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Subject: [McAFEE] McAFEE part 2
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 22:01:07 EDT

24. xxx. JOHN KY MO MCAFEE, b. 1781, PA or KY; d. August 19, 1841, Shelby
County, MO.
25. xxxi. ARCHIBALD PA/NJ/TN MCAFEE, b. 1783, Pennsylvania; d. 1865, Green
County , TN.
26. xxxii. WILLIAM "NC" MCAFEE, b. 1790.
27. xxxiii. WALLACE WILLIAM MCAFEE, b. Abt. 1793, North Carolina.
xxxiv. JOHN MCAFFERY MCAFEE, b. Abt. 1795; m. PATSEY HUNT, March 21,
1817, Wilson County, Tennessee.

Marriage Notes for JOHN MCAFEE and PATSEY HUNT:
Bondsman Harvey H. SEAWELL m. by William SEAWELL Wilson County

28. xxxv. ROBERT KY MCAFEE, b. August 01, 1798; d. January 11, 1860, Mercer
County, Kentucky.
29. xxxvi. FRANCIS MCAFEE, b. Abt. 1800.
30. xxxvii. J. T. MCAFEE, b. Abt. 1800, Pennsylvania.
xxxviii. JOHN THOMAS PA/TN/AL MCAFEE, b. Abt. 1800, Pennsylvania; d.
1833, Alabama; m. NANCY BLAIR.

Ginger McAFEE researching this line

xxxix. WILLIAM P. MCAFEE, b. Abt. 1800; m. POLLY BOND, February 03,
1830, Knox County, Tennessee.

Marriage Notes for WILLIAM MCAFEE and POLLY BOND:
Bondsman B. M. WALLACE, m by Isaac LEWIS

31. xl. HENDERSON SC MCAFEE, b. 1801, Pickens County, South Carolina; d. Aft.
1870, Texas.
xli. ELIZABETH MCAFEE, b. Abt. 1805; m. JAMES JENNINGS, January 24,
1825, Tennessee.
xlii. JOSEPH MCAFEE, b. Abt. 1805; m. JULIANNA HUGES, July 24, 1831,
Harris County, Georgia.
32. xliii. CHARLES W . KY IN MO. MCAFEE, b. 1806, Kentucky; d. April 15,
1863, St. Louis, Missour.
March 03, 1839, Carroll County, Georgia.
xlv. ELEANOR MCAFEE, b. Abt. 1820; m. WILLIAM FANN, January 22, 1850,
33. xlvi. ISAAC MCAFEE, b. Abt. 1820.
xlvii. JAMES MCAFEE, b. Abt. 1820; m. ELIZABETH MINTON, August 30, 1845,
34. xlviii. JOHN THOMAS "MISSOURI" MCAFEE, b. Abt. 1820.
35. xlix. WILLIAM MCAFEE, b. Abt. 1820.
36. l. WILLIAM A. MCAFEE, b. Abt. 1820, Kentucky.
37. li. WILLIAM H. MCAFEE, b. Abt. 1820, Kentucky; d. Kentucky.
lii. WILLIAM K. MCAFEE, b. Abt. 1820; m. LOUISA HARMAN, August 24,
1848, Tennessee.
liii. DORSEY MCAFEE, b. 1821; m. EMELINE XXX.
38. liv. HUGH NC MS TX MCAFEE, b. 1821, North Carolina.
lv. C. L. MCAFEE, b. Abt. 1822; m. D. L. WRIGHT, January 25, 1842,
lvi. MARGARET MCAFEE, b. Abt. 1822; m. JACOB J. BROWN, March 03, 1842,
lvii. JOHN MCAFEE, b. 1822; m. NANCY ANN BABBS.
lviii. J. F. MCAFEE, b. Abt. 1825; m. M. J. COLLIER, February 09, 1847,

