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Hello Everyone!

If you can help; please e-mail me at : !

Seeking parents and siblings of BOTH ABRAHAM MARTIN born 9-4-1797 SC; died
7-28-1852 Wayne County, IL.................and
MARY JANE "POLLY" HEADY born 2-5-1801 VA; died 7-20-1845 Wayne County, IL.
Married about 1823-34 (place unknown...possibly KY/TN/IL).

1) JEPTHA MARTIN born 1825. He married a woman named PYRAN and had the
following children: A) GEORGE W. MARTIN born 1853; B) NANCY C. MARTIN born
1860; C) CHARLES C. MARTIN born 1863; and D) MALINDA MARTIN born 1869.
Nothing else known. PLEASE HELP???

2) EMILY MARTIN born 1828 IL; died October 1867 Wayne Co, IL. Married AARON
W. HODGES about 1846 (probably Wayne County, IL). (Aaron born in Sumner
County, TN) Children: A) SARAH EMILY HODGES born 1847; B) JOHN CURTIS
HODGES born 11-23-1849; C) JAMES ("BUD") HODGES born 1-18-1851; D) WILLIAM
CURTIS HODGES born 4-27-1858

3) PRUDENCE JANE MARTIN born 11-28-1829; died 4-30-1891 Wayne Co,IL.
Married about 1850 to JOHN D. VAUGHAN (John's family from Maury County, TN)
Known children: A) WILLIAM PLEASANT VAUGHAN born12-22-1852 IL

4) JAMES C. MARTIN born 1831 IL...nothing else known! PLEASE HELP????

5) GEORGE M. MARTIN born 1835; died 12/1875. Married SARAH "SALLY" ANN
MOFFITT about 1859 probably Wayne Co, IL. Children: A) OSCAR CARSON MARTIN
born 1-18-1861; B) LAWRENCE MARTIN born 5-1-1865; died 10-20-1866; C) JOHN
L. MARTIN born about 1866...nothing else known (PLEASE HELP!!!!); D) MARY
FLORENCE MARTIN born 11-11-1869; E) SAMUEL S. MARTIN born 1-18-1872; died
7-1874; F) JOSEPH R. MARTIN .

6) ELEAZER (ELEY) MARTIN born 1-1-1838 Wayne Co, IL; died 4-1-4-1897.
Married 1) LUCRETIA WATKINS (born 1844; died 1884); 2) MRS. MARY MAYO on
2-4-1892 Wayne County, IL. ELEAZER & LUCRETIA'S CHILDREN: A) twins MARTIN
born August 1861 (died at birth); B) WILLIAM CALVIN MARTIN born Sept.
1862...died young; C) ROSE MARTIN born 1864...nothing else known (PLEASE
HELP???); D) ELMER ENOS MARTIN born 11/ 1865 Wayne County, IL; E) JAMES
"BUD" DELBERT MARTIN born 11/1867; died 9-17-1889; F) ELIAS EDWARD MARTIN
born 8-9-1869; died 1870; G) PRUDENCE MARY MARTIN born 10-1-1871; died
5-30-1956 Lawrence Co, IL. Married GRANT E. WOOD.; H) AUGUSTUS JAMES MARTIN
born September 1874; died 6-9-1951 Shelburne, IN. Married MARY MYRTLE
FUNKHOUSER on 2-4-1904 Edwards County, IL; I) CORA LANSING MARTIN born
2-16-1878 Wayne Co, IL; died 1-16-1977 Dexter, MO. Married GEORGE WILLIAM
SMITH 9-16-1897 White Co, IL; J) EMILY CATHERINE MARTIN born 1880; died
3-1-1964 Flint, MI. Married TILLMAN WINKLES- Edwards County, IL ; K) LUCY
EMELINE MARTIN born about 1882; died in infancy; L) JOHN CLEVELAND MARTIN
born 9-25-1884 Wayne County, IL; died 5-13-1958 Dexter, MO. Married
4-4-1906 Paragould, AR to MAUD ELIZABETH ICE.

7) ABRAHAM H. MARTIN born about 1840; died 3-18-1862 Shawneetown, IL during
Civil War. No spouse/children.

8)MARY MARTIN (twin) born 3-22-1842 Wayne Co, IL. Nothing else known

9) MANERVA VIRGINIA MARTIN (twin) born 3-22-1842 Wayne Co, IL; died
7-15-1867 Wayne Co, IL. Married JAMES F. DAY (his family from TN).

10) MARGARET (or MARTHA) MARTIN born 7-20-1845 Wayne Co, IL. Nothing else
known. (PLEASE HELP????)

ANY info you may have to help connect Abraham and/or "Polly" to their
parents and siblings would be sincerely appreciated!!!!!!
Also, any info and/or connections you may have to any ancestor listed here
would be sincerely appreciated, also!

PLEASE e-mail:

Thanks so much!!


Laura L. Horton (Martin)
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