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From: Bud Shortridge <>
Subject: [MAR] New Article: ...Liberty Ships..Those Famous Cracks
Date: Sat, 3 Apr 2010 11:09:19 +0000 (UTC)

Greetings to the Lists,
Well hope everyone is going well....and the world it treating you with respect. I have finally "got back into my 'sticks & stone' of my so-called-house'..." after my things should return to a normal level very soon.

In the mean time I am offering a new article which is about the Liberty ship cracks. As I'm sure many of you know in the process of getting the 'Liberty ships' built there were some heated discussion if a welded ship was any better than a riveted ship. Well in my reading on the subject I'm not so sure they [they being the powers that were in control in that era] ever nailed it down to 'which was best.' But, in reading about the sure finds out there was 'one' huge problem that needed addressed immediately....reason being Liberty ships as well as other merchants vessels were experiencing structual failure....and in many cases the ships were 'breaking in two.' Now this is scary stuff folks...being out at sea...and seeing the front or back half of your ship float away...and 'yes' it did happen!!!!

The British was not having a big problem with their welded the U.S. why was that???
Well if you wish to give this article a tad of your reading time you can go to my site: and get an idea of why that was.

So if I may I'd suggest you grab a second cup of "joe"..rummage around in the kitchen for a bite of something "sweet to nibble on"....[to get the 'sugar-high' for the morning 'pick-me-up']..and settle back and give this article a 'go'....Title is: "Liberty Ships...Those Famous Cracks..."

I'm going to 'dibble-dabble' with some 'butter-milk'in a couple of loaves of bread..[one of th ese I think I'll make into a 'sour-rye' ...makes an excellent sandwitch with ham &cheese huge slice of onion.....and ..with a cold beer].....make a few 'sugar dough balls' for the 'hairy-one'...(Mr. R.J.) he can get his energy up for his "Sat. night cat date night"...
So.......y'all have one heck of a delightful morning or evening...which every the case may be.


I wish you well

Bud Shortridge
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