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Subject: Re: Mallory-Wheeler Company of New Haven, CT.
Date: 22 Apr 2006 00:31:07 -0600

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Mallory Wheeler began as Davenport Mallory & Co.

Burton Mallory.

Sargent & Company of New Haven, Conn., produced and sold planes for an eighty year period from 1884 to 1964. They had a large production capability and made builder's hardware, locks, and other hand tools, for both carpenters and mechanics. Joseph Bradford Sargent was the impetus behind the company. He was born in 1822 in Leicester, Mass. and went to work for his father in the J.D.Sargent & Company business. His father manufactured hand cards, these were used to straighten cotton or wool fibers prior to the spinning process in the many textile mills in New England. Starting at the bottom as a factory worker at the age of 16, he worked in a dry goods business in Boston, Mass., became a partner with his brother Harry in a Georgia general store, and then took over his father's business in 1849. He became a sales agent for Peck & Walter Co. of New Britain, Conn. in 1852, took over management of Peck & Walter in 1856 and after the business panic of 1857, renamed it J.B. Sargent C!
Business was excellent and the need for larger facilities became apparent. In 1863, J.B. Sargent purchased a city square in New Haven, Conn. with harbor frontage. In 1864, the plant was constructed with elevators, running water and flush toilets, all of which were very innovative for the times. October, 1864 brought the incorporation of Sargent & Company of New Haven, Conn. wholly owned by J.B. and his two brothers George and Edward. J.B. was the president until 1907, when he died at the age of 84.

The line of goods sold on a commission basis rapidly increased in 1865 when Sargent & Company became the sole sales agent for Mallory, Wheeler & Company. They were a manufacturer of locks and hardware. It was a profitable venture for both firms, but it came to an end in 1882, after the business relationship tapered off following the death of Burton Mallory in 1878.

This must be the Burton that started the company, Davenport, Mallory & co.

...his sons Frederick Burton, and Richard (Ruckard) were both lock manufacturers.
(Burton's father was Richard or Ruckard Mallory)

(7) Burton M Mallory c 1816 = 1840 Mary A Beecher 1814 Bethany, New Haven, Ct (Capt Lysias Beecher c 1778 d 7 May 1834 = Lucy Tolles c 1783) (David Beecher 16 Aug 1743 New Haven Ct d 17 Nov 1780 Bethany bur Cem in the Hollow Bethany Ct =18 Feb 1769 New Haven Hannah Perkins 1 Feb 1746 New Haven d 1829 New Haven) (Abraham Tolles = Elizabeth Morris) (Isaac Beecher 15 Jul 1716 d 28 Oct 1801 Bethany Ct =6 Apr 1738 New Haven Mabel Hotchkiss 1719 New Haven) (Samuel Beecher 1687 new Haven d 1760 = Hannah Farrington 17 Aug 1687 Dedham MA) (Isaac Beecher 18 Aug 1650 = Joanna Roberts 26 Jun 1657 Milford) (Isaac Beecher = mary Sperry) (John Beecher = Hannah Mead)
(Davenport, Mallory & co City Directory 1860-61) (1860 census New Haven New haven Ct Burton Mallory 1814, Mary A 1816, Fred 1844, Mary 1850, Richard 6, Mary E Marks 46, Sophia Jones 34, Lizzy Lowrey 20)

(8) Frederick Burton Mallory c 1845 Westville, New Haven Ct lock manufacturer = 1876 New Haven Ct Cordelia M Smith 1853 Ct parents Ct (Cordelia Lyon c 1877 SF?) (1880 census New Haven New Haven Ct includes Emmie B Smith 1863 Ct other) (NOTE: Cordelia M Mallory 1852 Ct 1920 census LA CA) (Le A Mallory 1967 Ct LA CA) (Beechers lived next door 1880 census) (Cordelia M Mallory 1852 per 1930 census LA)

(9) Frederick Burton Mallory Jr 12 Mar 1878 CT d 17 Nov 1945 SF CA (Mother Smith)
(9) Louise Mallory 12 Apr 1883 Ct d 16 Dec 1952 LA CA (mother Smith) = Sibley
(9) Melverna “Maude” Mallory 23 Dec 1883 NY d 10 Oct 1951 LA CA (mother Smith) = Buchzik

1900 census Los Angeles CA
Frederick B Mallory 1845 = Cordelia M 1853
Frederick B Mallory Jr 1878 (note: Frederick B Mallory 1878 1930 census Portland Multnomah Co OR)
NOTE: Barton J Mallory 1920 1930 census Multnomah Co OR
Elizabeth B Mallory 1882
Lottie Mallory 1894
Louise M Mallory 1884
Mary Mallory 1772
Mary L Mallory 1847
Maud Mallory 1884
Alice Mallory 1855
George Mallory 1842
Charles J Mallory 1871
(9) Burton T Mallory 1878 Ct
(8) Mary Beecher Mallory 1847 Westville, New Haven Ct ae 10 on 1860 census
(8) George L Mallory 1848 Westville, New Haven, Ct
(8) Julia E Mallory 1851Westville, Ct
(8) Richard (Rukard) Burke Mallory c 1854 Westville, New Haven, Ct lock manufacturer parents Ct = 1875 Manhattan NY cert no 1453 Lillian J Tanner 1853 NY father Ct mother PA (1880 Census New Haven CT)
(9) Julia B Mallory 1877 CT
(9) Kate F Mallory 1878 CT

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