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From: "S. Roser" <>
Subject: Fw: Second Mayflower, 1629 Passenger List
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 09:00:23 -0400

Bette said:

> I just found another list of Passengers on the 1629 Mayflower that shows
> more people than Willison showed. This one is in "Cape Cod Series Vol. I,
> Hist. & Genea. of the Mayflower Planters" (etc.), Leon Clark Hills, Hills
> Publ. Co., Wash. DC, 1936.
> This source shows:
> Masterson, Richard, Mrs. Mary, Nathaniel and Sarah
> Blossom, Mrs., Anne, Thomas and Elizabeth
> Robinson, Mrs. Bridget, wid. of Rev. John, with Isaac, Mercy and Fear
> Robinson
> Willett, Thomas
> Clayden, Richard and Barnabus
> Howard, Richard
> Ingersoll, Richard with Mrs. Anne, George, Joanna, John, Sarah and Alice.
> ______________________________

(You may notice I keep changing the subject line - "Mayflower II" is the
ship sitting in Plymouth harbour today! I prefer "Second Mayflower".)

According to Great Migration 1:383, Barnabas & Richard Claydon never made
the voyage. They had planned to come over in 1629, however the contract
signed by Richard contains a notation "cannot go this voyage". There is no
mention of either in NE.

GMB 2:1062 mentions Richard Ingersoll & Richard Haward as planning to come
over to Mass. Bay in 1629 and there is quite a section on Ingersoll, but
nothing on Howard.

GMB 3:1590 has Isaac Robinson coming over in 1631.

Unfortunately, GMB does not specify a ship with many of the early
immigrants, possibly because we do not really know which ship carried whom
as passenger lists have not survived.

The book Mayflower Planters by Hills is not reliable and should be used with

I was also going to answer the epidemic of 1633 but am on my way out - I
have a list of those who died and a few specifics I'll post later.

Susan E. Roser

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