soames, Kennedy, Newbit, Taylor, Little, Weeks, Robinson, Lennox, Peasly,
Clark, Newhall, Marsh, Hutchings, McLean & Noyes. * HOUDLETTE - Decker &
Alley. * HUSSEY - Rollins, Chapman, Weeks, Barstow, Rollins, Glidden, Teague,
Rigby, Fowler, Church, Chapman, Perkins, Taylor, Woodward, Elliott, Clapp,
Kennedy, Burnham, Winslow, Thurlow, Blake, Hall, Yates, Huston, Hilton, Hall,
Johnston, Foy & Fernald. * HUTCHINGS - Teague, Cothran, Wells & Stetson. *
JONES - Nutter, Hall, Smith, Flagg, Mathews, Dinsmore & Clark. * KAVANAGH -
Jackson, Waters & Field. * KENNEDY - Henry, Perkins, Boynton, Jackson,
Simpson, Cook, Delano, Dodge, Smith, Hodge, Woodbridge, Cothran, Kelley,
Somes, Sherman, Wilson, Clifford, Hatch, Calderwood, Gray, Campbell, Moody,
Nilson, Bruce, Robinson, Erskine, Trask, King, Glidden, Chapman, Palmer,
Averil, Perkins, Merrill, Chisam, Nickels, Ginn, Hatch, Weeks & Hopkins. *
LEIGHTON - Day, McNear, Chase, Dodge, Baker, McAllister, McDonald, Glidden,
Hilton, Hatch, Melcher, Cheney & Weymouth. * LEWIS - Davis. * LAMPSON -
Cunningham. * LENNOX - McNear, Cunningham, Erskine, Boyd, Bray, Fogg, Cutts,
Campbell, Gorham, Hopkins & Stanfield. * LINCOLN - Clark, Little, Hodgman,
Murray, Brown, Dillingham, Jones, Gorham & Austin. * LITTLE - Boyd,
McGlathery, McMullen, Nickles, Otis, Kinsman, Lincoln, Drummond, Eaton, Hall,
Trask, Kendall, Cooper, Dodge, Farley, Hopkins, Erskine & Clark. * LYNCH -
Leman, Brown & Trask. * MADIGAN - Cottrill, Barstow, Joyce, Whittier &
Bryant. * MARSH - Rines, NcNear, Hopkins & Blake. * MAHONEY - Wilson,
Shattuck & Carney. * MOODY - Kennedy. * MARSON - McGoun, Davis, Given &
Simpson. * MARSON - Hopkins & Southworth. * MERRILL - Boyd. * McMICHAEL -
Fitch, Morse, Haggett, Storer, Daniels, Dow, Townsend & McLaughlin. * McNEAR
- Shirley, Laiten, Lennox, Averill, Bailey, Greenleaf, Trevett, Cook, Young,
Collins, Marsh, Seavey & Erskine. * McQUIGG - Chick, Cressey, Parsons,
Robinson, Perkins, Boynton & Frye. * MONTGOMERY - Totman, Glidden & Roberts.
* MORTON - Sidelinger & Cushman. * MURRAY - McLelland, Cunningham, Coburn,
Follansbee, Kennedy, Murray, Lincoln, Shermondine, Page, Vanner, Perkins,
Rundlett, Reynolds, Hall, Rafter & Jackson. * MYRICK - Clark, Dole, Glidden,
Bryant, Lash, Merrill, Rae & Webb. * NELSON - (Clough - Nelson). * NICKELS -
Thompson, Fossett, Cooper, Robinson, Little, Ames, Hunt, Cushman, McCobb,
Delano, Hodge, Williams, Barker, Rundlett, Kennedy, Brooks & Hall. * NORWOOD
- Hanly. * OSGOOD - Erskine, Austin, Chase & Rodman. * OTIS - Taylor, Weeks,
Perkins, Beckler, Hitchcock, Perkins, Dunlap & Sherman. * PACKARD - Holbrook,
Pease, Jamison, Flint, Butler, Wilson, Chase & Page. * PAGE - Dodge, Sheldon,
Haggett, Cook & Groton. * PERKINS - Catland, Cox, Otis, Wallace, Weeks,
Chick, Dodge, Sloman, Crooker, Bates, Whipple, Blunt, Swett, Hatch, Bearce,
Witham, Davis, Burnham, Tilton, Hussey, Murray, Haggett, Robinson, Clark,
Tibbetts, Lovejoy, Bean, Hodgkins, Church, Ross, Hall, Bryant, Otis, Hodges,
Flagg, Wright, Kennedy, Hasey & Pratt. * PINKHAM - Brier, Adams, Chase,
Shepard, Brown & Dodge. * POTTER - Gray. * PREBLE - Shattuck & Thomas. *
ROBINSON - Webb, Stetson, Glidden, Boyd, Perkins, Lewis, Foster, Webber,
Stewart, Newhall, Hopkins, Wright, McNear, Burchsted & Jenkins. * ROWE -
Turnbull, Knight, Melrose & Costellow. * RUNDLET - Nash. * SEIDERS - Dunbar,
Cox, Teague, Cotton, Snow, Campbell, Cressey & Sproul. * SHATTUCK -
Greenleaf, Adams, Jewett, Knight, Packard, Hatch & Burchsted. * SHERMAN -
Tarbell, Hodge, Patterson, French, Foster, Dodge, Hutchinson, Morgan, Poole,
Paine, Cunningham, Somes, Grotton, Trask, Arnold, Pool, Webb, Wade, Thomas,
Douglass, Page & Crane. * SHORTWELL - Campbell, Shedd, Allen & Merry. *
SIMPSON - Myers, Chapman, Averill, Boynton, Whitney, Whitcomb, Clark, Golden
& Houdlette. * SOMES - Hopkins, Cothran, Trask, Dodge, Stearns, Wilson,
Anderson, Kennedy, Davidson, Babcock, Powers, Blake, Soule & Curtis. * SPEED.
