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Subject: [MAINE] Preparations for War - Bath Maine - Revolutionary War
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2007 22:28:08 EDT

History of Bath & Environs, Sagadahoc Co., Maine: 1607-1894 by Parker McCobb
Preparations for the War.
The Provincial Congress of Massachusetts was in session at Watertown in May,
1775, in a

meeting-house there, and of which John Hancock was president. It issued an
appeal to the
patriotism of the men of this Province, and to adopt measures to aid the
cause of liberty,
resolving that "the preservation of our country depends, under God, on an
effectual execu-
tion of continental and provincial measures for that purpose." This
vigorous action of
Congress was immediately transmitted by letter to all the towns and parishes
of the Province.

Upon receiving a copy, the Second Parish, comprising Bath, Maine,
immediately assembled at the
meeting-house to take the subject into consideration, and in the simple but
strong language of
the times, it wa unanimously "voted to abide by the resolves of Congress now
before us."

They forthwith divided the parish into two wards and elected military

For the west ward:

Benjamin Lemont, Captain.
Stephen Coombs, Lieutenant.
Jesse Holbrook, Ensign.

For the east ward:

Dummer Sewall, Captain.
John Berry, Lieutenant.
John Wood, Ensign.

They also chose a committee to unite with Woolwich and Bowdoinham to elect a
member to represent
these three precincts in the Provincial Congress. The committee of the
parish were:

John Lemont
Jonathan Mitchel
John Wood
Henry Sewall
William Swanton
Dummer Sewall.

At the same meeting a Committee of Safety, consisting of:

Philip Higgins
Zodack Lincoln
William Swanton
James Lemont
David Ring

were chosen.

The two militia companies were immediately organized and armed for service.
They assembled every week
for drill and discipline, and as often as a draft was required for the
Continental Army or a detach-
ment ordereded for guard duty, the detailed men were marched to the point
required. The coast was soon
infested with the cruisers and privateers of the enemy, but the British
troops did not land on the coast
at any place near the Kennebec. Occasional depredations, however, were
committed on the property of the
inhabitants by crews of privateers, which required guard duty from the

Samuel McCobb was chosen delegate to the Provincial Congress from Arrowsic,
and Dummer Sewall from Bath.
They travelled to Watertown, Massachusetts on horseback with saddle bags for
their baggage, and in

p.55 History of Bath, Maine.

six days reached their destination. They had no stated pay for either
travel or attendance, but sub-
sequently the parishes provided for their compensation (vide Groton).

A Detachment Sent to the Army.
News of the battle of Lexington on April 19, 1775, reached Bath in eight
days, and immediate steps were
taken to raise a volunteer company to proceed to the scene of hostilities.
In this movement, Samuel
McCobb of Georgetown took the lead, aided by the "committee of safety."
Seventy men from Long Reach,
Georgetown, Newcastle, Winthrop, Pownalboro, Haverhill, Hallowell, Bristol,
Pleasant Point, St. Georges
and Winslow were speedily obtained. Without commission McCobb led them by
forced marches to Cambridge,
Mass., arriving there it is said, in six days, the route then being very
circuitous to what it is now.

A petition was forwarded to the Provincial Congress, then in session at
Watertown, to commission officers
of the company and Samuel McCobb of Georgetown was commissioned Captain, May
17, 1775; Benjamin Pattee
of Georgetown and John Riggs of Falmouth, lieutenants, May 19, 1775. These
names and dates are taken
from the original pay-rolls of the company, in the Massachusetts archives.
The date of the enlistment of
the rank and file was commenced June 1st. They were eight months' men.

The company was assigned to Colonel John Nixon's Vermont regiment, of
General Putnam's Brigade, and was
in the battle of Bunker Hill at the rail fence. After this they were
encamped during the summer on
Winter Hill, north of Bunker Hill. The pay-roll of this company is made up
from May to August 1, 1775,
allowing the captain two months and nineteen days service and the men a few
days less.

A List of Capt. Samuel McCobb's Company in the 5th Regiment of Foot,
Commanded by Col. John Nixon,
belonging to the Army of the United Colonies of North America.

Name: Place of Residence

Samuel McCobb, Capt. Georgetown
Benjamin Patten, 1st Lieut. Georgetown
John Riggs, 2nd Lieut. Falmouth

Samuel Boyd Winthrop
George Bolton "
William Bishop Woolwich
Josiah Bayley "
John Ball "
James Buck "
Jacobus Bailey "
Joseph Chandler "
Rodger Chase Winthrop
Seth Delino "
Joseph Farley "
Nathaniel Fairbank "
David Foster "
Timothy Farrington "
Thomas Foot Georgetown
William Gileriace "

Samuel Wattles Witchcapit
John Tagot Cabececouly
Epipalet Foster Winthrop
Abner Wade Woolwich

James Gordon Woolwich
Andrew Gleadon Witchcapit
Enos Greenleaf Georgetown
Ebenezer Hilton Woolwich
Martin Hall Georgetown
Peter Heal Georgetown
Joseph Hilton Woolwich
James Jonson Woolwich
William Lancy *
Enos Moffat Cabececouly
John McKnight "
Ebenezer Place "
Reuben Page "
Timothy Plummer Woolwich
John Pumroy "
William Puling Winthrop

Billey Foster Winthrop
James Fleming Georgetown
William Butler Winthrop
James Works Pownalborough

Samuel Plummer Pownalborough
Benjamin Rolings Witchcapit
Eliab Shaw Woolwich
Stephen Stuart "
George Smith "
John Taylor "
Thomas Tolman "
William Usher "
Daniel Wyman Winthrop
Samuel Walker "
Abel Whittier Cabececouly
Lemuel Williams Woolwich
Christopher Woodbridge Witchcapit
Solomon Whittier Pownalborough
Nathaniel Webb Woolwich
Samuel Young "
Joseph Jordan Cabececouly

Jeremiah Butler Pownalborough

William Baker Haverhill.

1 Captain
2 Lieutenants
4 Sergeants
3 Corporals
44 Privates gone to Canada
1 Corporal
1 Drummer
1 Fifer
3 Privates present in camp.
Camp on Winter Hill October 7, 1775.
Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth

Note - full book online with Google Books Online
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