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From: "Carl" <>
Subject: Virginia Mauldin's
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 08:17:04 -0600

Hi All,

Have been going through documents (land deeds - court orders etc ) for
Virginia late 1600 through 1750.

It is now apparent that Richard Mauldin (Probably Thomas Richard or Richard
Thomas) that married Jane Taylor was married previously to an unknown wife.
It is also apparent, that this Richard was the merchant that was appointed
Magistrate in the formation of Caroline County.

We have information that Jane Taylor acknowledged her dower on a land deal
between Richard Mauldin and her father James Taylor 22 July 1722. By this
acknowledgement, it is assumed that the marriage took place on or about

The statement that Richard Mauldin was probably married previously to an
unknown is from records that show his son Richard Jr. was a witness to a
land deed for Thomas Jackson on 17 June 1735. If Richard Jr was a son of
Jane Taylor, he would have been about 12 years of age and would not be
witnessing a legal document.

1731 Caroline County VA - Colonial Caroline
The traders at Chedsterfield, who suffered from loss of trade due to the
fact that since the organization of Caroline (county) .... some of the most
powerful men in the country, Walter Chiles, Thomas Carr, Thomas Mauldin, and
Robert Woolfolk, who were already magistrates
... [[ Thomas Richard Mauldin ?? ]]

Constables siezed John Wilson for cursing King George [ John Wilson
son-in-law of Richard Mauldin] and was sentenced to twenty lashes on his
bare back at the publich whipping post.
Richard Mauldin and Thomas Rucker publickly proclaimed the fact that the
sentence was too harsh. Governor Gooch removed them as magistrates.

30 Mar 1734 Richard Mauldin of St. Mark's parish, Spts Co., Gentleman, to
William Daniel, Jr. of St. Ann's Par., Caroline Co., planter ce50curr ..
300 acres (part of a pat. granted Col. James Taylor, and sold by sd. Taylor
to said Maulden, etc) in St. Mark's Par., Spts, Co. Hen. Downs, Jno.
Wilson, Wm. Rucker, Apr 2, 1734. Jane, wife of Richard Mauldin,
acknowledge her dower, etc. Spotslvania Co., Records

At this point, with John Wilson being a son-in-law of Richard Mauldin it
is most apparent that Richards daughter had to have been born prior to 1722.

Having determined that the Richard Mauldin that married Jane Taylor is the
same Richard Mauldin that was Magistrate - Land Owner - Merchant. I now
feel that instead of five possibly six Richard Mauldins in the Caroline
County VA area at
the same time there were only four. Two Richard Sr.'s and two Richard

One Richard Jr. listed in Caroline Co., VA Court Orders Book. 12 Aug 1737
Attachment, Roger Quarles against the estate of Richd. Maulden, Jr. It's
ordered Wm Marshall be summoned. This Richard Mauldin was probably married
to Ann unknown. 13 May 1737 Richard Maulding and Ann his wife
Acknowledge their deed of lease & release of land indented to William

As to Children of Richard Mauldin we know of Richard Jr since he cosigned
many land deeds with his father, we know of a daughter (name unknown) that
married John Wilson, and we know of a son James Mauldin. Peter Copeland,
Gent., ordered by the court to be administrator of the Estate of Richard
Mauldin decd. James Stevens., Wm Marshall, Ambrose Kemp and Robert
Standfield appraise the Estate of Richard Mauldin Decd. 9 July 1752.
14 Dec 1753 Caroline County, VA Peter Copeland Gent. against James
Mauldin. Trespass on the case. Charles Goodall, Jr Foremand find for

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