* STEWART- Gibson. * STEARNS - Somes, Ulmer, Downey, Barny, Winchester,
Potter, Dodge & Bullock. * STETSON - Simmons, Woodbridge, Gent, Barstow,
Clarke, Otis, Weeks, Hopkins, Peasly, Little, Kennedy, Acorn, Hussey,
Farnham, Peaslee, Jackson, Allen, Cooper, Haskell, Cunningham, Robinson,
Lennox, Partridge, Clark, Herbert, Pond, Farnham, Perkins, Beckler, Hiscock,
Hall, McCobb, Turner, Huston, Barstow, Wallace, Hopkins, Rust, Rundlet,
Erskine, Gilbert, Flanders, Kinglsey, Dennett, Higgins, Elliot, Drake,
Higley, Webb, Porter, Chisam, Hoyt, Smith, Clary, Shurleff, Carter, Ross,
Bond, Meserve, Shepard, Hatch, Newhall, Pillsbury, Chaney, Dunton, Boynton,
Hilton, Williams, Sproul, Kincaid, Flagg, Cnyler, Ladd, Stevens, Keating,
Haford, Gunn, Wright, Burchstead, Jenkins, McNear, Hutchings, McLean, Noyes,
Caldwell, Perkins, Dunlap, Sherman, Austin, Loring, Greenwood, Norris,
Judkins, Fuller, Carr, Young, Davis & Glidden. * TIBBETS - Perkins, Brown,
Chapman, Woodbury, McFarland, Young, Foy & Severance. * TEAGUE - Hussey, Day,
Thompson, Thurston, Clapp, Taylor & Austin. * TOMLINSON - Waters, Harley,
Erskine, Chisom, Woodbridge, Hall & Stone. * TRASK - Dodge. * TUKEY -
Simpson, Tibbetts, Brown, Fossett, Ayer, Plummer, Baker, Vanner, Hitchcock,
Chisam, Purington & Hill. * TURNBULL - Glidden, Dodge, Gibbs, Wilkinson,
Plummer, Flint, Chapman, Rowe & Merry. * WATERS - Kennedy, McLelland,
Glidden, Carlton, Bryant, Weeks, Clark, Ayers, Tomlinson, Fitzpatrick, Tarr,
Erskine, Goodenow, Kavanagh, Sawyer, Shibles, Carlton, Cotton, Pool & Webber.
* WEBB - Tukey, Robinson, Cushman, Dodge, Robinson, Hutchins, Montgomery,
Trouant, Rundlett, Evans, Baldwin, Tenney, Benson, Preble, Hovey, Tolman,
Vaill, Starrett, Evans, Myrick, Kendall, Richards, Lancaster, Greenlaw,
Hastings, Erskine, Tappan, Melcher, Hunt, Chase, McCobb, Feyler, Burnham,
Hanley, Pond & Farnham. * WILKINSON - Turnbull, Rowe, Farnham, Brown,
Robinson & Hutchings. * WHITE - Carlton, Dodge, Perkins, Glidden & Haines. *
WILLIAMS - Dodge & Hitchcock. * WOODBRIDGE - Tappan, Hodge, Ayers,
Cunningham, Erskine, Plummer, Follansbee, Chase, Clifford, Simpson, Donnell,
Simpson, Kennedy, Carlton, Tobey, Banks, Dammon, Shaw, Albee, Palmer, Hussey,
Cumery, Howe, Glidden, Hastings, Hilton, Peasly, Norcross, Campbell,
Tomlinson, Vanner, Woodman, Chisam, Plummer, Chapman, Baker, Morse,
Plaistridge, Morse, Weymouth & Fletcher. * WILSON - Flint, Simpson, Given &
Mahoney. * WISEMAN - Cunningham. * WRIGHT - Patterson, Pinkham, Sawyer,
Robinson, Perkins & Knight. * WYMAN - Genthner. * VANNER - Woodbridge &
Murray. *** Winning bidder is to pay 3.55 for priority mail & delivery
confirmation receipt to a US Address *** International bids welcomed -
postage depends on country. *** Keywords: History, Historical, genealogy,
genealogical, ancestors, family, New England, Colonial, Genealogies ***

Carroll Erskine
in Sunny Florida
Member NEHGS.

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