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The following is a chapter (revised) from a book I published concerning the
family in 1996. I have been unable to identify the parents of Thomas.
However, another revised chapter of the book clarifies that Thomas was a
descendant of one Colman Buchanan, and that the family home was on a small
island in Loch Lomond which I saw a few years ago. I will be glad to send a
copy of that chapter if you wish.
Several Clarks are identified as descendants of Thomas. Are you also a
descendant? If so, please tell me your connection.
Glynn McCalman


According to Burke's Irish Family Records, Thomas McCallmon/
McCalmont(c.1641) settled on a farm in the parish of Cairn Castle in Antrim
County, the geographically nearest county in Ireland to Scotland, and called
his farm Closeburn.


Closeburn was the name of a parish in western Scotland on which was a
remarkable cavern called Cresholsin, one of the retreats of the Covenanters
in the days of religious persecution, between 1660 and 1680.

Thomas' wife's name was Margaret. We don't know when they were married, or
even whether they married before coming to Ireland. According to tradition,
in order to conceal his identity, he changed his name to McCalmont (or
McCallmont). Since then the name has been spelled numerous ways. It hasn't
always been easy to persuade a McCommon of Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania or a
McCalment of Anamosa, Iowa that a McCalman from Walnut Hill (Bradley),
Arkansas is a cousin. It is undeniable, however, that known descendents of
Thomas McCallmon/McCalmont (c.1641) have spelled their name those and many
other ways.

This is not to say that all people identified in this book are known to be
descendents of Thomas(1641). It is only to say that virtually all of us are,
and the rest of us are probably related through a common ancestor who lived
not many generations before Thomas and who probably lived, at least for
awhile, in Antrim County, Ireland. Even though Thomas did not come to
America, several of his sons (and possibly daughters) did. His children were
probably born at Closeburn, though the oldest could have been born in

The following chapters will present what we have learned concerning Thomas'
descendants. They all bear names of counties and are arranged alphabetically
(except Argyll and Antrim), rather than by some more complicated
chronological order.



Less than one generation before the American Revolution, England was
encouraging the Scotch-Irish "Ulstermen" to migrate to America. The purpose
was to bolster her position against the French, particularly throughout the
Ohio Valley and western Pennsylvania, where the French were believed to be
fomenting unrest against white settlers. And of course, England's plan
worked. The reader of this book will observe that some of our McCalmont
ancestors had already arrived in America, but others would arrive during
that era.

But England didn't anticipate that in less than a generation

those same Scotch-Irish would be among her most formidable opponents in the
Revolution, a war that some would refer to as a "Presbyterian Rebellion".
The earliest McCalmont/McCammons in America were indeed Presbyterians and
totally committed to that "rebellion".

Similar opinions were offered by such historians as George Bancroft, Horace
Walpole, Peter Oliver and others. Even King George III was reported to have
said that the Revolution was 1caused by "those pestiferous Presbyterians.
They are always in unrest, and will be until they are wiped out." No wonder
that nine of the first thirteen states elected Scotch-Irish governors.

In Pennsylvania, an enactment provided that its inhabitants "shall in no
ways be molested or prejudiced for their religious persuasion or practice in
matters of faith and worship, nor shall they be compelled at any time to
frequent or maintain any religious worship, place, or ministry whatever".
This attracted thousands of Scottish and Scots-Irish Presbyterians to the
area. By 1829 six thousand Scots-Irish had arrived in Pennsylvania. Some
historians have pointed out that one of the reasons for Pennsylvanians
welcoming the Scots-Irish was the anticipation of need for defense. Later,
in commenting on this factor concerning the Revolution, one said, "Many
Quaker citizens near Valley Forge had scruples against fighting
others--(but) the Scotch-Irish rather preferred it".

Even though Thomas(1641) did not come to America, several of his sons did.
Following is a brief listing of his children of whom we have information,
followed by chapter references in which information is presented concerning
them and their descendents.



I-Thomas McCalmont, II: Born c.1668 (?) to Thomas(1641)


A-Thomas McCalmont, III: Born c.170O (?) To Thomas, II


1-Robert McCalmont: Born in 1725 in Ireland to Thomas, III and lived at
Newtown in Antrim County.

