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Subject: Re: The Georges -Guillaume Marion's mystery or affair, this message is espacialy for Lynn Marion .
Date: 10 Aug 2006 09:08:57 -0600

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Hello Lynn,

First of all first thing first , my deepest and honourable apology toward your kind person, Lynn Marion, you have opened my eyes on a new member of Nicolas Marion dit Lafontaine and Marie Guéric 's marriage in Gingamp, Bretagne, France. I hope you will accept my excuses, on the matter , I did not mean to be rude or anyting else in this saga on the two brothers, Georges born around 1667 , in Gingamp, Côtes du Nord, France , that's what our historian in Québec and Guillaume born the 6th of October 1666, in Gingamp, Notre-Dame, Gingamp, Côtes du Nord France, are with out a doubt two differents persons, I have gather the ultimate proof with seven ( 7 ) contrats , sign by Guillaume ( his authentic signature at the bottom of the notarial contracts writen by two differents notary of Nouvelle France, Antoine Adhémar ( 2 contracts) , and notary , Maugue C. (5 contracts ) from Montréal. The contrats goes from 1686 to 1692. After t!
hat we loose his tracks, in Nouvelle France . Also and very important too, Guillaume while taking care of his father's business, was on contract as a '' FREE WEELING WORKER VOYAGEUR IN '' OUTAOUATS COUNTRY'' ( NOW THE TOWN FO ACTUAL OTTAWA , ONTARIO, CANADA ) , what I mean by that, he worked outside of Villemarie as A '' ENGAGÉ'' for differents Seigneurs, in order to buy expensif clothing, furs and even trapping and finding good region for the fishing area for the colony's habitants. Like the book says about Guillaume Marion, he was travelling a lot and then we loose is tracks in U.S.A. That why I or we can not find a death certificate on this person , and I am still looking on internet or others possible but serious sources to find my answer.

In order to explain myself, I have checked the Michel Langlois Généalogical Dictionary of French Immigrant in Nouvelle France , and there I had it before my very eyes, that Guillaume Marion is a rightfully son of Nicolas Marion dit Lafontaine + Marie Guéric. The author wrote that Guillaume , the brother of Georges, died between 1692 and 1700 , outside Nouvelle France ( Canada, now of course) . I have passed many hours checking repertoires of marriages in Louisiana, could not find any Guillaume Marion fiting our Guillaume. Now also it is writen from a reliable and sure source that, this Guillaume was a merchand bourgeois of Varennes Parish , near VilleMarie , in the town of Montréal.
Also he was the procureur and use to take care of the affairs of his father Nicolas Marion dit Lafontaine, , in all the seven (7) contracts that I have photocopied, it is said and WRITEN SON OF NICOLAS MARION !!! He probably got never married , no trace of a woman in his life, remain single, to occupied by working i guess .....

So if you would like to have any copy of my file on Guillaume, please send me you mailing adresse to this other email adresse that I have : . Hoping that you can read french literature of course if not I will have to ask my sister to translate some writing of certain ducuments that I have the chance of making photocopy , at the Archives Nationales du Québec.

Also Nicolas Marion and Marie Guéric had in total 8 children, Elisabeth born on october 1659, Abel born on 25th of april 1661, François born on 14th of October 1662, Laurent born on theb 22th of April 1665, Guillaume born on 7th of October 1666, Georges ( the ancestor that started the Marion descendance in Amérique du Nord ) born in 1667 , Charles born 1th of March 1668 and finaly the last one Anne born the 26th of Janvier 1670. Please take note that all the 8 births took place in Notre-Dame, Gingamp, Côtes du Nord, Bretagne, France The sources of the above listing of the numerous births is from '' Familysearch site of the Mormons '' , could not find on any other sites these informations. I just hope that they are exacts and very accurate !!

I hope I have responded correctly to best of my ability to your last email , please give me a feedback, it would be indeed very appreciated dear Lynn. Thank you again, your message came just at the right time , and help a lots of persons that are seeking the history of '' Marion'' trought out U.S.A. and Canada

Best Regards, take care , Hubvert-Michel Chesnay

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