Marriage Notes for J. MCAFEE and M. COLLIER:
another marriage record

J. F. MCAFEE to M. J. COLLIER August 25, 1858 by Thos. ROGERS, J.P
McMinn County, TN

lix. JAMES M. TN MCAFEE, b. Abt. 1825; d. Maury County, TN; m.
ARTEMESSA L. QUEEN, July 30, 1857, Habersham County, Georgia.
lx. ELIZABETH MCAFEE, b. Abt. 1827; m. WILLIAM E. CRESWELL, February 08,
1847, Tennessee.
39. lxi. JACOB MCAFEE, b. Abt. 1829; d. 1895.
40. lxii. JOHN FREDERICK CANADA MCAFEE, b. Abt. 1830.
41. lxiii. THOMAS R. "TN" MCAFEE, b. Abt. 1830.
lxiv. THOMAS L. MCRAFFEE, b. Abt. 1830; m. M. P. BEACHMAN, January 10,
1850, Carroll County, Georgia.
42. lxv. MARTIN MCAFEE, b. 1830.
lxvi. AMANDA TN MCAFEE, b. January 19, 1835; m. ABRAHAM H. SUMNERS,
Abt. 1860.

Martekelog researching this line

lxvii. LOUISA E. MCAFFEY MCAFEE, b. Abt. 1838; m. JAMES C. BAINE,
November 14, 1858, McMinn County, Tennessee.

Marriage Notes for LOUISA MCAFEE and JAMES BAINE:
reference Marriage Book D page 150
McMinn Co TN
m. by Robert COCHRAN J. P.

43. lxviii. ANDREW "MISSOURI" MCAFEE, b. Abt. 1840.
lxix. JOHN W. MCAFEE, b. Abt. 1840; m. MARTHA R. CARTER, July 10, 1865,
Lawrence County, Tennessee.

Marriage Notes for JOHN MCAFEE and MARTHA CARTER:
Bonsdsman John B. MCAFEE m. by W. C. DAVIS, J.P. 7/9/1865 Lawrence Co

lxx. W. M. MCAFEE, b. Abt. 1840; m. NANCY TATE, September 07, 1865,
Franklin County, Alabama.
lxxi. WILLIAM "CONN." MCAFEE, b. 1840; d. Conn; m. NAOMI COLPITTS; b.
1844, New Brunswick; d. 1885.

Barb Researching this line

William's father was in British Army sent to Ireland to fight where he met a
young Irish Catholic girl and left the army and married and came to New
Brunswick. They helped in the building of Mechancs Settlement and a Trade School
where they taught construction horseshoeing Blacksmithing ect.

lxxii. SAMUEL MCAFEE, b. 1842, Missouri; d. Aft. 1885; m. MARY E. XXXX;
b. 1851, West Virginia; d. Aft. 1885.

1885 Mills Co. IA state census Town of Malvern

McAfee, Samuel L., 43 / m / married / minister / MO
McAfee, Mary E., 34 / f / married / WV

44. lxxiii. SAMUEL M MCAFEE, b. Abt. 1850.
lxxiv. THOMAS R. MCAFEE, b. Abt. 1858; m. A. E. MCAFEE, March 06, 1881,
Hickman County, Tennessee.

Marriage Notes for THOMAS MCAFEE and A. MCAFEE:
lic. issued 3/4/1881 married by V. B. SHOUSE, J.P. BONDSMAN, S. M. CUMMINS
Book 4 page 236

45. lxxvi. ALFRED BURTON GA/TX MCAFEE, b. January 21, 1861, Georgia; d.
March 03, 1930, Temple, Bell County, Texas.
lxxvii. J. E. MCAFEE, b. Abt. 1865; m. SUSIE TAYLOR, February 27, 1887,
Hickman County, Tennessee.

Marriage Notes for J. MCAFEE and SUSIE TAYLOR:
Lic. Issued 2/26/1887
married by E. W. EASLEY J.P. BONDSMAN, S. GRUMMETT, Book 6, page 113

46. lxxviii. THOMAS KS MCAFEE, b. 1875, Kansas; d. 1935, Kansas.

Generation No. 2

2. XXXX2 MCAFEE (AMERICAN1) He married LOUISE MCAFEE. She was born in

i. DUDLEY T.3 MCAFEE, b. June 05, 1841, Green County, Kentucky; d.
December 20, 1923, Green County, Kentucky.