NOTE: Even though this man's grandfather and father came to America and are
recorded in the New Castle chapter, Robert remained in Ireland and was the
progenitor of such an interesting family there that his family is being
recorded here in the Antrim County chapter.

NOTE: Some of the following information was obtained by Miss Elizabeth
Bratton of Phillipsburg, Pennsylvania, who copied it from the records of J.
D. McCalmont, whose address on August 15, 1927, was 2025 32nd St. South, St.
Petersburg, Florida. The original was obtained from Martin & Allardyce,
Asbury Park, New Jersey, Importers of Ancient Engraving of Coat of Arms,
Family History, etc.

Robert married Margaret (or Mary) Mumford(-1768), daughter of Hugh Mumford
of Dremalis in Antrim County. As were other members of the family, he was
engaged in trade between Britain and the colonies. He is known to have
actually commanded at least one of the trading ships personally. There is a
record that on November 19, 1750, the "Snow Antrim" arrived in America from
Carrickfergus, Ireland (Antrim County). Its master was Robert McCalmont.
This may have been the voyage that brought his uncle, John McCalmont(c.1709)
to America. He died on June 10, 1775, at Larne.

a-Hugh McCalmont: Born December 31, 1765, to Robert(1725) at Abbylands in
Antrim County and married Elizabeth Allen Barklie (c.1777-1871) of Inver in
Antrim County on January 13, 1807. They lived at Abbeylands in Antrim County
and/or Highfield, Southampton. He may have been the chief heir of
considerable wealth amassed by the uncle for whom he was named. Hugh died
October 20, 1832 or 1838. George Byron McCalmont says he had "numerous"

(I)-Robert McCalmont: Born January 3, 1808, and married Margaret
Cairns(-1889) on October 23, 1835. They lived at Gatton Park, Surrey and he
died December 2, 1883.

(A)-James Martin McCalmont: Born c.1845, became a colonel in the British
army and represented East Antrim County in Parliament from 1885 to 1914.

(1)-Robert McCalmont: Born August 29, 1881, became an army colonel and
honorary brigadier-general. He was a Member of Parliament from 1913-1919
representing East Antrim and was the recipient of numerous awards and
achievements. He married first, Mary Caroline Skeen(-1941) in 1907. After
her death he married second, Iris Heather Flinn in 1950.

(II)-Rev. Thomas McCalmont: Born January 28, 1809, to Hugh(1765) and was
educated at Trinity College in Dublin and Worcester College at Oxford. He
married first, Sarah Blundell(-1836), daughter of Rev. William Blundell,
Rector of St. Anne's in Liverpool, on June 6, 1833. He married second, Emily
Georgiana Hill(-1912) on October 30, 1844, and died March 16, 1872(?). He
lived at Highfield, Southampton, England. The date of Emily's death may be
incorrect. John E. McCalmont(1878) wrote to Judge Wallace McCamant (See
Chester County) that "Emily G. McCalmont, widow (daughter-in-law ?) of Rev.
Thomas, of Highfield, some years ago gave us a copy of a family record
prepared by her husband in 1855--". George Byron McCalmont (See Venango
County) says that Emily sent a copy to him.

(A)-Hugh Barklie Blundell McCalmont: Born August 24, 1836, to Thomas(1809),
became a lawyer and married Edith Florence Blackmore (-1910) on August 8,
1860. They lived at Hampton Court, Middlesex. Hugh died June 24, 1888, and
Edith married second, Frederick John Partridge on May 22, 1890.

(1)-Harry Leslie Blundell McCalmont: Born May 30, 1861, and married first,
Amy Hyacinth Miller(-1889), daughter of Major General John Miller, on
December 9, 1885. He married second, Winifred (De Bathe) Fanning on July 5,
1897. He served as a lieutenant with the Scots Guards, colonel with the 6th
Battallion of Warwicks Battallion and was a Member of Parliament for East
Cambridge from 1895 until his death in 1902.

He lived at Cheveley Park in County Cambridge. In 1894 his fortune was
valued at 4,OOO,OOO pounds. He died December 8, 1902, and his obituary was
presented in the New York Times the following day. After Harry's death, his
widow assigned his estate to Dermot Hugh Bingham McCalmont of Mount Juliet.

(2)-Ethel Elizabeth McCalmont: Born August 9, 1862, and married James Shaw
Robertson(-1939) on April 21, 1888. They lived at The Vache Park, Chalfont
St. Giles, Bucks. She had children and died May 21, 1937.

