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Subject: [MAMiddle] John Page - Bond's Watertown
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2008 21:40:21 EDT

Subject: John Page of Watertown
Source: Genealogies of the Families and Descendants of
the Early Settlers of Watertown, Massachusetts, Includes
Waltham and Weston - by Henry Bond, M.D. Boston, 1860.


John Page, with wife Phebe, came from Dedham, England,
in 1630, was the first Constable of Watertown, being made
so by the Court, September, 1630, and was admitted free-
man, May 18, 1631. He died in Watertown, December 18,
1676 aged about 90, and his widow, Phebe died Sept. 25,
1677 aged 87. His house was burnt, April 21, 1631.
[Torrey, New England Marriages Prior to 1700 has:
p.550 - John Page b. 1586, d. 1676, & wife, Phebe
Payen b. 1594; d. 1677; m. in England June 5, 1621;
married at Lavenham, England - to Watertown.]

1. William Page (?son of John*) m. (Anna) Hannah ____,
and he d. Dec 9, 1664, s.p. His Will dated Dec. 16,
1664, proved April 4, 1665, mentions his wife; made small
bequests to all his kinsmen in New England; mentions his
kinsman, Thomas Leason; to his kinsman, William Leason,
then living with him, £10 at the age of 22 years.
Inventory Jan 18, 1664/5 £137.12. His widow m. previous
to June 22, 1669, Nicholas Wood of Boggestow*, near Mead-
field. She afterwards m. Edward Winn of Woburn.

p.656 - Hist. of Watertown, Mass. by Bond
Edward Winn of Woburn, m. (for his 2nd wife) Anna,
the relict of Nicholas Wood of Boggestow* (Sherburne)
and previously the widow of William Page Jr* of Water-
town and moved to Watertown where was his wife's
estate. His Will dated Watertown, May 6, proved Oct.
6, 1682 mentions son Increase; Sarah, dau. of his son,
Joseph; 3 youngest children of "my son Moses Cleave-
land;" 3 youngest children of "my son George Polly."
Inventory Sept 11, 1682 by Deacon Josiah Convers &
Ensign James Convers of Woburn, where his estate was)
£160. 4. 6. The Will of his widow, Anna, dated Sept
9, 1685, proved Nov 1, 1686, gave John Coolidge £5;
Deacon Henry Bright, £5.; brother-in-law, Gleason 40
shillings; kinsman Thomas Gleason 20 shillings; wife
of Thomas Pratt, 20 shillings; and bequests to kins-
men, Joseph, John, Philip, Isaac, William, Mary &
Anne Gleason.

2. Phebe Page m. about 1662, then past her prime, James
Cutler. Her youth had not been unblemished.

3. Daniel Page buried August 10, 1634.

4. John Page Jr. b. 1630, adm. freeman 1652; m. at
Groton, Mass., Faith Dunster. She died April 3, 1699
and he signed a marriage contract with the widow of
Emory Lamb of Boston, Sept. 5, 1699, to be married
that day. On June 6, 1702, they executed an indenture
with Samuel Phipps of Charlestown and John Hammond of
Watertown "for use of his wife." He went to Groton
about 1662; in that year sold land in Watertown which
he had bought of his father, John Sr., and the next
year he, then of Groton, sold 40 acres of land in
Watertown to Deacon Thomas Hastings. In 1700 to 1703
he sold 8 lots of land in Groton to his son, Jonathan
Page and in 1708 sold land in Groton to John Page. He
did not continue to reside in Groton. His son Jona-
than was born at Watertown and he was probably the
son who respresented Watertown in 1700.
1. John Page b. in Groton Dec 10, 1669.
2. Samuel Page b. in Groton June 4, 1672.
3. Mary Page b. in Groton Jan 9, 1674/5; (m.
? ____Boardman).
4. Jonathan Page b. in Watertown June 24, 1677;
by wife Mary had 8 children in Groton, where
he died Oct 10, 1751 aged 74 (see Butler, p.
Farnsworth Memorial
Mary Crew Farnsworth b. Sep. l3, l707 dau of
Samuel Farnsworth and his wife Mary (Whitcomb)
Willard Farnsworth of Groton MA. Mary Crew
Farnsworth was the sister of David, Stephen
and Samuel Farnsworth, founders of Fort No. 4
Charlestown, N.H. Mary Crew Farnsworth
m. at Kingston, MA on Nov. 8, l727 Jonathan
Page, Jr. of Lunenburg, MA. He b. June 5,
l7l0 and he d. Aug. 30, l75l. She d. May 22,
l770. He was one of the proprietors of
Charlestown, N.H. (see PAGE genealogy p.497
from the History of Fort 4 (children listed

