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From: "Bryan Richards" <>
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2010 12:25:22 +0100
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Hi Peter

I hae phoned West Gamorgan Archives who have card index system for the
principle Masters and ships registered there.
I say principle masters, as the index of masters is taken from the Custom
House Register starting in 1824.
the card index would not include masters who substituted the one who was
there at the time of suvey or registry.

West glamorgan Archives only have crew lists for vesselsat Swansea and their
outports of Briton Ferry, Neath, Port Talbot and Porthcawl
which were all registered in Swansea until abt 1900 when Port Talbot got its
own register.

I am slowly gathering data on these subsitute masters as I go through this
register for my website. There was no ship called Wiliam McGowan
and no William Ewart amongst their card index.

Go to enter the ships name
you will find it has an official no of 293
when you have the vessel shown click on 'more' they have links to where
crew lists are

also read

I have only one Ewart in my database from that part of the world on a
Swansea ship he was an A.B.

William Ewart A.B. born 1842 Dumfries Scotland onboard the Nimble of
Swansea October 1872
and previous to that he was on the Cuba of Glasgow.

Bryan Richards

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