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I have a different line for you to investigate and believe I have it correct: Rather than Wyllis Mallory and Ellen Baldwin......Frank was son of William Mallory Jr b 1837 (same as Wyllis) and Ellen Morris. They married 19 Feb 1859 in Norfolk Litchfield Ct and lived in North Canaan.

William Mallory Jr was son of William Mallory of New London (from marriage record) and Susan Peck b c 1805 of Litchfield South Farms (M0rris). Susan was twin with Sydney Peck who later served in the Ct legislature.

Sydney and Susan were children of Roger Peck (son of Roger) and mary "Polly" Camp or Mallory. It is uncertain if she was the daughter of Susannah Pond and Joseph Mallory d 8 Aug 1785 Milford age 29 or Susannah's second husband Ezra Camp. Eugene Mallory of Los Angeles says, from his research, Joseph and Susannah had a daughter Mary, son Jasper (my ancestor) and an infant who died young.

A descendant of Betsey Peck wrote of Susan and Sydney and of Roger Peck. Re Roger: After Mary died Roger took to drinking and though he married again....if he wasn't drunk it was only because his second wife beat him to the bottle. (paraphrased) Have not been able to find Roger's death...his father died in 1808.

Susan was rather a difficult girl and moved around before finally returning to the South Farms area and marrying.

(6) Mary "Polly" Mallory (Camp) (probably adopted by Ezra Camp after marriage to Susannah (Pond) Mallory) c 1779 d 23 Oct 1815 Bethany Ct ae 36 (BT2) consumption = Roger Peck c 1776 Ct (Roger Peck bp 8 Jun 1746 Woodbridge Ct d 17 Sep 1808 Waterbury Ct =19 May 1773 Philena Hine 30 Jul 1749 Amity, Ct d c 1793) (Stephen Hine 1721 Milford Ct d 11 Sep 1791 ae 70 Woodbridge Ct = 26 Jan 1749 Woodbridge Ct Elizabeth Carrington 20 May 1755 ae 25 (2) Patience d 24 Dec 1769 (3) 19 May 1773 Susannah Smith of Bethany Ct) (John Carrington 10 Jul 1692 of Amity and later Woodbridge = Deborah Thomas c 1694) (Ambrose Hine c 1691 Milford = Sarah Rapier 30 Sep 1697 Boston MA) (Deacon Timothy Peck 6 Apr 1711 New Haven d 2 Jan 1784 Bethany Ct = (1) Lydia Lines 1714 Ct (2) 19 Dec 1796 cheshire New Haven co CT Mary Atwater) (John Atwater = Hannah Thompson) (Sgt Samuel Peck 29 Dec 1677 New Haven = Abigail Hitchcock) (Joseph Peck = Sarah Alling) (Roger Coppin Alling = Mary Nash) (Deacon Willia!
m Peck) (Married under name Mary Camp who is listed in the DAR as daughter of Ezra Camp and Susanna Pond, his second wife. Ezra Camp 7 Mar 1763 Milford, Ct d 23 Dec 1838 South Farms, Lichfield bur Morris Burying Ground ; enlisted 1779 for three years under Capt Joseph Davidson and during his service was on guard duty at the Milford Fort. (DAR 52459) With Susannah he had daughter Julia Ann Camp and Susannah Camp. 1790 Census Milford Ct shows his family with 1 male under 16, 4 females, one other, and one slave. (Note: Stephen Hine was great uncle of William Hine who also married a Harriet L Newton) Ezra Camp buried Morris Ct (Graves of Revolutionary Patriots) Ezra received a pension for his service 4 Mar 1831 age 79..$80 per year.
"Stephen Hine, while living in Milford, built John Treat the first frame house ever built in Bridgewater, a part of New Milford, and received his payment in common lands, which he afterward gave to his son Stephen, daughters Philena, Elizabeth, Patience, Sarah, Eunice, Susannah and Esther. Philena married Roger Peck, Elizabeth married Hezekiah Baldwin, and Susanna married Charles Baldwin." Hine Family Book (NOTE: Ezra Camp 1763 d 1838, enlisted 1779 for three years of Capt Joseph Davidson and during his service was on guard duty at the Milford Fort, Ct. He was born in Milford and died in Litchfield South Farms.)

