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Subject: Re: Robert Marsh of Spotsylvania Co., VA
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Tidbit - The WALLER family referred to below is the family that played a
prominent part in the book "Roots". Kunta Kinte was "owned" by a
descendant of John WALLER and Mary KEY.

On Thu, 05 Aug 1999 12:06:57 -0500 Harold Marsh <>
>Hello all,
>The list has been a little slow here lately. I thought I would start
>activity. This message concerns Robert Marsh of Spotsylvania Co., VA.
>According to Lillian Marsh Harmon, the author of the book "The
>Marshes" Robert was a son of James Marsh and Hannah Shepherd. They
>from Plainfield CT.
>I. William Marsh 1642-1724, married Elizabeth, Yeomans.
>II. James Marsh, b. 1690, m. Hannah Shepherd, had
>III. Robert ( b. around 1712 ) m. twice, 1st to Martha Head; 2ndly,
>Hamlett. Had 24 children: 1. Samuel, 2. John, 3. William, 4. Robert,
>Kenny, 6. Alexander, 7, Henry, 8. Martha, 9. Mary, 10. James, 11.
>12. Munford, 13. Joseph, 14. Henrietta, and 10 others, unknown.
>Virginia County Records SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY 1721-1800 WILLS WILL BOOK
>1749-1759 page 10
>WALLER, WILLIAM, Gentl. Spotsylvania Co., d. Oct. 22, 1756, p. May 6,
>Wit. John Wood, W. Wood, James Colquhon, Robert Marsh, John Wynill
>John Beverley Roy, James Hurt, David Woodruff, Robert Goodloe, Thomas
>Coleman. Ex. wife during her widowhood; brothers, John, Thomas and
>Waller; Joseph Brock; Edmund Herndon, Junr., and sons William and John
>Waller. Leg. son, William Waller, lands in Spotsylvania Co., bought at
>different times of John Wynill Sanders, William Smither, William
>John Warren, Samuel Warren, Lancelot Warren, John Farish, Jeremiah
>son, John Waller, land in Spotsylvania, given to me by my deceased
>will, John Waller, Gentl., also land adjoining that of my brother
>and Zachary Lewis, also land which I bought. of Ambrose Foster, and my
>of land adjoining the town of Fredericksburg, now in the possession of
>tenant William Lewis. Daughter Ann; daughter Dorothy; daughter Mary;
>daughter Sarah; my wife (no name given). My copper plate of my family
>and my silver seal, with the said arms engraved thereon, I desire may
>descend to my right heirs forever. My brother Benjamin Waller to be
>guardian to my sons William and John, and to settle account of affairs
>our brother Edmund Waller. My apprentice and nephew John Waller to be
>immediately free. The tract of land I bought of John Champe, Gentl.
>the widow Parish lives, lying in this county, and the land I bought of
>Nicholas Horn in Caroline Co. to be sold, and my executors to make
>what use
>they can of Nicholas Horn's mortgage to me, if his land sold me falls
>in raising what money I must pay for him to Col. Turner, Mr. Copeland
>Mr. Mitchell. (Page 445)
>Wills of Surry Co., NC
>3:106a Will of Lott RIGGS. 25 Feb 1813. Wife Peggy to have homeplace
>mill. Executor, John Marsh Sr. Witness: Leonard ROY, Silas RIGGS.
>Prvd. by
>wit. May Ct. 1813.
>3:109. Will of John PERSONETT. 28 Dec 1810. Daughters Jane MUSICK,
>HARRIS, Anne ROY. Executor: Leonard ROY; Witness: Silas RIGGS, Moses
>Williams, Thomas ROY. Proved by RIGGS and ROY. Rec. Nov Ct. 1813
>Virginia County Records SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY 1721-1800 WILLS WILL BOOK
>1749-1759 page 10
>MUSICK, GEORGE, Senr., St. George's Parish, d. not given, p. Mar. 5,
>Wit. Henry Chiles, Henry Marsh, Hezekiah Chiles. Ex. wife, Ann Musick
>son, Electious Musick. Leg. son, Daniel; son Ambrose; son George; son,
>Abraham; daughter, Elizabeth Trusty; daughter, Agnes Lynes, land
>William Trusty; son, Electious; daughter Kezia Musick; wife, Ann
>son, Ephriam. (Page 181)
>Virginia County Records SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY 1721-1800
>DEED BOOK J 1774-1782
>page 339
>Novr. 18, 1778. John x Jenkins of Spts. Co. to John Personet of same
>50 curr. 100 a. in Spts. Co. James Abbott, Gipson Jenkins, John
>Novr. 19, 1778.