(3)-Margaret Anna McCalmont: Born December 25, 1863, and married James
Ernest Rawlins of Syston Court, Mangotsfield, Gloucestershire on October 21,
1884. They had children and she died November 14, 1937. (B)-Georgiana
Elizabeth McCalmont: Born September 28, 1845, to Thomas(1809) and died
January 12, 1850.

(C)-Frederick Haynes McCalmont: Born October 13, 1846, became a lawyer and
died single on November 4, 1880.

(D)-Alfred Leighton McCalmont: Born May 28, 1851, and became Mayor of
Southampton in 1877. He died unmarried November 26, 1878.

(E)-Florence Emily McCalmont: Born March 27, 1852, married Captain Alexander
James Corse-Scott on December 30, 1875, and died October 1929.

(1)-Evangeline Katherine Florence Scott: Born May 30, 1880.

(F)-Evangeline Elizabeth McCalmont: Born April 23, 1854, and died March 14,

(G)-Barklie Cairns McCalmont: Born November 22, 1860, to Thomas(1809),
educated at Winchester and at Oxford Military College, and married first,
Catherine Madeline de Coursey(-1911) on October 28, 1884. He was a captain
in the South African War of 1901-O2 and later a colonel, commanding the 5th
Battallion of Royal Warwicks Regiment. He married second, Maud Phelps and
died April 30, 1929.

(1)-Josephine de Courcy: Born March 25, 1886, and married first, Major Hugo
Mascie Taylor in 1911. He was killed at Gallipoli on August 7, 1915, and she
married second, William Newton Harriot Robinson in 1918. She had children.

(2)-Kathleen Elaine McCalmont: Born September 12, 1888, and married Captain
Gerald Lewis Jules Duplessis on April 8, 1920. She had children and died
April 19, 1949.

(3)-Dorothy Barklie McCalmont: Born November 12, 1890, and married Edward
Lyon Lakin(-1922) on February 5, 1912. She had children and died January 1,

(4)-Madeline Stretton McCalmont: Born December 15, 1893, married Colonel
Reginald Seton Hart on November 11, 1919, and had children.

(III)-Hugh McCalmont: Born March 26, 1810, to Hugh(1765), lived at
Abbeylands and died unmarried on October 9, 1887. He left a vast estate to
his great nephew, Harry Leslie Blundell McCalmont. (One Hugh McCalmont owned
148 acres of land at Whiteabbey, Antrim County in 1876.)

(IV)-Jane McCalmont: Born January 24, 1812, and died April 5, 1818.

(V)-John McCalmont: Born October 26, 1814, at Highfield, Southampton and
died unmarried on July 30, 1834.

(VI)-Barklie McCalmont: Born August 23, 1816, and died September 6 of the
same year.

(VII)-Margaret Jane McCalmont: Born November 27, 1817, and died August 30,

(VIII)-James McCalmont: Born June 9, 1819, to Hugh(1765) and married Emily
Anne Barton(-1907) of Tipperary County. They lived at Abbeylands and Breen
in Antrim County. A church window at Whitehouse near Belfast memorializes
him. He died July 18, 1849, after which Emily married Augustine Hugh Barton
(?) in 1853.

(A)-Hugh McCalmont: Born February 9, 1845, and married Honorable Rose
Elizabeth Bingham Clanmorris(-1938)(recipient of Medaille de la
Reconnaissance Francaise) on September 29, 1886. She was the author of
"Memoirs of the Binghams". Hugh was an officer with Lord Wellesley in the
Red River Expedition and in the Ashanti War(1870). He was in the
Russo-Turkish War(1877-78), the Siege of Kars, the South African War(1879),
the Afghan War, the Egyptian War(1882), commanded the Light Camel Regiment
in the Sudan Expedition(1884-85) and commanded the 4th Dragoon Guards
(1888-1892) and the Cork Dist(1898-1903).

He was awarded the Order of the Medjidie and served as Member of Parliament
for North Antrim from 1895 to 1899. He owned impressive estates at Mount
Juliet near Thomastown in Kilkenny County and Abbeylands in Antrim County.
He died May 2, 1924.

