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From: "Theron L.Smith" <>
Subject: [MASSEY-L] Earliest Masseys in the US
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2004 01:10:41 -0600

Pat wrote 9 Jan 2004:
<<Subject: Re: [MASSEY-L] Massey - Giles Co TN
GGGfather Jordan Massey b. 1765 NC d. ???
GGGGfather John Massey b. 1745 VA d. 1837 SC [John (3)
GGGGGfather Joseph Massey b. 1700 ?? d. 1760 VA [Joseph (2)]
GGGGGGfather John Massey b. 1645 VA d. 1720 ??
GGGGGGGfather John Massey b. 1616 UK d. ???? VA

Note 1: John Massey b. 1616 in England came to America at age 20 and
immigrated to Shirley 100 Colony. About 1644, he was sent to Old Fort Henry VA to
help protect the settlers from the Indians.>>
Although published in Judge Frank Massey's ADDENDUM, most if not all the
information quoted above has never been substatiated and much of it is just
flatly incorrect. I need to add that I knew Judge Massey well and I greatly
appreciate and admire the many contributions he made to Massey genealogy for
the many Massey branches in the US. Much of the data in his books are correct
and cannot be found in any other book. When he wasn't sure of a connection, he
would typically append the phrase "BY HYPOTHOSIS" to warn the reader that more
research was needed to validate his hypothesis. But time ran out for Judge
Massey before he was able to take another look as his reasons for including
the two earliest Johns.

William Massey's MASSEY GENEALOGY 2000 presents a good discussion regarding the fallacy of placing the two earliest Johns as ancestors of Hezekiah(2), Joseph(2), and Richard(2). Also, more research is needed before we can validly place Jordan Massey as son of John son of Joseph (2.)

I made a small contribution a few months ago to placing some of the Masseys of Giles Co., TN, but this didn't include the ones mentioned by Jennifer. I hope to review her case in the next few days. There may have been as many as three DIFFERENT Massey families in the Giles Co. area. The ones I worked on appear to be from John (4) Massey and Winney Daniel of Lincoln Co., NC. John (4) was a grandson of Hezekiah(2) Massey, a brother of Joseph (2) above.

Regards to all,
Theron Smith
7-great grandson of Richard (2) Massey

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