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I have written to Lynda off-list to suggest that William BEARD born in
Swansea in 1851, son of Catherine and William BEARD and brother of David and
Thomas BEARD, actually died in 1860 in an accident where he was run over by
a waggon.

The report of the inquest in the 'Cambrian' local newspaper in Swansea gave
his name as BEARD, but it appears likely that the death was registered as
BAIRD. This also ties in with his absence from the 1861 census.

If William BEARD, husband of Catherine and father of David and Thomas, was a
master mariner, a job requiring literacy, I am surprised that his sons were
not able to sign their names when they married in the 1880s.

There is a reference in the 'Cambrian' to a Captain BEARD and the
'MATAVILLA' on 4th November 1870 when he and the crew were accused of
refusal of duties. The vessel seems to have left Swansea on 10th October
that year.


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> Hiya Listers
> I've been stumped for some time regards ancestor WILLIAM BROWN BARD who
> died
> at sea aboard the "Rose Alice" in June 1881, and his father, also named
> William Brown BARD.
> Bear with me whilst I explain the story so far.
> I have birth certificate for my grandfather, George BEARD, dob 1885 in
> Betheseda St, Swansea, Glam.
> His father is listed as being David BEARD [labourer], mother is Elizabeth
> [Llewellyn] BEARD.
> I have birth certificate for David BEARD, dob 1855, John St, Swansea.
> His father is listed as William BEARD [mariner]; mother is listed as
> Catherine [Jones] BEARD
> I have marriage cert for David BEER to Elizabeth LLEWELLYN dated 1881,
> Parish St John's Justa, Swansea
> Father of groom is given as William BEER [sailor]
> Witness at marriage is brother of groom, Thomas BEER and his fiance Sarah
> Marriage certirficate annotated with 'x' mark for all bridal participants.
> I have death certificate for David BEARD, dod 1899 [canal bargeman] at
> Landore - annoated with 'x' mark of brother in law William LLEWELLYN.
> I have marriage certificate for brother Thomas BEER [boatman] to Sarah
> LANGDON dated 1882, Parish of Llansamlet, Glam.
> Thomas is annotated with 'x' mark signature.
> Father is noted as William BEER [sailor].
> I'm quite happy that all the above is correct even with the switch from
> BEARD to BEER but then it gets a bit mucky.
> The only matching BMD for William BEER turned up a William Brown BEAR
> [Sailor], dob 1851, John St, Swansea.
> Mother is listed as Catherine [Jones] BEAR
> Their 1845 marriage certificate lists their names as being William Brown
> BARD, batchelor [Mariner] of the Strand, Swansea and
> Catherine JONES of Fisher Street, Swansea.
> William's father is noted on the marriage certificate as being the same
> name - William Brown BARD and whose occupation is also given as a Mariner.
> I discovered that William BEARD [master mariner] was aboard the "Rose
> Alice"
> [O/N 57073 ] and the last port of call was noted on his death certificate
> as
> being Londonderry - he died Jun 1881 and his death was registered July
> 1881
> at Liverpool when the vessel ported there. [Thanks to Adi and other
> listers
> for details about this vessel].
> I found some records for William BEARD at TNA which I tried to order
> online
> as per the indication that was a viable option, but my request was then
> rejected as being unable to be fullfilled.
> I found the "Rose Alice" crew agreement for the Jun 1881 voyage at MNU and
> ordered that hoping it would give me further leads but darn me if all that
> was on the crew agreement was more or less the info I had already gleaned
> from his death certificate! The helpful archivist at MNU said that it
> appeared the Master who took over upon William's death, simply didn't
> bother
> to complete the form and that was a common occurence...
> I have found all the census returns whcih match my wifes/kids up but the
> major problem is that neither of the William Brown BARD's or the William
> BEER are ever at home during any census so I have no idea if the men are
> Swansea natives or where they came from as there's nothing to identify
> that.
> Seeing as the sons alll married in Swansea area snd the census' place the
> family members there consistenyl, I can only guess that the men all came
> from this area too but that's pure speculation on my part.
> I've trolled all over Bryan's Swansea mariner site and am a volunteer
> transcriber with CLIP but simply can't find any mariners who fit in with
> my
> BARD/BEER/BEARD names and don't know where to look next or even what to
> look
> for now.
> Any thoughts, suggestions, help would be awesome.....
> Cheers
> Lynda NZ

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