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From: Paul Benyon <>
Subject: Re: [MAR] SWANEN, 1809 - was it a hulk?
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2010 20:25:11 +0100
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Greetings Lesley

This won't be of much help, but FWIW.......

I don't have the SWANEN as a hulk, but I don't think I've got all the
vessels taken during the British visits to Copenhagen in 1801 or 1807,
although the expedition to the Scheldt will be too late, but it seems
that the name might be Danish, or Dutch..? and I'm guessing that a
vessel with that name may have been taken as a prize, but was found
unfit for sea and may have been condemned as a hulk ?

Not, I think, yours, but as an example I see the London Gazette states
that a vessel named the SWANEN was taken on 24 Oct 1809 by the Ariel :


but prize money not paid until about 1814, so presumably this was one
of those cases which may have been contested in the courts ?

and as you probably know better than me spelling can sometimes be a
little variable in those far off days, especially when it came to
non-English names, so there might be a SWANEN under a slightly
different name....herewith the URL if you want to play with spellings:

.....found Swansea under Swanen in the Times earlier.

You may well have looked, but in case not can find no SWANEN mentioned
in the National Archives catalogue:

where one occasionally finds mention of former naval hulks, and have
also used wild cards (?) for the final 2 letters, but still nothing.
Unfortunately the Navy Lists of the day only mention former RN ships
or former enemy warships taken as prizes and purchased into the
Service, which were used as Prison Ships, but I don't recollect ever
seeing merchant vessels mentioned, so am not even sure if they were
ever used, although looking at the wonderful cartoons of the hulks
that appear in your National Archives there appear to be more hulks
being used than there were RN vessels allocated for that purpose, so
have always assumed that any vessel was fair game, but I could be
wrong ?



On Wed, 28 Apr 2010 10:18:11 +1000, Lesley Albertson
<> wrote:

>Hi Listers,
>A rather curious record dated 17 Jan 1809 says that Jorgen Jorgenson was
>transferred from the Bahama hulk at Chatham to SWANEN (or possibly
>SVANEN - the ink is faded and hard to read).
>Can anyone tell me what that was? Another hulk, or was it some other
>accommodation for Naval POWs? (He was later transferred to Reading,
>where he and other Danish POWs were given normal accommodation and were
>free to walk around).
>Why is it curious is that in January 1809 JJ was in Iceland - so
>whatever SWANEN is, he was not there :-)
>Grateful for any help ... I even believe that I saw an English record
>for SWANEN on a Norwegian site earlier, with Jorgenson's name included -
>but if that is correct, I have mislaid the URL.
>(Now in sunny Nundle, NSW)
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