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Subject: Re: [MAINE] Captain Elijah Reed of Brooklin, ME & Reedsville, VA
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2010 11:56:42 -0500 (EST)
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Hi Jan,

Thank-you, very much, for all the effort you put in on my behalf in
tracking this information down! I truly do appreciate it! I wanted to
wait until I was at a PC to sit and write you a thank-you note, rather
than just reply from my cellphone, so I apologize for the delay. :(

I was in touch with a museum in Reedville, VA, yesterday, and they also
had some biographical information on the Captain that they are going to
send me. Between their kind generosity, and yours, I should have
everything I need to continue my search!

Again, thank-you so very much for all your time and efforts...they are
truly appreciated!

Best Regards,


> Hi David. I've found Capt. Reed's parents in the vital records of
> Sedgwick,
> Hancock, Maine. I have the book complied by Barbara M. Grindle.
> Elijah W. Reed was born in Sedgwick on Nov. 27, 1826. His father was
> George
> Reed (Capt.) also born in Sedgwick on 7 Feb. 1794 and died there on 4 Oct.
> 1830.
> Elijah's mother was George's SECOND wife, Hannah Allen, born on 15 Nov.
> 1807
> in Sedgwick and died there on 13 Sept., 1861. They were married in
> Sedgwick
> on 6 Feb., 1826.
> George's first wife was Hannah's sister, Lois Allen, born in Sedgwick on 4
> Feb. 1796. Lois married George on 28 Feb., 1822 but then died two years
> latet on 22 Dec., 1824.
> The vital record book has George's parents as Isaac Reed and his wife,
> Sally
> (nickname for Sarah). Besides George, their eldest child, there were
> Isaac,
> Elijah, Macey, Elmira and Narcissa.
> Hannah and Lois Allen were the daughters of Jonathan and Lois (Morgan)
> Allen
> from Sedgwick but married on 3 April, 1795 in Manchester, Essex,
> Massachusetts where Lois had been born on 16 Oct, 1722, the daughter of
> Nathaniel and Joanna (Thorndike) Allen, both born in Beverly, Essex, MA.
> Lois, Jonathan's wife, died in Sedgwick on 5 April, 1812. Jonathan Allen,
> a
> deacon in the church, was born in Beverly, MA on 12 March, 1769 and had a
> long life, dying in Sedgwick on 8 Aug. 1858. Interestingly, not only did
> their two daughters marry Elijah Reed but their daughter Hannah had a twin
> sister, Judith, and she married Elijah Reed (Capt.), George's brother!
> That
> marriage took place on 22 May, 1826, three months after George married
> Hannah.
> Who have I left out? OH...Lois Morgan's parents. Her father, Daniel
> Morgan, was a seaman/sailor, born in Manchester on 31 March, 1745 and died
> at sea in 1777 (Revolution casualty). You can read of his death
> description
> in the Manchester vital records. His wife was Lois Allen, bapt. in
> Manchester on Oct. 29, 1749 and the daughter of Azariah Allen, b. in
> Manchester and died at sea and his wife, Lydia Hooper, born in Beverly.
> I've verified the Massachusetts' births and deaths through the on-line
> vital
> records that you can find here:
> The Sedgwick births and deaths are from the vital records book.
> I might add that I've been following the Jonathan Allen family in Sedgwick
> because Lois, Hannah and Judith's brother, Stephen, born in 1799 married
> two
> of the Byard girls in Sedgwick and the Byards belong to me, Byard is my
> maiden name. If you ever run into that name connected to Sedgwick, please
> save my e-mail and let me know. Thank you. Sylvanus Byard who lived most
> of
> his life in Winterport/Frankfort, Waldo County, was born in Sedgwick but
> his
> poor mother was unmarried but did give him his father's surname (I think).
> I've just never figured out who his father was...a rascal/scalleywag to be
> sure.
> If I can clarify anything, let me know. Good luck!
> Jan
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> Subject: [MAINE] Captain Elijah Reed of Brooklin, ME & Reedsville, VA
>> Good Afternoon,
>> I'm trying to trace the parentage of Captain Elijah Reed and his family.
>> He is shown in the Brooklin, Maine, 1860 and 1870 Census, and thereafter
>> moved to what became Reedsville, Virginia, named in his honor by his
>> son,
>> after his passing.
>> Does anyone have any information on this family, and who Captain Reed's
>> parents may have been?
>> Thank-you,
>> Best Regards,
>> -David Reed
>> ---
>> "The story of Reedville, Virginia is linked to the commercial fishing
>> industry that developed here in the late 19th century. In 1874 Elijah
>> Reed
>> transferred his menhaden fishing operation from Brooklin, Maine to the
>> Chesapeake Bay. He purchased the land on Cockrell's Creek that is now
>> Reedville. The industry flourished, especially in the early part of the
>> 20th century. Today Reedville is one of the major ports for the landing
>> of
>> commercial fish in the United States, second only to Kodiak, Alaska."
>> "The town's Main Street, a National Historic District, is a mile long
>> and
>> flanked by water. The larger homes along Main Street reflect the
>> prosperity of the early menhaden captains and plant owners. Most of the
>> houses in the Historic District have been carefully restored. Today,
>> operating from Reedville, is a large, modem menhaden fishing fleet with
>> 13
>> ocean-going vessels. There are three smaller menhaden boats and numerous
>> boats and people engaged in pound-net fishing, crab potting and
>> dredging,
>> soft crab processing, clamming and oystering.
>> More information on the history of Reedville and the Northern Neck can
>> be
>> found in these books by local author Miriam Haynie: "The Stronghold,"
>> "A
>> Kingdom by the Sea" and "Reedville: 1874-1974." These books are
>> available
>> in our Gift Shop.
>> The museum is located on the banks of Cockrell's Creek on land once
>> owned
>> by Captain Elijah Reed. The William Walker House was built in 1875 on
>> land
>> bought that year from Captain Reed. It was occupied by the family until
>> it
>> was purchased by the Greater Reedville Association in 1986. The
>> Association, primarily through the work of volunteers, restored the
>> house
>> and opened it as the Reedville Fishermen's Museum in 1988. In the spring
>> of 1995 the home was refurbished and refurnished and now represents a
>> waterman's home at the turn of the previous century."
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