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Subject: [McAFEE] McAFEE part 3
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 22:21:12 EDT

xxv. Benjamin NJ/PA McAfee, born March 09, 1764 in New Jersey; died July
17, 1844 in Pennsylvania; married Rachel Potter.

More About Benjamin NJ/PA McAfee:
Fact 1: Pvt. NJ PNSR Patriot index centennial edition

xxvi. Anderson Cromby Scotland Mcafee, born Abt. 1770 in Scotland.
xxvii. John NC KY MO McAfee, born 1772; died 1852; married Almira

Notes for John NC KY MO McAfee:
researching this line
Billie McAFEE researching this line

John was in Garrard County, KY He may have been born in North Carolina.

>From Billie

History handed down says John was 7 when he came to the US and that he was 14
when the Battle of Bunker Hill was fought. That would make him coming to US
1768. This is not documented facts, just family history handed down. He
married Alvira or Almira REID/REED The REIDS were from the Greenville Dist.
SC. some records show John to born in NC but that is conflicting with the

xxviii. James "NC" McAfee, born 1775; married Xxxx Xxx.
xxix. Mills Nc/TN McAfee, born 1775 in North Carolina; died 1831 in
Maury County, TN; married Elissa Xxx; died November 1848 in Maury County, TN.

Notes for Mills Nc/TN McAfee:
Wynona McAFEE JOHNSON is researching this line

Found a Jacob McAFEE m. Elizabeth TAYLOR 2 22 1838 in Maury County, TN, feel
this marriage must tie into this family.


researching this line

xxx. William "OH" McAfee, born 1777 in Ireland; married Martha
Taggart Abt. 1801 in Antrim, Ireland; born Abt. 1780.

Notes for William "OH" McAfee:
researching this line

William and Margaret emigrated from Co Antrim, Ireland to Sugar Creek
Township Wayne County, USA in 1838

More About William McAfee and Martha Taggart:
Marriage: Abt. 1801, Antrim, Ireland

xxxi. Samuel "SC" McAfee, born 1778 in South Carolina; died 1842 in
Anderson County, South Carolina; married Sarah Xxxx Abt. 1801 in Greenville,
South Carolina; born 1769; died 1864 in St. Claire, Alabama.

Notes for Samuel "SC" McAfee:
This line being researched by

Samuel's will can be viewed at

More About Samuel McAfee and Sarah Xxxx:
Marriage: Abt. 1801, Greenville, South Carolina

xxxii. Mark McAfee, born Abt. 1780; married Xxxx Xxxx.

Notes for Mark McAfee:
Mark and Thomas came from the Northern part of Ireland far back in the
eighteenth century., They settled in Irshtown, near Campbelltown, ST. Thomas
U. S.

Mark was a mason by trade, and there is a lot of his owrk in the Pa area.

xxxiii. John KY MO McAfee, born 1781 in PA or KY; died August 19,
1841 in Shelby County, MO; married Eleanor Nellie Calvert; born 1785 in
Fayette County, KY; died Unknown.
xxxiv. Archibald PA/NJ/TN Mcafee, born 1783 in Pennsylvania; died
1865 in Green County , TN; married Bethia Garoutte December 10, 1806 in
Pleasant Mills, New Jersey.

Notes for Archibald PA/NJ/TN Mcafee:
This line being researcherd by Shirley J. Doerr,
recieved notes on 2/2/1998

It is thought that Archibald went to New Jersey to seek employment at the
Batsto Iron Works and that is where he met the GAROUTTE family. In 1818 the
McAFEE's and some of the GAROUTTES went to Green County, TN. In 1825
Archibald bought 275 acres in Green County, TN.

Many of the family are buried there. The cemetery is located near their home
as they donated the property and it's at the foothills of the Unaka Mountains
near a large spring. The present churhc is on the property the McAFEE's gave
and is the Mt. Tabor Methodist Church.

>From Sandra Delashaw WARDEN not date 3/4/98

Archibald lived in PA, NJ, and TN, he was a blacksmith, farmer and a
He gave the land for Mt. Tabor Church in Green County, TN. His daughter Mary
Magdalena was the first to be buried there.

Will Green Co TN Wills 1783-1890
Compiled by Goldene FILLERS BURGNER, So Historical Press p 592
Archibald McAFEE 3/5/1860 To son John $100 son Michael $150, to childre
Archibald M., William K, Sarah Waddle and Jane Rambo equal parts. My 2 beds
and furniture to be divided. To grandchildren Martha Van (Ann) and Rufus
Jennings, $10 a piece. executor Rufus Waddle, William McAFEE Will dated 26
Mar 1860 wit Charles Lovette, Frederick Dewitt signed Arch McAFEE.

