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From: Bud Shortridge <>
Subject: [MAR] New Postings at My Site
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2010 15:06:58 +0000 (UTC)

Greetings to the Lists,
Well folks I have posted two articles on my is 'new' and the other is a 're-do' of an article that was passed around a few years back.....what I call an 'archived article.' that as it may...the new article is just a 'short clip' about the history of Navy is titled "THOSE FIRST NAVY CHOPPERS"...[You'll see the title on the left side of the site....just click on it and it will pop up for your reading pleasure]....kind of interesting...even if it is "short, and to the point" contains several pictures and is just a nice gentle read about those early models.... Tell you what folks I'm not so sure I would have gone up in one of them whirly-birds....but "to each their own".

Now the "re-do" article is titled: THE YARD....and for some readers it may be just a tad "of a dry read"....but there is huge amounts of history tied to this piece of propriety... As most of you know...and for those that don't know...this was the home of U.S. Navy's "BIG GUNS"..Yep, I'm talking about those real biggie's (16-inchers)...they were actually made right there in Washington....{wait till you see the lathie that it took to bore those suckers....WoW!!!}....any way....the article will pop up when you go to this site:

I've also added another to the "article listing" on the left side of the you may wish to scan that area to see if I've failed to inform you of something you haven't cast your eyes upon............. I get somewhat carried away in bouncing back and forth on my ship history site, and this blog site that I loose track of all that I've posted....
Oh much for 'grey hair, wrinkles and a memory that short-circuts' on occassions...

Hey..y'all have a delightful Sunday.....hopefully you all are enjoying the sunshine of spring.

I wish you well

Bud Shortridge
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