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Subject: Re: [MARTIN] Martin genealogyLewis Hiram Martin John MArtin SarahIsabella Martin
Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2008 00:39:50 EDT


This is a top notch piece of Thank you so much
for doing all of this work and then sharing it with us. And thanks for your
kind words. Just a little note. Eden Martin's web site has information
collected from his grandfather, among other resources. I have mentioned Eden
Martin many times, but I did not have anything to do with his site, other than to
salute him for putting it up for so many of us to use. Eden Martin has also
done a bunch of his own original research and some writings about his line in
our family.

I need to study the family names you have just presented in depth and
probably plot it out in order to digest everything your have done. The work you
have done certainly seems to make sense. I remember when I first started
researching the Martin family more than 10 years ago, I corresponded with Steve
Freeman who was then living in Hong Kong or some distant place in Asia. He
was trying to piece together information about our Martin family using some
Montgomery family members who had also married more than once with our Martin
clan, thinking if we researched the Montgomerys it could lead us back to
Martins before they were in Logan County, KY. I believe he was a descendant of
Philip W. Martin who died in Sullivan, MO in 1874.

At any rate, I agree that collaboration is the way to go in genealogical
research. It is wonderful to be associated with a group that shares so freely.

Jan Lowe

In a message dated 7/31/2008 12:10:48 P.M. Central Daylight Time, ROO ZOO 8

I watch your posts and I think we have corresponded before, you are
descended from the Lewis Martin and Alice Bentley to John Martin and Philandia Couch
line through Archedamus Martin right?
I do have one correction for your Rootsweb sheet; we have finally identified
Lewis' Hiram Martins wife as Alice (Alys) Bentley daughter of Jeremiah
Bentley and I believe, Cathy Muck. I have quite a lot of information on the
Bentley family icluding Alice's Sister Sarah (Sally) Bentley Hammonds.
Both of these names appear in the family letters I have from the civil war
era. (I don't have the originals, just xerox copies.) One mentions John Martin
(husband of Philandia) during his civil war service with his brothers.
I know John Martin was a physician.
I am not sure which other information you would like. I have several
collateral lines now, and it is really getting too large to handle. If you could
specify which years or branches you are looking at, I will be glad to share
anything else that I have. I would also reccommend that you go to Jan Lowe's
excellent website it has a bunch of information on this family.

I have included Jan Lowe on this email because I think she would be
interested in the following information. She is usually out ahead of me, and this may
all be old news to her, but I am hoping we can get some other researcher's
looking with us, for John and Sara Isabella Martin, our common brick wall.

Lately, I have been concentrating my search on Lewis Hiram Martin's parents,
John and Sarah Isabella Scott(?). Since I keep hitting a brick wall in the
frontal assault, I have decided to look at some collateral lines to see if I
can turn up some more clues.This is the newest rabbit trail I have been down.

In Monongalia Va 1769, there are only six families documented. (The land had
just been opened to settlement, previously settlers were restricted due to a
treaty with the indians.) Those six families are the familes of Charles
Martin, son of John Martin, Capt. David Scott b.1739. son of Alexander Scott,
Dennis Neville, and James and Phillip Pindall.

I have found a clutch of Martins descendended from John Martin, of
Monongalia Co Va, father of Charles Martin, intermarried with a family descended from
Alexander Scott (same county) that I believe are our likely suspects. Later,
the Popino (Popineaux), Cunningham, and Davis, families also intermarry with
the Martin and Scott families as do the above mentioned Nevilles.

John Martin had two sons, Jesse Martin and Charles Martin b.c.1735. Charles
Martin married 1) Elizabeth Burrows and 2) Mary Bell. I have all of these
children, but of especial note is Charles' son Jesse Martin b.1763 (Not to be
confused with Charles' brother.) Jesse Martin b.1763 married Hannah Scott
daughter of Capt.David Scott m. Judith Cunningham, son of Alexander Scott.They
had a daughter Ann (Nancy) Martin that married James Neeley Scott. They had
a son named Moses Rhoades Scott b.6/10/1840. The Scott family is intermaried
with the Roades family at another spot as well.

Now, pay attention it starts to get complicated here.

The above James Neeley Scott b.c 1820 is the son of David Scott and Rachel
Neeley who is the son of James Scott b.1742 and Elizabeth Osborne b.1745.
James Scott b. 1742 is the son of John Scott m Judith Davis (or Carpenter),
eldest brother of Capt. David Scott b.1739, both sons of Alexander Scott. John
Scott died and Capt.David Scott (his brother) raised John's two sons James
and Jacob. There appears to have been a third brother, Joseph Scott that was
old enough to be on his own. Capt. David Scott had other brothers, James,
Benjamin, Samuel, and Adonijah. Adonijah Scott had a daughter Sarah Scott
b.1754-1766 that I believe may be our Sarah Isabella Scott.

There are several other Sarah Scott's in this family but I have been able to
rule all of them out except this one, Capt.David' Scotts sister, Sarah
married Jonathan Arnold. Capt.David Scott also had sister's Rachel and Phebe.
Capt. David Scott had two daughters Phoebe and Fannie that were killed by
indians in a very well documented indian raid. Capt. David Scott also had a
daughter named Sara Scott b.1774 but she married a man named Stephen Gapen.

It gets even more complicated
James Neeley Scott b.1820 son of David Scott (NOT Capt David Scott), but son
of James Scott, nephew of Capt. David Scott has a sister named Jemima Scott
b.1795. She marries Joseph Neeley b.1789, brother of James Neeley Scott's
wife Rachel Neely. The parents of Rachel and Joseph Neeley are James Neeley
and Elizabeth Gholson. They have other children, Samuel, John, and Jane,
Neeley. Jane Neeley marries Enoch Scott brother of Jemima and James Neeley Scott.

O.K. to re-cap, we have three brothers marrying three sisters, they are the
children of David Scott, son of James Scott, nephew of Cap David Scott and
natural son of John Scott, son of Alexander Scott.

Jemima Scott to Joseph Neeley
James Neeley Scott to Rachel Neeley
Enoch Scott to Jane Neeley

Obiously, we have some serious Neeley and Scott intermarriage here. (Because
they are neighbors in a very small community, there aren't too many
choices). There are also some intermarriages between the Scotts and the Clemens
(Clements) family, and as you know, Jan, the Clements AND the Neeleys are
intermarried with our family by way of James Scott Martin brother of our Lewis Hiram
Martin and Jane Martin daughter of Jane Euphamia Martin Neeley the sister of
Lewis Hiram Martin.
I am just certain that these are our people, and that this is the location
of our ancestors prior to their move to Kentucky. Most of the above generation
served in the revolutionary war and would have qualified for land grants in
Kentucky in return for their war service. I just can't believe that this much
coincidence in names is possible without some connection.
Now, if we could just connect Charles Neeley, husband of Jane Euphemia
Martin or to James Neeley and Elizabeth Gholson to the above Neeley's we would
be home free. Or almost. I don't know if we will ever connect this Sarah Scott
b. 1754-1766 to our Sarah Isabella Scott, as there seem to be very few
records of Adonijah Scott and even fewer of his daughter Sarah. but it seems that
there is certainly more evidence now than before. Of course, this still
doesn't identify our John Martin. Perhaps, we can find a John Martin in Charles'
family that will match up. Apparently, these people settled near Morgantown
and there was not a courthouse. The records of land purchase and court
proceedings were kept in an out-building at one of the settlers homes. It burned,
destroying more than three years of critical records for us.
Let me know what you guys think, or if you have any other evidence that I am
As always corrections are more than welcome.
Maggie Burrows

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