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Subject: Re: [MAYALL] Phineas MAYALL
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 16:30:22 EST

Warren and others,

Glad to see a message! I had wondered if the site was still in existence!

Maine --- Mayalls
There was a contingent of Mayalls from Saddleworth, Yorkshire, England
who came to Maine, U.S.A., prior to about 1800. They were said to be children
of Johnny Mayall and Mary Shaw:

Samuel Mayall born 1771, Saddleworth, had a son Samuel who went to
Minnesota; James Mayall born 1773 was claimed to have come to U.S., but no one has
knowledge of him apparently; Robert Mayall born 1776 came about 1800,
eventually settled in Dearborn County, Indiana, and had several children, some going
to Illinois; Margaret Mayall born 1778 had a dau Myra (Mayall) Henrie who lived
in Hamilton County, Ohio but died in Utah; John Mayall born 1780 settled
Lincoln County, Maine; Mary Mayall born 1786 married Samuel Radcliff came to
Hamilton County, OH; and Joseph Mayall born 1783 or 1793 lived in Cumberland
County, Maine. This man was rumored to have come to Harrison County, Indiana, but
returned to Maine where he died in 1827 with several young sons. The Indiana
residence appears to be untrue.

Campbell County, Kentucky --- Mayalls

Joseph Mayall appeared on tax lists pretty much from 1812 to about 1825.
There was a William Mayall of Campbell County who had been a [soldier]
private in 1814, probably at Newport, Kentucky, but was deceased with Joseph Mayall
administering his estate. John Mayall was on the 1813 tax list. Daniel Mayall
appeared in 1821 as well as the 1820 census. Listed next to Daniel was a
Nancy Mayall. A David Mayall appeared in census records 1840 to 1870.

Marriages Campbell County :
Mary Mayall married Israel Smith in 1810, Joseph Mayall giving consent.
Patty Mayall married John Miller in 1814.
Ann Mayall married James Searl in 1816.
Daniel Mayall married Mary Smith in 1819.
David Mayall married Agnes Clark in 1846.

Harrison County, Indiana --- Mayalls
Joseph Mayall appeared in the 1810 census. In the household was a male under
10 and two females under 10. Adults [parents?] were 26-45. Joseph Mayall
also served in the War of 1812 from Harrison County according to Indiana records
of veterans.

Floyd and Orange County, Indiana--Mayalls

Margaret Mayall married Nicholas Dillinger on 27 Dec 1825.

(They are my great, great, great grandparents. I am trying to establish
Margaret Mayall's family. They named their first son Joseph M. Dillinger.
Margaret's father may have been Joseph Mayall. She may have been the child in his
household in 1810 in Harrison County. Harrison included Floyd County in 1810.)

Nancy Mayall married Samuel Tomlin in 1827.
James Mayall married Eliza Stuart in 1827.
Daniel Mayall married Elizabeth Aston in 1828. (Is he Daniel of Campbell Co.,
Elizabeth Mayall married Isiah Gibson in 1830.
John Mayall married Catharine Boyles in 1832.
Mary Mayall married Elijah Phillips on 9 Jun 1833. (She was Margaret's
Catharine Mayall married James Haines in 1843. (She was the widow of John.)

A David and a Daniel Mayall were present on a tax list in 1841 in Paoli
Township, Orange County, Indiana. Daniel Mayall was present in Northwest Twp,
Orange County in the 1850 census. He was age 58 and born in Kentucky.
Can anyone relate to any of these Mayalls? I feel that some of them are
Margaret Mayall's family. I have the names of the children of her sister Mary
(Mayall) Phillips if anyone is interested.

All of these Mayalls were strung out along the Ohio River, on one side or
the other, not too distant from one another. Were they all related? Did
they originate in Yorkshire, England? I gather there are many records of Mayalls

Jane Beekman,
Muncie, Indiana

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