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From: Bud Shortridge <>
Subject: [MAR] New Articles posted on the site.....interesting andinformative
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2010 21:54:29 +0000 (UTC)

Greetings to the Lists,
Well folks there are "new articles" at my site:

If you go really get two articles in one... The lead story is about "Benjamin Stoddert" whom happeded to be the Secretary of the Navy at this the U.S. Navy was just an infant.
Now...this is an interesting article, because this guy had to set up 'agents' in different parts of the Pacific...due to the Quasi-War going you may not think this would be all that big of a deal....but it surely was back in 1798 or so... So in itself this article is informative and interesting...
Now...I mentioned there was two articles in one.... Well at you start reading the above article...there is a 'Link' to another article of mine..."The Beginning Years 1775-1815"...which I encourage you to read first...the come back to the above article "Benjamin Stoddert and the Quasi-War with France"....

Ok...that should keep your eyeballs in operation for awhile....but if you get to the point you need additional reading...there are "other articles" on that site that are 'new' you can search around a bit and I'm sure you'll find them...

In the mean time folks Mr. R.J. and I are going to retire into our TV room, bedroom, reading room....[ is all 'one' room with a variety of uses]....but to R.J. it is purely for 'slumber'....nothing else....[he does sleep on his back...and yep he does snore...bigtime!!}

Y'all enjoy your day or evening.

I wish you well

Bud Shortridge
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