Burial: December 22, 1923, Kessler Grave Yard, Greensburg, Kentucky

3. XXXX NEW HAMPSHIRE2 MCAFEE (AMERICAN1) was born Abt. 1690. He married

The first family in America was on of McAFFEE or McAFEE (Christian name
unknown) who settled in Rochester, New Hampshire, before 1720. Matthew McAFEE was
the son of this immigrant, and made his home in Londonderry, New Hampshire.

Fact 1: 1720, came to Rochester N. H. before this date

Child of XXXX MCAFEE and XXXX XXXX is:

4. JAMES IRE/PA/VA/KY2 MCAFEE (AMERICAN1) was born October 17, 1707 in
Ireland. He married JANET JENNY JANE ANTRIM MCMICHAEL 1735 in Ireland, daughter of
MALCOLM MCMICHAEL. She was born Abt. 1723 in Armah County, Ireland.

James is believed to be the son of John MCAFEE Jr. b. 1673 and Married Mary
RODGERS about 1700, He was the son of John Sr and Elizabeth MONTGOMERY, who was
the son of Malcom of the McDUFFIE clan in Scotland. I believe James had 3
brothers John, Malcolm and William.

James the immigrant came to American about 1739 from Belfast, Ireland. He
was in Pennsylvania by 1739 and his home was in Lancaster County, PA.
His wife Jane and 3 young sons, James Jr., John and Malcolm. Malcolm died on
the voyage and was buried at sea.

Family moved to Augusta County, VA about 1748 .

(Patricia Imani)

Dear list:
I'm one of the many descendants of Robert McAfee and Ann McCoun, and of
the early McAfee ancestor John McAfee (1) b. 1645 who immigrated from
Colonsay to Armagh, Ire.

I would like to check in with other McAfee researchers concerning the
wife of John McAfee Sr.
- commonly shown as Elizabeth Montgomery.

I have been gathering information for the last year, that is I am a new
McAfee researcher and no expert by any measure, but what I have been
told by other researchers with more experience is this: Where popularly
Elizabeth Montgomery has been listed as the wife of John McAfee Sr.,
the research by Maurie McCoun Klimcheck in the 1980's showed that
Elizabeth Montgomery was actually the wife of James McCoun (2) - who's
great granddaughter, Anne McCoun, married Robert McAfee (son of James
McAfee and Jane McMichael).

Robert McAfee and Anne McCoun's son was Robert B. McAfee. Robert B.
McAfee's writings
have served as a basis for much of the early McAfee research, and later
genealogical records, and are apparently the root of the Elizabeth
Montgomery - John McAfee (1) connection. However, the research by Maurie
McCoun Klimcheck in the set of volumes "The Descendants of James McCoun
and Margaret Walker" shows that Elizabeth Montgomery married James
McCoun (2) - this making Elizabeth Montgomery Robert. B. McAfee's great
grandmother on the *maternal* side rather than the paternal (a paternal
association was noted in Robert B. McAfee's writings.)

Do any of you have a copy of Maurie McCoun Klimcheck's book to look up
the information on Elizabeth Montgomery/James McCoun (2)?

Also, my understanding was that marriage records for John McAfee have
never been discovered, and that a wife was not mentioned in his will
(apparently he was widowed).

I know this opens up a whole can of worms (and I'm sure it's been opened
before) but I think it should be investigated and if there is a question
as to the name of John McAfee's wife, that a notation should be made in
our records.

Does anyone have documentation to show Elizabeth Montgomery to be the
wife of John McAfee Sr. - other than those genealogy records that use
the writings of Robert B. McAfee as a source (apparently the LDS records
also rely ...down the line...on Robert B. McAfee's writings) ?