(1)-Dermot Hugh Bingham McCalmont: Born April 10, 1887, and was educated at
Eton and Conyngham. He married first, Lady Barbara Helen Conyngham(-1938) on
June 3, 1918. He served in World War I as Aide de Camp for General Sir
Horace Smith-Dorrien, Assistant Military Secretary for the East African
Force and was a national sports figure throughout Britain.

He married second, June Patteson Nickalls on March 29, 1941. He lived at
Mount Juliet in Kilkenny County and was heir to the large fortune of his
relative, Harry McCalmont(1861) (above). (a)-Victor Hugh Harry McCalmont:
Born April 16, 1919, educated at Eton and married Beryl Susan Sutton on
January 18, 1945. He was a major with the Royal Dragoons in World War II and
was a Member of the House of Commons.

(a1)-Peter Victor McCalmont: Born November 11, 1946.

(a2)-Diana Emily Helen McCalmont: Born April 19, 1948.

(a3)-Harry Richard McCalmont: Born June 7, 1955

(b)-Hugh Dermot McCalmont: Born January 23, 1942, and married Gillian Mary
Moore on August 19, 1963. He has been an insurance broker and horseman.

(b1)-Zara Jane McCalmont: Born July 28, 1964

(b2)-Jamie Hugh Robert McCalmont: Born June 20, 1968.

(c)-Patrick James McCalmont: Born April 27, 1944,

and educated at Eton.

(d)-Michael Robert McCalmont: Born June 13, 1946, and educated at Eton.

(B)-James Martin McCalmont: Born May 23, 1847, to James (1819) and married
Mary Caroline Romer on October 14, 1880. James was a colonel with the Antrim
Garrison Artillery, Aide de Camp to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland and
Member of Parliament for East Antrim County from 1885 to 1913. He died
February 2, 1913.

(1)-Gen. Sir Robert Chaine Alexander McCalmont: Born August 29, 1881,
educated at Eton and married first, Mary Caroline Skene(-1941) on November
16, 1907. He commanded troops in the South African War and in World War I,
commanded the 12th Battallion of the Ulster Rifles from 1914 to 1915 and the
First Battallion Irish Guards from 1915 to 1917. He commanded the Irish
Guards from 1919 to 1924 and retired in 1925. He married second, Iris
Heather Flinn of Belfast on January 25, 1950, and died November 4, 1953.

He was Group Commander for the National Defense Commission from 1939 to 1940
and commanded the 8th Battallion of Berks Regiment from 1940 to 1942. He was
a Member of Parliament for East Antrim from 1913 to 1919 and held various
other important offices.

(a)-Patricia Lilla Mary McCalmont: Born November 16, 1912, and married Major
Peter George Evelyn on June 9, 1934. He died as a prisoner of war in North
Africa on March 17, 1943.

(b)-Maureen Helen McCalmont: Born April 16, 1916, and married Kenneth
Douglas E. H. Harington on July 28, 1950.

(c)-Lilah Victoria McCalmont: Born October 7, 1918, and married Captain Eric
John Palmer on June 30, 1954.

(2)-Margaret McCalmont: Born September 25, 1888, and married Major Guy
Ludovic Follett Houstoun on March 27, 1913.

(IX)-Elizabeth McCalmont: Born May 5, 1821, to Hugh(1765) and died May 29,
1840, unmarried.

(X)-Rosanna McCalmont: Born August 7, 1823, to Hugh(1765) and married John
MacGildowny(-1887), J. P. and D. L. of Clare Park, County Antrim on
September 9, 1851. They lived at Ballycastle (and/or Clare Park) in Antrim
County and had children. She died October 30, 1887.

b-Dr. James McCalmont: Born in 1772 to Robert(1725) and was a surgeon,
killed by a shipboard explosion near the coast of Africa.

C-Robert McCalmont, II (?): The McCalmant clan who migrated from Central
Pennsylvania to Iowa informed their descendants that they descended from
this man and his son, Robert, III.


II-Alexander McCalmont: Born c.1674 (one source says 1671) to Thomas(1641).


III-John McCalmont: Born to Thomas(c.1641) and Margaret McCalmont after 1670
and, according to historian Babcock (?), settled on the Susquehanna River in
Lancaster County. He married Mary Savery in 1722 and received warranties for
20O acres of land on November 16, 1743. Robert McCamons was the
administrator of the estate of one John McCalmont in Salisbury Township of
Lancaster County on March 25, 1748.

