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From: Rod Clayburn <>
Subject: Re: [MAR] Shipwrights
Date: Sat, 03 Apr 2010 08:10:50 +0100
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Shipwright was (and is) an apprenticed trade which can be carried forward
to high positions dependent on qualifications archived.

The shipwright is essentially a ship builder.

In the days of wooden vessels they built the hull and superstructure. This
carried forward to the iron and steel ships built during Victorian times,
the era you are working on. There are defining lines as to the work covered
by the shipwright and those of other trades such as Carpenter or Joiner,
these were more finishing trades.

For a description of the shipwrights day, see this link:

For day to day domestic life, I suggest you read Charles Dickens's books,
although a bit earlier they do give good descriptions. There are other
books that give good descriptions of Victorian life in shipbuilding areas.

Trust this assists.


At 20:27 02/04/2010, dave wrote:
>So it is important for me to know how shipwrights spent their working lives
>and who they worked for in order to get a handle on my g.grandfather.

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