Date: 4/21/2003 12:31:29 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

I have gather bits & pieces over the years mostly that he died there and
some on the family there, but must dig into my piles of documents mostly
emails. What I haven't done is contact the County seats for information
on him. Just checked my Redbook and see that Washington County was
formed in 1781, so, his death should be recorded with them. The early
Parent County was Bedford just little west of Chester County the seat of
many generations of McAfee's. I must check dates and places, but think
a James McAfee who married Jane McMichael in Ireland had a son James
that may be the one that comes to eventually Washington County. He
would have been a first or second cousin to my line. I have not
followed this branch line much yet. We are focusing now on the New
Hampshire connection and entering what research we have gather over the

The Jane McAFEE chapter D.A.R. was organized 4/20/1912. The name selected for
the chapter was for a woman who had the unusal experience of furnishing five
sons to the American Revolution.

She came to Kentucky with her 5 sons and mand the journey from Virginia to
Mercer County, KY, The came to KY following a path, with pack horses for 40
days. She was a true Pioneer woman, first leaving her home in Ireland with a her
husband and 3 small boys. She lost the youngest to death and the ship, and was
forced to bury baby Malcolm at sea. When she left Virginia for Ky with her
sons, she left her husband never to see him again. She died in 1783. She was a
true leader of early women and what they could accomplish in what was then a
man's world.

48. i. JAMES JR.3 MCAFEE, b. 1736, Ireland; d. June 25, 1811, Mercer County,
ii. JOHN MCAFEE, b. 1737; d. 1768, Virginia.

Notes for JOHN MCAFEE:
It's not known if John married or left children at the time of his death.

Cause of Death: Killed by Indians at Reed Creek in Virginia 1768

iii. MALCOM MCAFEE, b. 1738.
49. iv. GEORGE MCAFEE, b. April 05, 1740, Lancaster, Pennsylvania; d. April
14, 1803, Mercer County, Kentucky.
50. v. MARGARET MCAFEE, b. 1742, Lancaster, PA.
51. vi. ROBERT MCAFEE, b. July 10, 1745, Lancaster, Pennsylvania; d. 1795,
New Orleans, Louisanna.
52. vii. MARY MCAFEE, b. 1746, Lancaster, PA.
53. viii. WILLIAM MCAFEE, b. 1747; d. 1780, Mercer County, Kentucky.
54. ix. SAMUEL MCAFEE, b. January 1747/48; d. June 08, 1801, Kentucky.
x. SUSAN MCAFEE, b. 1752, Lancaster, PA; m. JAMES MCCOUN, 1772; b. 1752,
Augusta, VA.

5. JAMES NC2 MCAFEE (AMERICAN1) was born 1710, and died 1769 in Tryon
County, North Carolina. He married (1) JANET XXXX. He married (2) MARGARET
HARDIN 1729. She was born 1714, and died Aft. 1769.

I am currently working on this line (10/1999) it's very confusing and
I've put together this way as away I can see all McAFEE's together, I have not
proven this info and add new info weekly, please notify me of any changes you
might have or suggestions. My grandmother was a McAFEE. Brenda Woods
or Brenda Woods, P.O. Box 1013, Mt. Washington, Ky 40047

From James McAFEE to William McAFEE to Thomas McAFEE to Jesse McAFEE, this
is only a suggestion as to how the line goes, from family notes and researchers
in Lincoln County TN...most probally these McAFEE's were in North Carolina
before coming to TN, I believe Thomas and some of his siblings came to Lincoln
County Tn around 1800.

>From Lawrence Keith McAFEE who received it from Joyce CAVETT June 17 1997

from data of Jane FULLERTON

James McAFEE wills 1760-1824 original will missing. An abstract of this will
was published in 1932 in the N. C. Historical and Genealogical Record, page
85, by Clarence GRIFFIN the will was dated 4 Feb. 1769 and does not give date
of probate. The abstract lists wife, Margaret, children, William, James,
Robert, Janet a daughter in law, Jean HARDIN, son in law Joseph HARDIN, grandsons,
Thomas and James (sons of William)