>Virginia County Records SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY 1721-1800
>DEED BOOK E 1751-1761
>page 213
>Nov. 6, 1759. Thomas Coleman of Spts. Co. and Sarah, his wife, to John
>Payne of sd. Co. 135 curr. 500 a. in Spts. Co. Henry Pendleton, John
>Coleman, John Brammer, Robert Coleman. Dec. 3, 1759.
>MIDDLESEX Co., VA marriages
>Note: The surnames, Goodloe, Hurt, Herndon, Waller, Marsh, Smithers,
>Beverly, Ferish, White, Mitchell, Sanders are mentioned in William
>will. The following people may or may not be connected to the persons
>mentioned in William Waller's will.
>Note. My 3rd great grandfather, Henry Marsh born 1761 in Amelia Co.,
>supposedly a son of Robert Marsh, was in Washington Co., VA. in
>1784-85 and
>Russell Co., VA from 1786-ca 1806. He was living next to the Smothers,
>Johnsons, Rogers, and Musick families. Henry Marsh died in 1859 in
>Co., TN. The county was named after John White (1751-1846) who was a
>Revolutionary War soldier, fifer, surveyor, and frontiersman. In 1789,
>left Amelia County, VA, and moved his family to the Cumberland
>Mountains in
>what is now Tennessee.
>PAYNE, John WHITE, Mary
>Sep 1667 Charles, MD
>JENKINS, Thomas WHITE, Eliza 26
> Jan
>1743 Talbot, MD
>JINKINS, Ann WALLER, Thomas 06
>1728 Talbot, MD
>WHITE, Cassandra SANDERS, John 02
>1747 Talbot, MD
>WHITE, Eliza SANDERS, William
>Apr 1742 Talbot, MD
>WHITE, Sarah SANDERS, William 25
> Jul
>1740 Talbot, MD
>MARSH, Edmund WIGGINS, Cathrine 01
>1711 Talbot, MD
>MARSH, Edmund SISK, Jane
>Dec 1735 Talbot, MD
> 1686 MIDDLESEX Co., VA
>MARSH, Benjamin ALLISON, Katherine 10
>PAYNE, Nicholas HACKNEY, Mary 17
>JOHNSON, William PAINE, Eliza
> 08
> Sep 1706 MIDDLESEX Co., VA
> 18
>Aug 1708 MIDDLESEX Co., VA
>RHODES, Alice HACKNEY, William 02
> Nov
>Nov 1711 MIDDLESEX Co., VA
>LYALL, Ralph MAZEY, Amy
>19 Aug 1714 MIDDLESEX Co., VA
>JOHNSON, William GOODLOE, Mary 21
>MASH, Robert MAZEY, Sarah
> 21
>Jul 1720 MIDDLESEX Co., VA
>MASH, Robert ROADES, Jane
> 23
>Apr 1723 MIDDLESEX Co., VA
>MINOR, Diana GODLOE, George
>Jan 1728 MIDDLESEX Co., VA
>HERNDON, Edward WALLER, Mary 15
>1753 Stafford, VA
>MARSHALL, Elizabeth ROY, Hugh
>Jun 1788 Caroline, VA
>JOHNSON, Agatha GOODLOE, Robert 12
>1809 Caroline, VA
>JOHNSTON, Fauntley FARISH, Sarah
>Jan 1790 Caroline, VA
> 14
> Jun 1796 Caroline, VA
>PAYNE, Agatha SMITHER, John
>Jan 1785 Goochland, VA
>PAYNE, Agnes MICHELL, William
>30 ?
> 1749 Goochland, VA
>Nov 1761 Lancaster, VA
>CARTER, Mary Page ROGERS, Wm H 09 Dec
> Lancaster, VA
> 03
>Jun 1836 Lancaster, VA
>CARTER, Robert SANDERS, Margarett 16
>1820 Westmoreland, VA
>Jun 1824 Westmoreland, VA
>FREEMAN, John SMOTHERS, Permelia 13 Jul
> Franklin, VA
>FREEMAN, Lucy BEVERLY, Herod 23 Feb
> Franklin, VA

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