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Subject: George W.
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2004 21:52:47 -0800 (PST)

The reason i had mentioned Jean, is because it had mentioned orphans in the old message i had read;
Being that George W. Mayfield was considered an orphan, while in the home of the Whitworths, i thought maybe there could be some kind of connection there.
Just a thought-

this is the full letter that came with it, it was sent to Jean: {It sounds like this Uriah took in 11 orphaned Mayfield children:

Jean, Rosemary, and other Mayfield researchers,
Was going back into some older docs, hadn't read in a long time, and ran across this reference to a family of Mayfields. There aren't many names, but was just wondering if you had these orphans crop up on your lines.
This Uriah Dickens is my 3rd great grandfather.
He was born 1802 in Chatham Co., NC. In 1833 he married Susannah May and they moved to Gibson Co., TN. There he engaged in farming and had some interest in politics, we find him on the bond of the Constable and bond in the guardianship of the Mayfield's orphans. They remained in TN until the fall of 1860 when they moved to Conway Co., AR and settled near Springfield. Susannah died in 1863. Uriah then engaged in the timber business and died in 1875 in Boone County, AR. They had a family of six sons and 5 daughters.

Could you imagine having 11 children and having room {in the heart-no house would be big enough} to take on someone elses children. Times have definetly changed. As far as i can tell, these Mayfield children came in Mayfield's and left Mayfield's {i.e. none of them adopted for a name change.} Would be interested in placing them on someone's Mayfield line, and checking to see if these Mayfield children were in some way related to the Dickens line in Gibson.
Thanks, Doug Leonard

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