A-Nathaniel McCalmont: Married Lydia Clark. One Nathaniel McCommon lived for
awhile in Erie County, Pennsylvania and probably died in neighboring
Ashtabula County, Ohio in 1838.

1-Elipholdt(?) McCament: Born in 1758 and married Mary Jones

a-Joseph McCament: (One Joseph McCammet, born c.1804, was a widower in Saint
Louis, Missouri in 1870.

B-?Thomas McCalmont/McCamon: Born c.170O and may have been the man of this
name and era who hosted to the Covenanter preacher, Rev. John Cuthbertson,
in southern York County, Pennsylvania, just across the Susquehanna from
Lancaster County. A widow McCommon was a storekeeper in York (town) in 1783.
One Jean McCalmond, Robert Kennedy, John Forsyth, et al signed a request
that Rev. Robert Cathcart of New Castle become pastor of First Presbyterian
Church of York in 1792. Cathcart accepted the invitation, bringing his wife,
Susan (nee) Latimer with him. She, too, was from New Castle, a relative of
the McCalmonts. (See New Castle, Delaware) Jane (Jean) "McCalmond" died in
York County on September 28, 1829, at age 99 years and 7 months.

1-?Elizabeth McCalmond: Married Robert Stevenson on May 18, 1756, in York
County with Rev. Thomas Barton officiating. (One Rev. Thomas Barton also
officiated at the marriage of George Lattimer and Margaret Potter on
December 29, 1757.)

2-?James McCalmond: Born c.1738 to Thomas of John. A person with this name
owned a cooper-smith business on the west side of the bridge at York
opposite Fisher's (later Ship) Tavern in York as early as July 20, 1791. He
died February 9, 1794, and was buried at First Presbyterian Church of York.
He was probably the James McCommon who was listed as a brazier, living alone
in York in 1783. After his death his business was owned by John Lee on June
24, 1795.

3-?John McCalmont: Married Martha Ewing?

NOTE: Consideration must be given to the possibility that the John McCalmont
who married Martha Ewing and moved to Rockbridge County, Virginia was a son
of Thomas McCamon of lower York County. John and Martha's first two children
were baptized in that area.

IV-Robert McCalmont/McCommons: Born c.1677, to Thomas(1641), married
Elizabeth ? and lived in West Nottingham Township of Chester County,
Pennsylvania. He probably adminstered the estate of his brother John on
March 25, 1748. The will of a Robert "McComons" was made or executed on
August 27, 1751, in Chester County. We cannot document the names of his


a-Samuel McCalmont/McCommon: It is now our opinion that this man was born
c.1730 to Robert(c,1677) and was the ancestor of the McCommons in
southeastern Lancaster County.


b-James McCalmont

c-Charles McCalmont/McCommons: Inasmuch as he seems to be the only one of
our clan of that era by that name, we believe that he was probably the
Charles McCommon who, in c.1754, borrowed money from his brother, Samuel
McCommon of Colerain Township in Lancaster County, and migrated to Cabarrus
County, North Carolina. (The debt was declared paid in 1758.)



d-Robert McCalmont

e-William McCalmont

f-?John McCalmont: We must acknowledge the possibility that "Rockbridge
John" McCalmont who married Martha Ewing may have been a son of
Robert(c.1677). Rockbridge John certainly appears to have lived in the
Nottingham area of Chester County at the outbreak of the Revolution, strong
evidence in favor of this lineage. However, for various reasons, we have
concluded that Rockbridge John was the son of John(1709). (See New Castle
County, Delaware)

V-William McCalmont: Born c.1678 to Thomas(c.1641) and Margaret McCalmont
and purchased land in 1748 in Philadelphia County. He married Margaret ? and
died in Norriton Township in 1760. One

of his descendants may have been the William "McCommon" who was recorded in
the Montgomery County census for 1790 and whose household included three
males above sixteen years of age. One William McCalmont was a merchant in
Chester County (next to Montgomery). He may have also been the William
McCalmont who settled in York County in 1755.