Tryon and Lincoln Co Court Minutes 1770 James McAFEE and Benjamin HARDIN to
produce securtiy William McAFEE appointed guardina to his sons Thomas and
James, 1772 Robert McAFEE securities, estate of George WATTS, Tryon Land records of
Mecklenburg, Co NC . 1765 James McAFEE Jr received land grant on Turkey
Creek. Jospeh HARDIN, chainbearer. 1766, 9/22 James McAFEE land grant of 200
acres on brach of FIshing Creek including Stpehn OSBURNS improvements 1767 Robert
BLACKBURN recieved land grant on Clarks Creek, joing his own line, James
McAFEE, Daniel WORLOCKS, Apr 18 1767 Peter SUMMY Land on the north side of the
south fork of Cataba River joing Cahoo, Welshes, RAmsours and McAfee lines Apr
18 1767, James McAFEE land grant of 300 acres lying on a branch of Kings Creek
on the southwest side of Jospeh HARDENS land and branch called Jumping Branch.

>From Holcomb's Anson Con NC deed Abstracts vol 1 july 1771 Administration
granted on estate of James McAFEE Executors Robert McAFEE and Joseph HARDIN.
Tryon Co NC

Notes say James McAFEE's wife Margaet may have been a JORDON, other notes
from Kegley's Virginia Frontier by F. B. KEGLEY lists a James McAFEE, Sr, and Jr.
Robert, William and George McAFEE land in 1760's.

Clarence GRIFFIN's abstract N. C. Historical and Genealogical Record Vo 1 No
2 pp 84-87
McAFEE, James, ex 2/4/1769, wife Margaret, sons, William, James, Robert
daughter Janet, (daughter in law ???) Jean HARDIN son in law Joseph HARDIN,
grandsons, Thomas and James, sons of William
An inventory of James McAFEE's estate is found in N. C. Archives 060.508.87.
The inventory of the goods and Chattels of James McAFEE deceased is as
follows Viz Eight horses, and mears branded thus on the should and M on buttock , 32
head horned cattle marked with a slit in each ear above, 33 head of hogs, 2
negroes Neptune and Dinah, 1 plow and irons and tackling, one iron tood, d
harrow 90 bushels corn by computation, 8 bells, 1 gum of bees, 1 iron Wedge, 2
mall rigns, 1 pair of tongs, 1 hackel, 1 smothing iron, 1 pair saddlebags, 1
hamme, 1 pistel, 2 branding irons, 2 beds and furntiture, 3 pewter dishes, 2
basons, 6 pewter poringers, 6 tins, 1 tin funnel, 17 spoons, 4 knives, 6 forks, ne
churn one trunk on sifter, one riddle, one big wheel and 2 little wheels, two
candlesticks, 6 teac cups and saucers, one looking glass and slate, one trunk,
6 pewter palates, 1 pewter bottle, one tin half pint, 8 books, one gun powder
horn and shot pouch 3 saddles, two birdles, four bags, 1 pot rack, 2 pair pot
hooks, 1 loom seven pair of harneses eleven reeds and three shuttles one foot
adze one handsaw, one auger, two chisels, one drawingknife one two foot raile
one ink holder, two butter riggs full and one empty two bred treas credits
due to sd. estate from Sundry persons 14 pound 1 shill Prock dito two pouns 6
shillings dito two pounds 900 acres of land. Joseph HARDIN and Robert McAFEE

Note I have says : ( note doesn't have a name and I don't remember where I
got it) Sorry

James McAFEE who died in Lincoln County, North Carolina 1769 left a will but
it was stolen from Raleigh Archives in 1968.

James owned several hundred acres of land in Mecklinberg County, NC and sold
all and moved to Lincoln County, NC where he died 1769. His will was probated
1771. Since the James and Samuel McAFEE who lived in Davie County, NC early
1800 it is hard to dertermine if they were related.

Fact 1: birth date from one source says 1690
Fact 2: middle name might be Anderson

Believe her maiden name was HARDIN with first marriage to a GIBSON

Fact 1: Last name could be HARDIN, GIBSON, JORDAN

55. i. JAMES3 MCAFEE, b. 1737; d. 1829.
56. ii. ROBERT MCAFEE, b. 1740; d. 1818, Jasper County, Georgia.
iii. JANE JANET MCAFEE, b. 1742.

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