>From Litchfield, our main Journey continues south to the town of Morris, settled about 1723, and organized in 1767 as South Farms parish of Litchfield. A separate town was incorporated in 1859 and named for Capt. James Morris (1752-1820, later appointed major) a Revolutionary soldier, who in 1790 opened a widely known Academy. The town consists of rolling hill country surrounding Bantam Lake, where there is a large summer colony

NOTE: roger Peck 1800 census New Haven Co CT, 1820 census New Haven Ct, 1830 census new Haven ,
1830 census Litchfield Ct Sidney Peck
1840 census Litchfield Ct

"Section 12: My Mother
"The oldest of my grandfather Peck's children was Betsey, who was my mother. She was born July 27th 1774, and lived at home until her marriage, just before she was twenty-one years of age, and after that a period of fifty eight years four months and thirteen days, until my father's death, she helped him make a home, and shared it with him. Afterward, she lived with, and my family two years and ten months until her death, Dec. tenth 1856." (Betsey Peck 27 Jul 1774 d 10 Dec 1856 Medina OH = 24 Jun 1795 New Haven Ct Edward Perkins 7 Feb 1769 New Haven Ct d 11 Feb 1854 Weymouth Medina OH) (Edward Perkins 25 Oct 1743 d 1787 = 1765 Mary Thomas c 1745) (Peter Perkins 19 Jun 1714 d 21 Mar 1766 = 5 Jun 1740 mary Peck 2 Nov 1714 d 1790) (Ebenezer Peck 5 Jan 1684 d 20 mar 1768 = (1) Hannah Hotchkiss (2) Elizabeth Wilmot.gggrandparents of Harriet L Newton) (Benjamin Peck = mary sperry) (Isreal Thomas = Martha Hine) (Peter perkins 18 May 1682 d 14 Feb 1738 = Hannah Ford) (John Per!
kins 18 Aug 1651 = mary Perkins 1658 ) (Edward Perkins 18 Jan 1622 London ENG = Elizabeth Butcher) (William Perkins = mary Purchase) Edwin Perkins Jr 1888

Section 13: My Mothers Brother Roger Peck
"The second of my grandfather Peck's children that lived was Roger, who only only had his father's name, but learned his trade, and when his father gave up his trade, Roger went on with it at the old stand.
He married Miss Polly Camp, but I do not know when. So far as I remember she was quite a pleasant woman, and my mother seemed to think a good deal of her. She was the mother of one son, and one daughter, who were twins, born I think in 1805 as I think they were about a year younger than myself. Aunt Polly died of consumption, about 1817 (1815), when her children were about twelve years old, I think. The boy Sidney was brought up after that by his mother's father (Ezra Camp), who lived in that part of Litchfield in Litchfield County Conn., know then, as South Farms Parish, but is now known as Morris. He married, and always staid (stayed) there, was I believe a farmer and server several terms in the State Legislature. His wife was a cousin of the late Samuel Stoddard, Esq. Of this township.
Miss Juliet E. Peck of New Haven, in a letter in the spring (1887) wrote, "Mr. Sidney Peck of Litchfield died a number of years ago, and I think his sons are dead without heir, but I may be mistaken about all." The foregoing is all I know about Sidney Peck. (NOTE: Juliet E Peck 1847 Ct Teacher living in household of her uncle James G Brown ae 60 accountant CT parents CT = Harriet S__ ae 56 NY 1880 Census new Haven Ct)

As to my uncle's daughter, Susan, I hardly know where she was brought up. I think she was sometimes in one place, and sometimes another place, and after she had got to be somewhat past her teens I think she went into the neighborhood where her brother lived, and got married, there, and if she, and her husband agreed, well I think it was about the first person she ever did agree with very long.
Uncle Roger, after his wives death, became quite despondent and gloomy, and took to using strong drink too freely, and although he married again, I think his wife was no help to him, unless her drinking the liquor, prevented him from getting too much. I believe that I never called on him but once, after his second marriage, and only for a short time then, and I do not know that my father or mother ever visited him after that marriage. I do not know how long he lived or when he died." Edwin Perkins Jr 1888
(7) Sidney Peck (twin) 1805 CT c 1798 Bethany Ct d 1891 Morris Ct = 2 Dec 1829 Litchfield Litchfield Ct Katherine (Catherine) Catlin c 1810 (Sidney Peck 1830 Litchfield Litchfield, 1840 Bethlehem Litchfield Ct, 1850 Census Bethlehem Litchfield Ct) d 1862 Morris Ct (1880 census Morris Litchfield Ct Sidney Peck 74 father Ct mother IRE Julia M Peck wife 1826 ae 54 Ct father Ct mother IRE, Hugh F Bissell 36 Ct farmer labor)
Member of the State Assembly 1859, 186, representing Litchfield Co from Bethlehem Ct also on roll in 1865. Also served as Litchfield Co Assesor (2) in 1849