A-John McCalmont: Lived in Philadelphia County and married Rosannah (Rose)
Fitzwater, widow of Thomas Fitzwater c.1763. She eloped with Michael Conner.
He died without issue, making a will on December 17, 1764, in Norrington,
leaving his estate to his mother and three sisters. His sister Jane, and
Rev. Matthew McGlarthy were executors, and it was probated March 22, 1774.
Hugh Berry and Henry McClathy (McGlarthy ?) were witnesses.

B-Elizabeth McCalmont: Born to William(1678) and married Alexander Parker on
April 9, 1751, and was living in Baltimore County when her brother John
died. "The Kittochtinny Magazine", a historical publication of south central
Pennsylvania, records that an Elizabeth McCalmont married Alexander Parker,
who was a member of the Bucks County militia in 1775 and an original trustee
of Transylvania University.

1-William Parker

2-Mary Parker

3-Elizabeth Parker

C-Margaret McCalmont: Margaret McCalmont: Born to William(1678) and married
Henry Crooks. They were living in Baltimore when her brother John died.

1-Mary Crooks

2-Margaret Crooks: May have died before 1774, since she was the only sibling
not mentioned in her Uncle John's will.

3-Rachel Crooks

4-John Crooks

D-Jane (Jennet) McCalmont: Born to William(1768), married Thomas Henderson
and was living in New Jersey when she, along with her brother-in-law,
Alexander Parker, was executrix for the will of her brother John. (One
Thomas Henderson lived at New London in Chester County, but married Jane
Evans.) She was probably the Jane "McCammet" who was witness to the will of
Matthew Meglethry (or McGlarthy) at White Marsh in Philadelphia County in
1748. One Rev. Matthew McGlarthey was an executor with Jane of John
McCalmont's will (signed December 17, 1764).

(1)-Margaret Henderson

(2)-James Henderson

VI-Hugh McCalmont: Born c.1680 to Thomas(c.1641) and Margaret McCalmont and
probably remained in Ireland, but may have visited America.

NOTE: We are indebted to Gail Arnberger of Santa Fe, New Mexico for much of
the information on Hugh, obtained from A. B. McPherson, a grandson of Susan
McCalmont of Venango County.

Hugh is reputed to have become very wealthy in the linen bleaching industry
just north of Belfast on the coast, and may have been the only one of
Thomas' children to remain in Ireland. One of his descendants achieved
considerable wealth as an exporter of linen from Belfast. One prominent
customer for his products was Guyon (or Gowen) and Company of Philadelphia.

When Gowen was unable to pay for a large quantity of consigned merchandise,
an agreement was negotiated whereby McCalmont received a number of shares in
the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad while it was just beginning. Later,
Hugh and his brother Robert, London bankers, acquired controlling interest
in the railroad when a grand design for extending the railroad across
southern Pennsylvania, largely to be financed by the McCalmont brothers,
fell through in May 1880. Another result of that acquisition was
participation in the Erie Canal enterprise. From this and other investments
they obtained large fortunes.

The involvement of such figures as Vanderbilt, Andrew Carnegie and J. P.
Morgan adds to the interest when reading about this era of railroad history.

The normal heir to their fortune would have appropriately been their
sister's son, Lord Cairns, had he not embarrassed the family because of an
"entanglement" with an actress. Thus, the estate went instead to another of
their nephews, Harry McCalmont. When Harry died the wealth was then passed
on to McDermot McCalmont, the young son of his relative, General Sir Hugh
McCalmont, also a descendent of the Hugh McCalmont named above.

>From an article in the St. James Gazette we are further informed about the
passing of the fortune.


(Source forgotten)

"The most furious story of modern fortune is that which relates to the late
Col. Harry McCalmont. He was as poor as need be, none the less happy for
that. He went to the reading of his uncle's will hoping that perhaps the
departed gentleman might have remembered him in the extant say of an old
watch. True enough, the lawyer read out the words-'To my nephew Harry
McCalmont I leave my watch and chain`. The legate was satisfied, and leaning
back he drowsed, lulled by the monotonous tone of the lawyer as he read
through the long instrument. At the close he rose to go. `I congratulate
you', said the solicitor. `I don't know why you should', said the other.
`Because you will have (?) annually for the first five years from this date,
and afterwards you will inherit seven million sterling."

