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From: "Joe McMillan" <>
Subject: Re: [MAR] HMHS Euripedes
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2010 15:32:47 +0930
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Hi Bruce,
I think the ship you are looking for is the following.
EURIPIDES 14947 gross tons Passenger and cargo steamer built 1914 by
Harland & Wolff--Belfast for George Thomson & Co Ltd. --Aberdeen
1932 became AKAROA of Shaw, Savill & Albion Co. Ltd.--Southampton and
eventually broken up at Antwerp ,Belgium in 1954.
A lot of these vessels were taken up as Hospital ships during WWI and were
designated with the prefix HMHS for His Majesty`s Hospital Ship.
I may have a photograph of the ship in my collection and if so i will send
you a scanned copy of it.
Hope this helps,
Kindest regards,
Joe McMillan
South Australia.

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Subject: [MAR] HMHS Euripedes

> An ancestor of mine served in WW1 as a nurse in the Balkans Theatre of
> War in the Queen Alexandra Imperial Medical Nursing Service Reserve.
> She received the1914-1915 Star, serving, according to her Medal Card
> (from The National Archives), as a S/Nurse on HMHS Euripedes (sic).
> I have found no ship with that spelling, which doesn't prove much, I'm
> afraid, since my search techniques are even more elementary at sea than
> ashore.
> Can any lister say whether the Medal Card is misspelled or a ship so
> spelled really existed? Or is the Medal Card correct and Google wrong?
> Thank you,
> Bruce Dodd,
> Ottawa
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