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Subject: Re: [MAR] Searching a master mariner
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2017 16:57:41 +0100
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Hi Vicki,

This doesn't really address your question but I would suggest looking at
the 1891 census again.

Minnie is living with Mary Thomas, widow, described as her aunt, but she
is also living with 4 other nieces and 1 nephew. So who are these people
and how do they relate to Minnie? One niece, Mabel Pearson, was also
born in Shanghai but her sister Ada was born in London. I think that
some of your questions might be answered by tracing the other residents.
Unfortunately Thomas is a common Welsh surname so it may not be easy to
trace Mary Thomas to find her maiden name and why she was giving a home
to so many youngsters. It could be that 'aunt' was a euphemism and it
was really a children's home but you will only find that out by digging

On the Ancestry site there seem to be other people with Minnie on their
tree so you could try contacting them too.

Good luck,
Clare Pilkington

On 2017-07-17 11:19, vicki evans wrote:
> HI All
> I have been searching desperately for my Great Grandmother for some
> years now. I know she was born around 1873 in Shanghai (British
> subject), and appears on the UK 1891 census in Wales.
> I have recently found out her father was Andrew Nelson and he was a
> master mariner, deceased at the time of her marriage in 1896 (info
> from her marriage certificate).
> Please can someone advise how to try and find more information about
> her father Andrew Nelson on such limited information or indeed about
> her passage to the UK (Minnie Nelson). Minnie and her family line are
> a complete brick wall for me. I am hoping this new information on her
> father might be an new avenue to explore.
> I have found lots on Minnie from 1891 onward, but not before this and
> would dearly like to know when she came to the UK, when she arrived
> and how, and also if we can find out more about her parents.
> Many thanks
> Vicki
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