5. Samuel Page b. Aug 20, 1633; m. Hannah ___. It
appears, by a deed executed by himself & wife that
they were "of Concord" Nov 19, 1669.
[note: The History of Concord, MA by Lemuel Shattuck
pub. 1835, contains no record of Samuel Page.]
He died prior to 1704 (?1691). In the Middlesex
Probate Office is an agreement dated 1704 between
Hannah, the widow of Samuel Page of Watertown and her
children, viz., son Ebenezer, Thomas & Hannah Corey,
John & Mildred Harridon, Thomas & Mercy Ingram, widow
Elizabeth Perry, Sarah Page and Experience Page.
1. Hannah Page b. Feb 10, 1667/8; m. Thomas Corey.
2. Samuel Page b. Jan 5, 1670/1; of South Carolina
in 1713, when he sold land in Groton to Joseph
Sanderson; soon to be married to his sister,
Farnsworth Memorial
Isaac Farnsworth b. July 4, l70l m. April
l723 Sarah Page dau of Samuel Page of South
Carolina (see Bond's History of Watertown,
MA p. 383). Res: Lunenburg, MA
He held various offices there. Town Clerk for
l0 yrs. He d. Dec. l7, l744.]

3. Ebenezer Page b. Jan 17, 1676. May 5, 1704, he
sold to Daniel Estabrook, of Lexington, for £80,
73 acres of upland and 2 acres of meadow in
Watertown, formerly granted to Mr. Eires.
4. Mildred Page m. Mr. Harridon and had Johanna b.
in Watertown, Sept. 12, 1700.
5. Mercy Page m. Jan 18, 1702/3, Thomas Ingram.
6. Elizabeth Page m. ____Perry. She was a widow in
7. Sarah Page m. July 30, 1714, Joseph Sanderson.
8. Experience Page.

Vol. II
Bond's Watertown

See p.383 - PAGE.
Testimony in Court, 1678, by James Knapp, aged 53 yrs. concerning the estate
of John
Page: that about 27 years ago he worked with John Page, Sr. and John Page,
Jr. at
Piscataqua. John Hammond aged 50 also a witness, when Page is called his

2. For December 16, read December 6. Feb. 13, 1664-5, the widow Hannah Page
sold land
to Reverend John Sherman. Nov. 16, 1665, widow Hannah Page made a marriage
with Nicholas Wood of Boggestow (Sherburne), John Coolidge, Sr. and Henry
trustees. May 22, 1674, suit by John Coolidge, Sr. and Deacon Henry Bright,
for the
widow Annah Woods vs. John Thurston of Medfield.

4. For "admitted freeman" read, too the oath of fidelity. John Page was
Selectman of
Watertown 1695, 1696, 1697 and 1698. He had a son, Joseph Page whose birth
was not
recorded. March 25, 1710, John Page conveyed to Samuel Phipps of
Charlestown, Mass.,
for the use of his wife Emery - 26 acres in Watertown. March 14, 1716-1717,
John Page
and his wife, Emery Page sold land at Groton, Mass., to son John Page, Jr.
of Groton.
He must have died soon after this. November 15, 1711, Emery Page of
Watertown, quit-
claimed to son Joseph Page, all estate of her husband, John Page, deceased.
On the same
day, Joseph "Paige" of Watertown sold to Daniel Harrington, two lots of land
at Watertown.

