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From: Lynda Hirst <>
Subject: Re: [MAR] Where now?
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2010 10:17:34 +1200
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Hi Bryan

Yes -- I already have this crew agreement but as per my original email, the
new master who took over when William died aboard, didn't complete anything
and all that's noted on there, is what's on his death certificate. Kory from
MNU checked very carefully for me but only 2 pages of the agreement had
anything at all completed so I ran into a dead end there. These two pages
are probably the most expensive pieces of paper I've ever owned and
unfortunately, the most disappointing ......

He also checked for the W&E1 report but as before, the new master didn't
complete anything.

Could I send you a copy of the crew list off list Bryan, just in case I've
missed anything on there which might help me ?....

I'm also still trying to find anything which might help me trace :-
the father William Brown BARD [no details other than name and that he was a
Mariner and apparently alive 09 Dec 1845 when listed on his son's marriage
the son, William BEARD [1821-1881] aka William Brown BARD/William BEER, who
died aboard the Rose Alice on the July 1881 voyage ex Londonderry


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> The crew agreement type G2 for 1881 for the Rose Alice is at Memorial
> University of Newfoundland
> see example as master it should
> also give his address.
> From this 1881 crew list you should be able to establish his age and place
> of birth.
> Whether he was a cetificated master or whether he obtained his rank by
> experience.
> Something that coastal master did. under the box No of Cert (if any) will
> give you a number
> or it will say NIl. You should then be able to work backwards through
> the crew agreements as they mostly give the name of the previous ship.
> You can purchase the crew list online
> The Rose Alice was an ex Prince Edward Island vessel
> Regards
> Bryan Richards

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