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I remember her well!! Not a popular ship among crews!!

The "Euripides" was a 14,947 gross ton ship built in 1914 by Harland &
Wolff, Belfast for the Aberdeen and Commonwealth Line. Her details were -
length 550.7ft x beam 67.4ft (167,85m x 54,00m), one funnel, two masts,
refrigerated cargo space, triple screw and a speed of 15 knots. There was
accommodation for 140-1st, 334-2nd and 750-3rd class passengers.
Launched on 29th Jan.1914, she was the company's largest ship and made a
"shake down" cruise in June with guests. Her maiden voyage from London to
Brisbane started on 1st July and she arrived on 24th August. On 26th
Aug.1914 she was taken over at Brisbane for Australian trooping duties, but
reverted to UK government control in 1915 and continued London - Australia
voyages, her third class accommodation being used mainly for troops. In
Feb.1919 she commenced repatriating Australian troops, and during this and
her war service steamed 208,307 miles and carried 38,439 troops. After
overhaul at Belfast she resumed the Aberdeen Line's London - Australia
service in Nov.1920. In March 1923 she made the company's last inbound call
at Plymouth and subsequently sailed direct to Southampton. She was laid up
in the Clyde for five months in 1927 and then went into the Liverpool -
Australia joint service of the Blue Funnel and White Star-Aberdeen Line. In
1929 she was transferred to White Star's Oceanic Steam Navigation Co
managemant and in July 1932 was taken over by Shaw Savill & Albion. Rebuilt
to 15,128 gross tons by Hawthorn Leslie & Co, and with accommodation for
200-cabin class passengers she was fitted with a swimming pool, her 3rd
class accommodation converted to cargo space, her engines converted from
coal to oil burning and she was renamed "Akaroa".
She entered Shaw Savill & Albion's Southampton - Panama - Wellington service
on 28th Feb.1933 and in November made her fastest passage to New Zealand in
37 days. Between 1939-45 she remained in commercial service under the
Ministry of War Transport and was reconditioned on the Tyne in 1945 to
15,320 gross tons and with accommodation for 190-cabin class passengers. Her
final sailing to Wellington started on 2nd Jan.1954 and in May of that year
she went to shipbreakers at Antwerp.[Merchant Fleets by Duncan Haws, vol.17,
Aberdeen and Aberdeen & Commonwealth Lines]


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> Anyone ever heard of a ship called the S.S.Akaroa ? or similar spelling
> Possibly NZ registered, apparantly my Grandad sailed on her during WW2
> Or is there a database anywhere I can search for vessels ?
> Dave Graham
> Researching.........GRAHAM in Kirkcaldy 1881 backwards
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