NOTE: We believe that some female McCalmonts who married Hume(s) men in
Ireland and emigrated to America were either descendants of this Hugh
McCalmont or of Thomas McCalmont, II. This has not yet been documented,


VII-?Jonathan McCalmont: Born c.1682--our only documentation to establish
that this man and Enoch (see below) may have been sons of Thomas(c.1641) and
Margaret McCalmont is that a list furnished by Hugh Buchanan, Secretary of
the Buchanan Society in Glasgow, Scotland, included them as their sons.

VIII-James McCalmont: Born c. 1684 to Thomas(1641)


IX-?Enoch McCalmont: Born c.1685

X-?Harriet McCalmont: Possibly born to Thomas(1641), married John Herron
Kennedy in First Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia in 1727. Her identity
in the family is not documented, but she probably was a daughter of Thomas,
Sr. or Thomas, Jr.



The earliest record known we know of concerning our family in America is of
John McCalman, who arrived in Maryland in November 1674 aboard "The
Batchelor ex Bristol". He was indentured, and probably a Covenanter. One
William McCalmont arrived from Leith at East New Jersey in 1684. We have no
further information about him either, however.




One Hugh McCalmont married Jane Carroll and was a member of Joymount
Presbyterian Church at Carrickfergus. The following were their children, all
baptized in the Joymount Church. He died October 20, 1887.

(A)-Margaret McCalmont: Born July 30, 1854

(B)-Ann Jane McCalmont: Born May 8, 1857

(C)-Marriott McCalmont: Born July 24, 1859

Mary McCamon(c.1739) married Rev. William Campbell, D.D. (c.1736-1804), who
was probably Vicar of Newry for 33 years and was rector of Killeskill in the
diocese of Armagh for 14 years. She died October 28, 1817. They were
probably buried at Killeskill, as was their son, William(1774-1804).
William's (1736) father was Rev. Moses Campbell, also rector of Killeskill
and died in 1772. William and Mary had the following children:

John Thomas Campbell: Secretary to Governor of New South Wales

Charles Campbell: Vicar of Newry

James Campbell: Rector of Forkhill

Eleanor Campbell: Married George Ker in 1783

Elizabeth Campbell: Married Johnstone

Mary Campbell: Married John Quinn of Newry 6/18/1807

Anne Campbell:

McCammon, Agnes: Had 21 acres in Ballyclare, Antrim Co. in 1876.

" David: Had 19 acres at Jordanstown of Antrim Co in 1876 " Rev. Frances:
Had 226 acres at Banbridge, Antrim Co in 1876.

" John(c.1754): and his wife, Mary(c.1772), of King Street in Belfast, built
a large memorial enclosure to five of their children. John died June 11,
1819, and Mary on May 3, 1855. At the same site were buried: Thomas
McCammon-Died December 10, 1869, aged 71.; Elizabeth McCammon, wife of
Thomas Mc, died November 27, 1839, age 37.; Mary McCammon, daughter of
Thomas and Elizabeth Mc, died June 28, 1850, aged 23.; William Maxwell
McCammon-died December 11, 1860, aged 32.; Elizabeth McCammon, wife of
Richard P. Irwin, youngest daughter of Thomas Mc.-died June 9, 1870, aged
36; Colonel Thomas Andrew McCammon-died October 1, 1901, aged 52; Major
Thomas A. McCammon- died March 9, 1887, aged 34.

" Thomas: Had one acre at King-street of Antrim Co in 1876


William McCammon of Albany, New York (See New Castle County, Delaware) wrote
c.1936 that McCammons(McCalmonts ?) have inhabited a house at Derrydrummack
Parish of Aghaderg, County Down (or Drumore ?), Ireland for 40O years. A
Maureen McCammon was occupying the house in 1939 and sent a sketch of it.

In 1876, one Hugh McCammon owned 20 acres there. Wills were recorded there
for three Robert McCammons--, in 1731; 1752; 1813. A James McCammon's will
was recorded in 1799.

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>I am searching for any research or notes on Thomas
> McCalmont I.
> What I do know is:
> a. Born approximately 1641 in Argyllshire, Scotland
> b. Covenanter preacher who escaped from Scotland
> in a fishing boat about the years 1666 or 1668 to
> avoid persecution
> c. Settled on a farm in the Parish of Cairncastle
> This is the older generation I can determine. I am
> looking for any details on his life in Scotland as
> well as his ancestors.
> Regards,
> Greg
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