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"Nebraska pioneers - McC ALL LINES " and
"Lucian McC IL>Nebraska son of Sam H. McC PA>IL"

This message is in reply to two postings by Ron McCandless appearing on MCCANDLESS-L mailing list, dated Sat, 17 Nov 2001 regarding the Lucian McCandless family profiled in "Compendium of History, Reminiscence & Biography of Nebraska".

Response by M. H. McCandless

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"Compendium of History, Reminiscence & Biography of Nebraska" can be found online at:
In the index are:
McCandish, W. N. ........................... 56
McCandless, Amos .......................... 863
McCandless, Charles W. .................... 864
McCandless, Delia (Reed) .................. 863
McCandless, Grace ......................... 484
McCandless, Harper Leroy .................. 863
McCandless, Harriet (Mechling) ............ 484
McCandless, Harry P. ...................... 863
McCandless, James ......................... 484
McCandless, Lucian ........................ 863
McCandless, Mary Bell ..................... 863
McCandless, Maud A. ....................... 484
McCandless, Milton W. ..................... 484
McCandless, Raymond B. .................... 863
McCandless, Robert A. ..................... 484
McCandless, Samuel H. ..................... 863
McCandless, Teddy ......................... 863
McCandless, William L. .................... 863
McCandless, William R. .................... 863

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Listed in the index for this history are two unrelated McCandless families. The Lucian McCandless family is profiled on pages 863-864 and the Milton W. McCandless family on page 484. This message addresses the Lucian McCandless family only. The biographical entry in this history for Lucian McCandless is found online at [ - LUCIAN McCANDLESS]. Three photographs were published in this source and are also visible online: the Lucian McCandless homestead, portrait of Lucian, and a portrait of Lucian's wife Amanda (Gandy) McCandless holding their youngest child, Charles Wesley McCandless.

Family Bibles:

The family bibles of the Lucian McCandless family and the William McCandless family (Lucian's grandfather) are lasted at Also listed here is the Samuel Harper McCandless Family (Lucian's father), though no family bible has been located.

Lucian McCandless Summary:

Lucian McCandless was a pioneer farmer who homesteaded in Custer County, Nebraska, in 1882. He was the second son of Samuel Harper McCandless, a pioneer farmer, schoolteacher, and politician (R. Illinois State Senate), from McDonough County, Illinois, who died in 1862 when Lucian was seven years old. Lucian and his older brother, William Reed McCandless, (nine years old) worked on the farm to support the family. That same year Lucian's grandfather, William McCandless, a pioneer farmer from Western Pennsylvania, grandmother, Mary (Harper) McCandless, and uncle, William Wallace McCandless, a Corporal in the Union Army, also died.

In February, 1874, seeking homes of their own, Lucian and brother William Reed McCandless, moved from McDonough County, Illinois, to York County, Nebraska. Here Lucian met Amanda Emma Gandy, whom he married on September 12, 1878. In the spring of 1882 Lucian brought his wife and son, Harper Leroy McCandless, to Custer County taking a homestead adjoining the city limits of Broken Bow, which had just been laid out by Amanda's uncle James P Gandy.

Eventually Lucian sold his farmland and businesses in Broken Bow and moved to Lincoln, Nebraska. All of Lucian's surviving children attended Nebraska Wesleyan University and went on to various careers. Amanda died in 1948. In 1954, on his 100th birthday, an article ran in either the Lincoln Journal or the Lincoln Star quoting Lucian, "I attribute my age to the fact that I never drank or chewed. I have always kept regular hours and worked hard. I was a rancher and by the grace of God, I am still alive." Lucian died in 1955 at the age of 100. He is buried in the Broken Bow Cemetery, Broken Bow, Custer County, Nebraska, along with his wife Amanda, sons Harper, Amos and Tedy, grandson Raymond W., and in-laws, Amos W. and Mary E. Gandy.

Notes on the Lucian McCandless Family:

Lucian McCandless (1854 - 1955)
b. June 25, 1854, McDonough County, Illinois
m. Amanda Emeline Gandy, September 12, 1878, York County, NE, in home of A.W. Gandy (father-in-law).
d. February 8, 1955, Lincoln Nebraska, Burial, Broken Bow Cemetery, Broken Bow, Custer County, Nebraska.
Parents: Samuel Harper McCandless and Delia Reed.

Occupation: farmer, businessman, justice of the peace, city commissioner, county supervisor (1893-94), school board. Lucian is profiled in two histories of Nebraska: "History of Custer County, Nebraska" [1] and "Compendium of History Reminiscence and Biography of Nebraska". [2]

Amanda (Gandy) McCandless (1861 - 1948)
b. November 13, 1861, Davis County, Iowa
d. July 28, 1948, Lincoln, Nebraska, Burial, Broken Bow Cemetery, Broken Bow, Custer County, Nebraska
Parents: Amos Washington Gandy and Mary Elizabeth Phelps

Amanda wrote of her family's frontier experiences in both York County and Custer County Nebraska: "Broken Bow in Pioneer Days", 1936, [3] and "Early Days on Lincoln Creek" 1937. [4]

