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From: David Asprey <>
Subject: Re: [MAR] WW2 Troopships
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2017 13:25:46 +0100
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Paul - you are probably thinking of Arnold Hague, who died in 2006. But
his work survives - as here.

Peter - Your father would have been in one of the WS ("Winston's Specials")
convoys leaving UK, typically via Freetown and Cape Town/Durban, and then
dispersing off Aden/Perim to complete independent Red Sea transit to Suez.

It looks as if he would have been convoy WS19P, which departed Liverpool
31/5/1942, and Gourock the following day.

As it was a convoy, it is not obvious which particular ship he would have
been on. A few can be elliminated:
AQUITANIA went ahead independently an arrived Suez earlier, on 8 July, and
a number detached later to go to Karachi/Bombay.
So there remains those that arrived Aden 17/7 (WS19L) and 20/7 (WS19PA).
If his recorded date of disembarkation at Suez on 29/7 is correct, it is
likely that your father was in the second, slower, group - the ships are
noted as arriviing at Suez 23/7, but as they mader the Red Sea transit
independently, they presumably did not all arrive on the same day.

My father, en route to Malta, made the same route on the French PASTEUR a
few months earlier, in WS15/15A - and had a hairy time in the heavily
attacked MW10 from Alexandria

On 18 April 2017 at 08:53, PETER HAMMETT <> wrote:

> Good Morning list, I have recently received the WW2 army records of my
> father, he served in the RA in the middle east.
> My question is as follows:- He embarked for the ME on the 28th May 1942
> from Liverpool and arrived in Suez 29th July 1942. As the voyage was
> approx. 62 days I have assumed they went via Cape of Good Hope, arriving at
> the Red Sea end of the Suez canal.
> Can any one help me identify the ship that he travelled on ????
> Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions ... Peter Hammett in UK
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