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Subject: [MFLR] Edward Bangs and Rebecca Hobart? (was: 2 Sarah Howes)
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2003 15:27:43 -0800
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Hi all,

Sorry to take so long to reply to this.

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> > According the TGMB entry on Edward Bangs, Mary Walton Ferris suggests that
> > Rebecca (her 1st name proved by a deed in 1651 selling land which names her)
> > is the daughter of Edmund Hobart by citing a "supposed" (TGMB term not mine)
> > entry in the Hobart Diary.
> > D James
> On page 66 of the Dawes Gates genealogy that I referred to yesterday, it
> says:
> Edward
> married, thirdly [?], about 1635-7, Rebecca* who signed a deed with him on
> June 22, 1651.
> *She may have been the daughter of Edmund Hobart of Hingham and the sister of
> the Rev. Peter Hobart of that place. The assertion has been made that a
> diary kept by the Reverend Peter referred to a trip of his to Eastham to attend
> the funeral of "sister Bangs" and since he had a sister Rebecca, not known to
> have married otherwise, it is sometimes assumed that this mayhave been she. The
> added fact that Jonathan Bangs named a son "Hubbard," which is sometimes used
> interchangeably with "Hobart," suggests the possibility that it might have
> been in memory of this grandmother.
> That is the extent of the quote except for the listing of the children, 9 in
> all, of Edward and Rebecca.
> Now, the only diary I know about is the Hobart Journal. This is a new item
> that apparently the author of the Dawes-Gates genealogy had a chance to perview
> but I didn't see it noted in the references which were cited, all 27 of them,
> but then the titles of the documents might have included the diary but the
> word diary was not specifically mentioned as part of the title. Perhaps the
> Massachusetts historical or genealogical society may have it in their library.

The "Hobart Journal" has been printed in vol 121 of NEHGR.
The original journal (of Peter^2) is now lost. What now exists is a copy
probably made by Dea. David^3 Hobart and some manuscript copies from that.

The intro (p. 4) discusses the proposed Edward Bangs - Rebecca Hobart marriage.
After quoting the Dawes-Gates passage (as shown above) re. the funeral, etc.,
the intro continues:
"No such reference is found in the Hobart Journal. This may point to
misquotation or it may indicate access to Peter^2 Hobart's original
journal and an omission by Dea. David^3 Hobart in his copy."

I note that TGMB in the sketch of Edmund Hobart says for his dau.
Rebecca after her birth and ch. membersthip: "no further record.
(See the sketch of EDWARD BANGS for discussion of the claim
that this Rebecca became his wife.)"


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