Amanda and Lucian's Children:
(1) Harper Leroy
(2) Tedy
(3) William Lucian
(4) Raymond Beebe
(5) Amos Gandy
(6) Harrison Phelps
(7) Mary Belle
(8) Charles Wesley

Harper Leroy McCandless (1880 - 1918)
b. June 3, 1880, Broken Bow Nebraska
m. none
d. March 17, 1918, Burial, Broken Bow Cemetery, Broken Bow, Custer County, Nebraska

Harper suffered a head injury in childhood when he fell off the back of a horse-drawn wagon. The accident caused him to gradually lose his eyesight by age fifteen. He continued to help on the farm, distribute newspapers, and made brooms to sell the local store until his death in 1918, possibly due to the influenza (Spanish Flu) pandemic of 1918.

Tedy McCandless (1882 - 1884)
b. Nov. 5, 1882, Broken Bow, Nebraska
d. May 9, 1884, (1y 6m 4d), Burial, Broken Bow Cemetery, Broken Bow, Custer County, Nebraska

As a toddler, Tedy was somehow bitten by a rabid dog while being held in his mother's arms and died of Rabies. The same year Tedy died, 1884, French bacteriologist Louis Pasteur developed a preventive vaccine against rabies, but serum treatment for rabies would not be perfected and introduced until 1899.

William Lucian McCandless (1885 - 1970)
b. November 30, 1885, Broken Bow, Nebraska, Broken Bow Nebraska
m. Charlotte Waterberry, November 26, 1912, Berwyn, Nebraska
d. June 29, 1970, Kansas City, Missouri.

William "Bill" Lucian McCandless was a banker in Berwyn, Nebraska, and later a businessman in Kansas City, Missouri. He is profiled in the "History of Custer County, Nebraska" 1919, as is his father Lucian McCandless. [5]

Raymond Beebe McCandless (1889 - 1931)
b. Oct 6, 1889, Broken Bow Nebraska
m. Margaret Woods
d. January 8, 1931, York NE, Burial, Metz Mortuary at York Memorial Chapel, York Nebraska (also buried here Raymond's uncle William Reed McCandless and son, Thomas R., d. Sep 17, 1970.)

Raymond was a teacher and coach, at Nebraska Wesleyan University, Lincoln, NE, and York College, York NE. [6] He served in WW I as a Lt. Company B 127th Machine Gun Battery, 34th division, "Sandstorm division" or "Red Bull Division". In France, Raymond's unit was exposed to a German poison gas attack and Raymond suffered permanent lung damage. He died in 1931 of complications related to these battle wounds. Both of Raymond's sons would serve as Lieutenants in the U.S. Army in WW II.

Amos Gandy McCandless (1895 - 1898)
b. February 24, 1895, Broken Bow, Nebraska
d. July 17, 1898, Burial, Broken Bow Cemetery, Broken Bow, Custer County, Nebraska

Amos McCandless died in childhood on the family farm.

Harrison "Harry" Phelps McCandless (1898 - 1973)
b. 2 Jan 1898, Broken Bow, NE
m. Carol Simpson, 1923, Lincoln, NE?
d. 6 Aug 1973, Redondo Beach, CA, Burial, Pacific Crest Cemetery, Redondo Beach, CA

Occupation: teacher, coach, North Platte Nebraska, School Superintendent, Redondo Beach CA.

Mary Bell (McCandless) Baker (1900 - living)
b. April 12, 1900, Broken Bow Nebraska
m. Dr. Paul Baker D.O., June 25, 1924, at her parent's home in University Place (Lincoln), Nebraska


Charles Wesley McCandless (1902 - 1974)
b. October 6, 1902, Broken Bow, Nebraska
m. Irene Taylor, July 12, 1930
d. October, 1974, Garden Grove, California

Occupation: Salesman.


[1] Gaston, William Levi, and A.R. Humphrey. History of Custer County, Nebraska, (Lincoln, NE: Western Publishing and Engraving Company, 1919), pp. 581-582.

[2] John B. Alden, pub. Compendium of History Reminiscence and Biography of Nebraska, Illustrated, (Chicago: Alden Publishing Company, 1912). The NEGenWeb Project [].

[3] Amanda E. McCandless, (Mrs. L. McCandless),"Broken Bow in Pioneer Days" in Pioneer Stories of Custer County, Nebraska: contributed by more than one hundred present and former residents of Custer County. by Emerson R. Purcell, (Broken Bow, NE: Custer County Chief, 1936), pp. 7-9.

[4] Amanda Gandy McCandless, "Early Days on Lincoln Creek" from Cradle Days In York County, .Nebraska Reprint, (York NE: York County Historical Association, 1976), pp 36-41. A Compilation of Historical Sketches First Published in the York Republican Newspaper Originally published in book format November 1937.

[5] Gaston, History of Custer County, Nebraska.

[6] Dale Larsen "A History of York College", (E.D. Diss., University of Nebraska, Teachers College, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1966.) Larson cites The Sandbur, January 29, 1929, the college's monthly publication.

Information provided by M. H. McCandless

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