9. Sept. 27, 1670, Samuel Page of Watertown, planter, and his wife, Hannah,
for £32, sold
to Benjamin Garfield about 25 acres, bounded west by Edward Garfield, the
highway, and
John Page,; north by Thomas Smith; east by William Knapp, Thomas Straite,
and Beaver
Brook Meadows, with the brook southerly; south by John Page, Sr. and
highway. October
11, 1676, Samuel Page bought of David Fiske; the 9th lot. He probably moved
to Watertown
Farms at about this date.

11. Samuel Page at the same time, (1713) sold land to Nathaniel Lawrence,
then of
Charlestown, Mass.

12. For May 5, read May 15.

13. Caution of Watertown against the settlement of Thomas Ingram, wife and
from Weston, July 8, 1709.
Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth

Subject: Page Tombstones at Groton
Source: Epitaphs from the Old Burial Ground, Groton,
MA by Dr. Samuel A. Green, 1878.

Surname: PAGE
Source: Epitaphs from the Old Burial Ground, Groton, MA
by Dr. Samuel A. Green, pub. 1878.

(Death's Head)
Here Lies Buried Ye Body of Mr. Jonathan Page First Son
of Ensine Jonat' & Mrs. Mary Page who Departed This Life
August the 30 A.D. 175l In ye 42 year of His Age.
Author's Note: He was born June 5, 1710.

(Death's Head)
Here Lies Buried The Body of Ensign Jonathan Page Who
departed This Life September 30 Anno Domini 1751 In ye
75 Year Of His Age.
Author's note: The son of John and Faith (Dunster) Page bornJune 24, 1677at
Watertown, MA.

(Death's Head)
Here lies Buried ye Body of Lemuel Page son of Mr. John
and Mrs. Mary Page Who dec'd August l8th N.S.A.D. 1753
Age 5 years 11 M & 5 Ds. (NSAD=New Style, A.D.)

(Cherub's Head)
Here lies the Body of Mrs. Mary Page wife of Ensign
Jonathan Page, who departed this Life May 22d 1770. In
the 90th Year of her Age. "This Monument is erected by
her son Benjamin Page."

(Cherub's Head)
In Memory of Mr. Benjamin Page who departed this Life September the 3d
1772 in the 54th Year of his age.
"The Sweet Remembrance of Ye Just
Shall flourish When he sleeps in Dust,"
Author's note: The son of Jonathan and Mary Page born
July 19, 17l9. Hemarried Sarah Willard of Lancaster, MA

Here lies ye Body of Luther Page son of Mr. Joseph Page
and Mrs. Eunice his wife, who died Aug't 13th 1775 Aged
3 years.

(Willow Tree and Urn)
In memory of Mrs. Betsey Page wife of Enoch C. Page who
died June 6, 1811 AEt

Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth
Subject: Jonathan Page Jr. & his wife Mary Crew Farnsworth
Source: Farnsworth Memorial
Jonathan Page, Jr. and his wife Mary Crew Farnsworth had
issue at Lunenburg, Mass:

1. Peter Page b. 1745; m. Oct 15, 1765 Sarah Farnsworth
b. June 30, 1748 at Fort 4. He prob. had a 2nd wife,
Mary____? He was one of the Selectmen of Charlestown,
N.H. 1778/9 and 1784 and was frequently employed in other
business of that town. He was chosen a grand juror to
serve "at His Majesty's Court of General Sessions of the
Peace," held at Keene, N.H., the 2nd Tuesday in October
1773; he was Constable in 1774; Captain in 1780 in Col.
Moses Nichols Regt, raise for the defense of West Point.

2. Phineas Page, moved to Charlestown, N.H. when a young
man; m. Sarah Labaree dau of Peter Larabee Jr. b. June
12, 1754; they settled at Fairfax, VT and had 3 children
He m. (2) Jane West (see p. 497, Fort 4 book).

3. Benjamin Page who m. Susanna ____? and moved from
Lunenburg, Mass. to Charlestown, N.H. in 1768 and had
four children.

Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth

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