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From: "Robert Gerrity" <>
Subject: [MFLR] Mayflower & Edward Bulkeley's TWO Wives.
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 01:34:56 +0000

Thanks, Christie for all that work. It would indeed be great to know how
the Bedfordshire Parish Registers differ from Jacobus' presentation in
Bulkeley Genealogy. I myself do not have a copy of that work to hand.
Though a master genealogist, Jacobus relied on a lot of other people doing a
lot of scutwork both here and in Olde England (& those people include Holman
and Torrey himself). However, while Bulkeley'shave royal ancestry through
both of the REv. PB's wives, there's no Mayflower direct linkage to them in
the pre-1700 colonial period. {There's one odd link not-quite-by-marriage.
See far below.}

Cross-checking the Registers against Jacobus might turn up "facts" that then
can lead to differences in interprertation. Which leads me to the point of
the subject line, your query on Edward Bulkeley II. What follows is a short
short version of my article that will appear next year in the REGISTER.

You wrote:

>+1. Edward Bulkley baptized 12 June 1614 in Odell [cited as Edward Bulkley
>Sonne of Mr. Peter Bulkely], died 2 Jan 1696 - ? m. Lucian ?

>1. Edward - I started checking Torrey's New England Marriages Prior to
>1700 and I am somewhat confused by the following entry for the reference to
>Edward and Lucian's marriage considering their son, Peter who was born 3
>Jan 1640/1641 according to one source. It says:

>Bulkley, Edward (1614-1696) & Lucian/Lucyan __?, wid. (she had dau Lucy who
>m. John Lake); b. 1640; Concord/Chelmsford.

>Have I got an error some place along the line? How can Lucian be born 1640
>if she has a son born in the same year? Or is the 1640 reference supposed
>to be for the date of birth for the first child? I sometimes get confused
>by some of these entries as to what they mean exactly even after reading
>the intro on how to read the citations, so I'm looking for help here. I
>note the entry doesn't specifically state a date of marriage.

>I do note there is an entry for the Peter I just cited as being born in
>1640/41 and it says he was born 1643. His marriage record says: Bulkley,
>Peter (1643-1686) & Rebecca Wheeler, m/2 Jonathan Prescott 1689; 16Apr
>1667; Concord.

{Peter, son of Edward, was indeed born 3 January 1640/41 per Concord Vital
Records (1899) p. 1. The 1643 date derives from the record of the birth of
the Rev. Peter's youngest son, Peter, later of Fairfield CT. Many people
besides Torrey have confused these Older "Nephew" and Younger "Uncle".}

>The entry referring to Lucian's daughter Lucy who married John Lake is
>cited as: Lake, John (-1677) & 2/wf Lucy [Bishop?] (-1678) (dau of Lucian,
>wf of Rev. Edward Bulkeley); aft 1654; Boston.
There was no entry for Lucian marrying a Mr. Bishop in Torrey's.

>In the Third Torrey Supplement there is an entry for Rev. Peter Bulkeley's
>second marriage to Grace Chetwood in April 1635 in Concord.

>I looked through the all three supplements for Torrey and I note that
>nothing has been found on Edward and Lucian's marriage to come up with her
>birth surname.

Please note that IF 3rd Torrey Supplement has Rev PB marrying Grace Chetwood
in Concord in April 1635, its FLAT-OUT WRONG and that would be very unlike
Melinde Lutz Sanborn. They married in England and Grace was pregnant with
Gershom when they boarded ship in June 1635. Concord was granted to Bulkeley
et. al. in Sept. 1635 but not actually settled until later summer 1636.
Jacobus has all the correct information in BG (1933).

Now on to Edward Bulkeley II.

You will find nothing about EB or Lucian in Torrey beyond the basic marriage
information because Torrey derived it all from Jacobus' interpretation of
what he (DLJ) then knew. Neither man was aware of certain information
already in print and, not knowing that, couldn't see the additional
ramifications of a document that they already had (the 1679 receipt for Lucy
Lake's dowry).

While researching the Bulkeleys for a general history of Concord, I made a
point to review Marshfield and Plymouth Colony records in print & in
manuscript (& I'm not done yet). What I found in the Records of New
Plymouth ed. Shurtleff (published during the mid to late 1850s) is that the
Rev. Edward Bulkeley then of Marshfield entered into a prenuptial aggreement
in Jan. 1653/54 with the widow Grace ( ) Halloway of Marshfield. In June
1655 Edward appeared in Plymouth Court to ask in effect that the widow's
now-intended husband, John Phillips, take his place under the terms of the
contract. This was granted and Grace & John Phillips married 9 July 1654 in

Thus the mother of Edward's three oldest children (Elizabeth, Peter & John)
must have died by Jan. 1653/54. That this mother was alive in July 1651 is
proven by another document Jacobus missed -- and this was one printed in
The Mayflower Descendant X (1908) pp. 162-164! Mr. William Thomas bequeaths
to Edward and his unnamed wife 9 yards of table cloths each.

Of course, if this wife/mother was alive in 1651 and dead by 1654, she can't
be Lucian, who signs various documents as Edward's wife from 1668 on. But
not knowing about this printed document, Jacobus had to work very hard to
conflate the Lucian-Lucy Lake-Bulkeley relationships into some kind of
unified pattern given that Lucian had to have a first husband. Torrey's
selection of 1640? as a birth date for Lucian has no known source and is
unlikely. Also, his designation Bishop? as her first husband's surname is
not sourced in his manuscript material on file at NEHGS. It could be
correct; I've not yet undertaken a systematic review of all Bishop families
in NE before 1700.

To sum up, Edward Bulkely had TWO WIVES:

1.) [ ? ] [ ? ]. d. betw. July 1651 and Jan. 1 1653/54.
Children: Elizabeth, Peter and John. {I argue further that the correct
birth order is Peter, Elizabeth and John.}

2.) Lucian ( ? ) [ ? ]. b. ?, d. after March 1678/79.
Children: Mary and Jane.

Lucian indeed had a daughter Lucy by her first marriage. She married as his
second wife, Mr. John Lake of Boston, tailor {though clothier would be more
like it}. Mr. John Lake's will strongly implies that he negotiated directly
with her father (not her step-father) over the terms of the dowry. This in
turn strongly suggests a marriage date for them not much before 1657 and
that Lucy was very close to 18 years old, as her mother Lucian was herself
still young enough to have at least two pregnancies with Edward after 1657.

As to the Mayflower Link to all this - it seems that Grace ( ) (Halloway)
Phillips died in July 1666 when struck by lightning. John Phillips then
went on to marry at Plymouth on 14 March 1666/7 for his third wife and as
her second husband, and my ancestress through hubby no. 1, FAITH (CLARK)
DOTY - Edward Doty of course being her first husband. {Peter B. Hall,
comp., Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Vol. XI, Part 1: Edward
Doty (Plymouth, MA: General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1996), 2.}

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