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Subject: [MARKHAM-UK] William, Lord of Marcham + Tuxford (!)
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2007 03:12:30 +0200

Mye Goodye Cosynes, ler Jacktique le Jekylle in Twhites, Vnkle Viktor,
Friends, Fiends, Foe, Countrymen, Ag-Labs !!!

Back to 'MM'. Is it not strange just how much this book had the first names
right. I honestly believe genealogists should clearly state uncertainties.
Trying to distinguish things that are stated as fact, gets spread far and
wide, and causes great confusion. There is nothing wrong to state
uncertainty. It would save me a lot of time anyway.

Cecilia de Lexington / Cecilia de Cheverchort: This is most important to
note. According to 'MM', and I believe this was guess work so far, could be
right, could be wrong, that Cecilia de Lexington brought either, or, or
both, Markham and Tuxford into the Markham heritage. I don't know if she
ever did such a thing, does she exist ??? !!! I need to split this into two
parts at least.
MARCHAM: We now know for a fact, that the whole of East Marcham was
quitclaimed by Cecilia de Cheverchort (50%) and her sister
Albreda-Agnes-Audrey de Cheverchort (50%). East Marcham did not come through
Cecilia de Lexington, but through Cecilia and Albreda-Agnes-Audrey de
Cheverchort. This is crucial to note. In fact, it might be the case, that
Richard and Cecilia de Lexington never had a daughter Cecilia. I don't know.
But, what '''several other''' references say, is that a certain Richard de
Marcham married a certain Isabel de Lexington. I need to come back to this,
give me time to do so, and this is off the top of my head.

For now, let us take it that East Marcham came to William via the daughters
of Jordan de Cheverchort. Fact !!! But as per 'MM', we are told Tuxford came
to Marcham via de Lexington. Let us take that as fact. Sources say, now a
fine line, that the estates came to Marcham and Sutton via the de Lexington
female co-Heiresses. But as far as Marcham is concerned, I don;t see where
it is fact as to the name of the de Marcham it went to. Crucial to note,
this would have been in the region of the last ten years of William de
Marcham's lifetime anyway. There has always been a confusion if this was
given to a William or a Richard de Marcham. I would like to amplify this
region later on.

Whatever the case to follow in time, I feel that a Richard de Marcham who
married an Isabel de Lexington, that this Richard took on the Tuxford
estates through his wife Isabel de Lexington. Whether or not there was ever
a Cecilia de Lexington or not, I will come back to, but I presume this
Isabel de Lexington is the REAL daughter of Richard and Cecilia de
Lexington, who married Richard de Marcham. And via this Richard de Marcham,
the land of Tuxford came into the William de Marcham line. This Richard and
this William de Marcham are either brothers, or Richard is the son of
William, as per 'MM'. William possibly held Tuxford very late in life, and
then died, and this was passed onto his son Richard de Marcham, OR, if
William de Marcham had died by now, Tuxford was passed on to his son (or
brother) Richard de Marcham.

Tuxford did not come into William, Lord of East Marcham, via the immediate
Crevequer lineage, it came from Dinan/de Hesdin to Lexington, to Marcham,
via Isabel de Lexington to Richard de Marcham. If I am confusing anyone,
maybe I must take time to say it in one sentence:

There are two separate persons, William and Richard, East Markham came to
William via the daughters of Jordan de Crevequer, 'quitclaimed', and Richard
was married to Isabel de Lexington, and through her, Tuxford to Richard de
Marcham, and I will make a special posting to explain this I think. It is
very simple to follow, tedious to write out. But is very simple enough to
follow. I will make separate post.

William probably held Tuxford very late in life, and that is why Tuxford is
given to be going to his son Richard, who died d.s.p. This Richard was the
first male Heir of his father, probably the oldest son of William, Richard's
brother Robert, the next Heir, succeeded his brother Richard in 1276,
[Tuxford], this Robert is the Sir Robert de Marcham, and the Sir Robert de
Martham, possibly to the William de Marchia(m) the Ecclesiastic, who had no
issue, and then John de Marcham, from whom the line continues.

I will make a separate post on this 'de Marchia' scenario. I feel this
pertains to the lands in Normandy, la Manche, Marche. La Manche/Marche in
Normandy is in the Arr. of Lisours. Out of all the women in the world Roger
de Montgomery could have married, he chose just one special Lady, any ideas
who she was ??? I do ....


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