(7) Susan Peck (twin) 1805 Bethany Ct (Note: Susan Peck of Litchfield Farms d 5 Aug 1875 Avon Ct = 5 Aug 1833 by Rev Darius O Griswold William Mallory 1807 of New Preston Litchfield, page 26 Barbour collection 1780-1850 Watertown Ct) d 1859 NOTE: susan Mallory c 1803 1850 census New Haven Ct
(8) Susan J Mallory d 3 Apr 1875 Waterbury bur Riverside Cem ??>?
(8) Ellen A Mallory 1844 = 1864 Waterbury CT Henry Moore Stocking 19 Aug 1840 Waterbury (Anson G Stocking = Sarah A Frost)
(9) Louis Henry Stocking 1865 = Mary Reid May 1868 Waterbury
(10) Louis H Stocking 10 May 1887 d 156 Feb 1965 = Edith D 1896 MA d 1 Jun 1977 Wallingford CT
(11) Sydney Stocking 1919 d 27 mar 1983 Southbury CT = Laure
The 1910 Census lists Louis, age 22, as a receiving clerk in a brass factory in Waterbury, CT. He is living in boarding house on Johnson Street with his younger brother Anson, age 17, who is working as a sundries salesman. Their mother is not found in this census. Widow Elizabeth Miner runs the boarding house (about 15 boarders).
The 1920 Census lists Louis, age 32, as an accountant at a brass factory in Waterbury, CT. He is living at home near Sunnyside Ave. with his wife Edith, age 24, and their son Sidney, age 1. His mother widow Mary (Reid) Stocking, age 58, is also living with the family.
The 1930 Census lists Louis, age 42, as an accountant at a brass factory in Waterbury, CT. He is living at home with his wife Edith, age 33 and their son Sydney, age 11. His mother Mary, age 68 is with the family.
Louis owns the home (worth $10,000) and the family enjoy their radio set. They live close to St. Margaret's School on Sunnyside Ave.
(10) Anson Reid Stocking 16 Jul 1892 Waterbury d 4 Oct 1952 Waterbury res Goshen =1919 marjorie 30 Apr 1898
(11) Beverly Stocking 1920
(11) Anson G Stocking 2 Jun 1922 Waterbury Ct
The 1910 Census lists Anson, age 17, as a sundries salesman in Waterbury, CT. He is living at a boarding house on Johnson St with his older brother Louis, age 23, a receiving clerk at a brass mill. Their mother Mary, is not found in this census.
The 1920 Census lists Anson, age 27, as a cost accountant in Waterbury, New Haven County, CT. He is living at home on (illegible) Street, near Clinton Street with his wife Marjorie, age 21 and their daughter, Beverly, age 4 months.
The 1930 Census enumerator really messed up this family. The enumerator has young Anson's grandfather (Anson), age 87, married to young Anson's wife, Marjorie, age 31, and also has him as the father of Beverly, age 10. Young Anson, age 27, is living there, and is noted as his son.
So now, here it is.... corrected.
The 1930 Census lists Anson, age 27 (correct age 37) as not employed (actually an accounting clerk) living at home on Watertown Ave, with his wife Marjorie, age 31, and their daughter Beverly, age 10. Also living with the family is Anson's grandfather, Anson Stocking, age 87, a clerk (actually not employed). The grandfather, Anson, owns the house (worth $18,000 in 1930 dollars) and they have a radio set. The enumerator listed young Anson as a son...he was a grandson.

(8) William Mallory jr 1837 = 19 feb 1859 Norfolk Litchfield Ct Ellen Morris Jan 1842 living with daughter Grace H Mallory Otis 1910 New haven Ct (Edwin Morris 1800 Connecticut of Goshen Litchfielf = Minevra 1803 CT )

(9) Caroline 1861
(9) Frank S Mallory 1867 = Carrie E Quilter Oct 1969 (Quilter) 1870 (Thomas Ginlter 1845 England) (See Carrie E Mallory 1867 d 1924 Sherman Fairfield = Charles E Mosher )
(10) Arthur Yale Mallory Jul 1893 = Marguerite E Davis 1896 Colorado d 20 Mar 1984 Middletown CT (father Davis) res Westside Manor NY
(11) Arthur Y Mallory 1918 (Arthur W Mallory 1913 d 12 Mar 1976 New Haven)
(11) Curtis Quilter Mallory 13 Jul 1919 (12 Jul 1920) d 25 sep 1990 Ct (shipping clerk Yale U) = Chris