More About Archibald Mcafee and Bethia Garoutte:
Marriage: December 10, 1806, Pleasant Mills, New Jersey

xxxv. William "NC" McAfee, born 1790; married Xxxx Xxx.
xxxvi. Wallace William McAfee, born Abt. 1793 in North Carolina;
married Susanna Graves March 16, 1821 in Lillard Co MO.

Notes for Wallace William McAfee:
Amelia researching this line

He bought land in Daviewss Co, MO 1843 and was still there in 1850

>From FEE History

Wm. Wallace McAFEE, 1829 1820 census Mo. and Mollie WITT from TN and perhaps
earlier, from KY says a grandson was 19.

Not sure what above means, perhaps this is son of Wallace William

More About Wallace McAfee and Susanna Graves:
Marriage: March 16, 1821, Lillard Co MO

xxxvii. John Thomas Pa/TN/AL Mcafee, born Abt. 1800 in Pennsylvania;
died 1833 in Alabama; married Nancy Blair.

Notes for John Thomas Pa/TN/AL Mcafee:
Ginger McAFEE researching this line

xxxviii. Henderson SC McAfee, born 1801 in Pickens County, South
Carolina; died Aft. 1870 in Texas; married Sarah Xxx.

Notes for Henderson SC McAfee:
Barb MOCK researching this line

More About Henderson SC McAfee:
Fact 1: His father maybe SAmuel

xxxix. Charles W . KY IN MO. McAfee, born 1806 in Kentucky; died
April 15, 1863 in St. Louis, Missour; married Sarah Holt August 08, 1829 in
Harrison County, Indiana.

Notes for Charles W . KY IN MO. McAfee:
Peggy TILLEY researching this line

More About Charles W . KY IN MO. McAfee:
Fact 1: 1840, They were in Logan County, Illinois

More About Charles McAfee and Sarah Holt:
Marriage: August 08, 1829, Harrison County, Indiana
Marriage Fact: Her mother Elizabeth NOLAND gave consent.

xl. Isaac McAfee, born Abt. 1820.
xli. John Thomas "missouri" McAfee, born Abt. 1820; married
Permelia Hawkins.
xlii. William McAfee, born Abt. 1820; married (1) Lavina Sidney
Snyder Bef. 1846; married (2) Margaret Xxx Abt. 1861; married (3) Drucilla
Crooper 1874.

Notes for William McAfee:
Pat at researching this line

More About William McAfee and Lavina Snyder:
Marriage: Bef. 1846

xliii. Dorsey McAfee, born 1821; married Emeline Xxx.
xliv. Hugh NC MS TX McAfee, born 1821 in North Carolina; married
Roseanna Toal 1842.

More About Hugh McAfee and Roseanna Toal:
Marriage: 1842

xlv. John McAfee, born 1822; married Nancy Ann Babbs.
xlvi. James M. TN McAfee, born Abt. 1825; died in Maury County, TN;
married Artemessa L. Queen July 30, 1857 in Habersham County, Georgia.

More About James McAfee and Artemessa Queen:
Marriage: July 30, 1857, Habersham County, Georgia

xlvii. Jacob McAfee, born Abt. 1829; died 1895; married Elizabeth
Xxx Abt. 1850 in Washington County, Amwell Twnship, PA; born 1830; died 1908
in Amity, Washington County, PA.

Notes for Jacob McAfee:
Cindy researching this line.
Eric Segal researching this line.

More About Jacob McAfee and Elizabeth Xxx:
Marriage: Abt. 1850, Washington County, Amwell Twnship, PA

xlviii. Martin McAfee, born 1830; married Mary Xxx.
xlix. Amanda TN McAfee, born January 19, 1835; married Abraham H.
Sumners Abt. 1860.

Notes for Amanda TN McAfee:
Martekelog researching this line

More About Abraham Sumners and Amanda McAfee:
Marriage: Abt. 1860

l. Andrew "Missouri" Mcafee, born Abt. 1840; married Harriett J.
li. William "Conn." McAfee, born 1840; died in Conn; married Naomi
Colpitts; born 1844 in New Brunswick; died 1885.

Notes for William "Conn." McAfee:
Barb Researching this line

William's father was in British Army sent to Ireland to fight where he met a
young Irish Catholic girl and left the army and married and came to New
Brunswick. They helped in the building of Mechancs Settlement and a Trade
School where they taught construction horseshoeing Blacksmithing ect.

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