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From: Paul Benyon <>
Subject: Re: [MAR] WW2 Troopships
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2017 10:29:51 +0100
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Hi Peter

I'm not sure if our convoy expert is still on board, but seem to
remember he was no spring chicken when I arrived for my first visit in
the late 90s : but there appears to be more than a little guidance on
the Naval-History.Net history website, and as you suggest, it appears
that the Cape route would appear to have been the only practical route
at that date : see :


ISTR my father went out in 1943 for the North Africa landings and that
they embarked in the Clyde, and then went way out into the Atlantic
before coming back into the Med. and disembarking in the region of
Algiers. He was on the pre-war Polish liner, Batory, which escaped to
England. But not being allowed on the upper deck, it turned out to be
an experience which put him off going to sea for the rest of his life
;-) except for an occasional trip to the Channel Isles on one of the
pre-war steamers, shortly after the war, but even then ISTR we sat on
the upper deck, and never went below, be it night or day, or blowing a
hooley &c.

PS Seem to remember that the Batory was always in the news after the
War and that someone has written a book of her escapades and scrapes.
Ah! here it is Batory: Stars, Scandal and Love on the Transatlantic
Liner :

PPS Apologies for digressing.......again P

On Tue, 18 Apr 2017 07:53:48 +0000, you wrote:

>Good Morning list, I have recently received the WW2 army records of my father, he served in the RA in the middle east.
>My question is as follows:- He embarked for the ME on the 28th May 1942 from Liverpool and arrived in Suez 29th July 1942. As the voyage was approx. 62 days I have assumed they went via Cape of Good Hope, arriving at the Red Sea end of the Suez canal.
>Can any one help me identify the ship that he travelled on ????
>Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions ... Peter Hammett in UK
50° 33' N, 2° 26' W

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