from my older file with wrong parents:
(8) Willis M Mallory 1862
(8) Carrie Mallory
(8) Frank S Mallory c 1868 injured in elevator shaft accident partially paralzed d 1948 bur Union Cem Fairfield Ct = Caroline Quilter 1869 pro New Hartford Ct d 21 May 1950 North Brandford Ct ae 81 widowed bur Union Cem (Thomas J Quilter 1843 ENG overseeing in cotton mill = 1867 Sarah Alzina Tuttle 1847 Ct d 8 Oct 1907) (Truman Tuttle 1801 Watertown Litchfield ct carpenter =25 Aug 1825 Canton Center Hartford Ct Charlotte Alvord 1803) (Obediah Tuttle 19 Apr 1769 waterbury New Haven Ct d 1863 = Azuba Curtis) (Jabez Tuttle 22 Jun 1732 new Haven Ct = 15 Dec 1751 Hannah Scoville) (Thomas Tuttle 24 Nov 1705 d May 1750= Silence Sperry) (Caleb Tuttle 298 Aug 1674 New Haven Ct d 1751 New Haven) (Thomas Tuttle c 1635 of New Haven Ct d 19 Oct 1710 new Haven = Hannah Powell) (William Tuthill 26 Dec 1607 Ringstead Northhamptonshire ENG d 16 Jun 1673 New Haven = elizabeth Southcutt)
(9) Arthur Yale Mallory 1 Jul 1892 New Haven Ct 918 Winchester Ave New Haven CT employed by Yale U d 18 Dec 1949 ae 57 North Branford New Haven Ct(Ct Death Index says he was never married) = 23 Nov 1917 New Haven Ct Margaret E Williams 1895 (John Curtis Williams 17 may 1861 = Nellie Worden 1 Jan 1864)
(10) Curtis Quilter Mallory 13 Sep 1919 (12 Jul 1920) New Haven Ct res 88 Burr Street East Haven ct shipping clerk Yale University d 25 Sep 1990 res West Haven, East haven Ct = Chris

Hi, my name is Doreen Hausler and I am the grandaughter of Curtis Quilter Mallory born July 12, 1920. He is the son of Arthur Yale Mallory, (born 1893?) who is the son of Frank S. Mallory and Carolyn Quilter. Arthur Yale Mallory was married to Margaret Wiliams in July of 1895.
My Grandfather, Curtis, was born in New Haven, CT and died in the Veterans Hospital in West Haven, CT in Sept. of 1990.

(11) Living Mallory = Living Mesner
(11) Living Mallory
11) Living Mallory (f) = Living Boudreau (2) Living Joudin
(12) Living Boudreau
(12) Living Boudreau
(12) Living Joudin
(12) Living Joudin
(11) Living Mallory (m) = (1) Biagolli (2) Hocking
(12) Living Mallory (f) = (1) Living Thomas (2) Havrilla
(13) Living Mallory
(13) Living Havrilla
(11) Living Mallory (m) = Living Sessa
(12) Living Mallory
(12) Living Mallory

(9) Edward Mallory 1871
(9) Joseph B Mallory Jul 1872/74 res 1880 North Canaan Litchfield Ct = 1898 Seraph D Yale 25 Feb 1880 Canaan Litchfield Ct (burrit R Yale 1851 = Martha Holcomb 1856
(10) Floyd Cecil Mallory 12 Dec 1898 d 20 Aug 1966 San Francisco CA (divorced, no dependents when reg WWII draft Springfield MA
(10) Virginia I Mallory 7 Jun 1910 d 4 May 1985 Westfield Hampden MA
(Carrie Mary Mallory 1878 per 1880 census..mary Caroline?)
(9) William M Mallory 1874/ 77 d 1945 Grassy Hill Cem Canaan CT (Willis M Mallory b sep 1862 = Ida P Watts 1885 d 1922(2)

(10) Dwight Mallory
(10) Wallace M Mallory 1903
(10) William E Mallory 1905 (appears to be same William E Mallory who was in prison in Concord Middlesex MA in 1930)
(10) Charles L Mallory 16 Apr 1907 d 14 Nov 1989 Waterbury Ct herdsman (dairy) = Maria
(10) George Wesley Mallory29 Aug 1909 d 3 Apr 1975 Sheffield MA =Marie Voisine (marie Lusini) (father George Mallory??)
With second wife:
(10) Henry M Mallory 1914 d 1933
(10) Theodore S Mallory 19136 d 1990 = Alice 1924

(9) Mary Mallory 1879
(9) Grace H Mallory Aug 1885 = Eugene Otis 1875 CT
(10) Willis H Otis 1909
(10) Irving Otis 1912
(10) Helen Otis 1914
(10) Elizabeth Otis 1918
(8) Freeman Mallory 2 May 1848 Civil War
(8) unnamed child 6 Dec 1852
name: Mallory gender: Unknown birth date: 06 Dec 1852 birthplace: Norfolk, Litchfield, Connecticut father's name: Wm. Mallory mother's name: Susan indexing project (batch) number: I01326-7 system origin: Connecticut-EASy source film number: 1503193

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