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Subject: [MCCARTHY] baptisms of children of James McCarthy and Sarah,James son of Silas in PA
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Does anyone know how to get a hold of records from old churches in PA, Maybe I could find one of our James' children baptised to tie him
to Silas McCarthy and Sarah Carroll McCarthy, Need help tieing these two lines together with hard data.

Kathy (Burden) Shaffer
1 Silas McCarty
Birth: abt 1700, Ireland
Death: abt 1750, Haycock Twp., Bucks Co., PA
Father: John McCarty (ca1660-)
Mother: Anna Harmon

Wills: Abstracts: Book 2 : Bucks Co, PA 1739-1759

MCCARTY, Silas. Springfield. May 1, 1750. 2.204.

Subj: Re: McCarty's in Bucks County PA Silas McCarty line.......???
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Well, I'm not sure you can count this as substantiated, but I have a footnote in my McCarty notes for "Harry Fred Lancaster, The Lancaster Family A History of Thomas and Phebe Lancaster, of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and Their Descendants, From 1711 to 1902., (Huntington, Ind.:A.J. Hoover Printing Co., 1902)". I found a reference to James McCarty, page 289, Chapter 24. I"ll just copy what the book says-
On an old map of Bucks Co., Pa., dated March 11, 1724, Silas McCarty is represented as the owner of a tract of land in the southwestern part of Plumstead Township, near the Buckingham line.

On March 3, 1738, John Thomas and Richard Penn. conveyed to him 215 acres of land in Haycock Towhship. He gave one acre of this tract to William Bryan. Isaac Evans, and others, in trust, for the use of the Baptist Congregation at New Britain, upon which to erect a church and also to be used as a burying ground.

The old log church has been gone many years. Silas McCarty, and Sarah, his wife, are probably buried in the graveyard, although the names on the stones have become obliterated, which renders the fact uncertain. The records of the New Britain Baptist church show that Sarah McCarty untied with the congregation, "July ye 16th, 1755." Silas died in April, 1750. His son, Carroll McCarty, and Robert Thompkins, were the executors of his will, and Carroll became the owner of the farm. The children of Silas and Sarah McCarty were: James, born Jan. 1, 1725; Silas, born June 16, 1727; Carroll, born Sept. 15, 1729; Benjamin, born Oct. 5, 1731; Lydia, born Oct. 11, 1733; Elizabeth, born Oct. 30, 1735; Hannah, born Dec. 6, 1737; William, born Feb. 29, 1739; Thomas, born April 12, 1741. (married Elizabeth Lancaster); Peter, born Nov. 13, 1742; and Paul, born April 29, 1744. "

It's not exactly a first hand account, but it does at least mention a James, and give some dates. I'll keep looking and see if I can find something more definitive.

Book excerpts pertaining to various Leedom families

Part I

Chronicle of the Yerkes Family With Notes on the Leech and Rutter Families
Author: Josiah Granville Leach
Published by J.B. Lippincott Co., Phialdelphia 1904

29. SILAS YERKES4 (John3, Herman2, Anthony1), third son and sixth child of John Yerkes by his wife Alice McVaugh, was born in Moreland, Montgomery (formerly Philadelphia) County, Pennsylvania, 20 December, 1752; died in Abington Township, same county, in 1779; married, circa 1778, Hannah Craft, born circa 1758; died (Abington Monthly Meeting Records) 12 September, 1830, in the seventy-second year of her age; daughter of Barnet Craft by his wife Ann Leedom. Administration on Mr. Yerkes's estate was granted to his widow 9 October, 1779, the sureties on the bond being Jacob Paul and John Craft. The latter was a brother of Mrs. Yerkes, and married, 3 May, 1781, Sarah, daughter of John and Sydney Paul, of Philadelphia. Mrs. Yerkes settled her administration account 20 December, 1780, and charged herself with an estate of œ2223 19s. 6d. She married, as second husband, Levi Tyson, by whom she had issue.(*) The only issue by her first husband was her son Silas, who was born some weeks after his father's death.

Child of Silas4 and Hannah (Craft) Yerkes:
128. SILAS YERKES5, born 11 December, 1779; died 31 January, 1868; married Mary Leech.

128. SILAS YERKES5 (Silas4, John3, Herman2, Anthony1), only child of Silas Yerkes by his wife Hannah Craft, was born at what is now Ogontz, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 11 December, 1779, a few weeks after his father's death, and died at Philadelphia, 31 January, 1868. His widowed mother married, as second husband, Levi Tyson, of the well-known Tyson family of Philadelphia and vicinity. Silas grew up in the Quaker faith, his mother and step-father being members, in excellent standing, of Abington Meeting. He was carefully educated and prepared for a mercantile life, and finally determined to enlarge his sphere of activity by abandoning the country and establishing himself in business in Philadelphia, whence he removed about 1808, and where he engaged as a flour and feed merchant, in which he prospered. After acquiring a handsome fortune he retired from business.

At the time of his removal to Philadelphia he was a member of the Abington Monthly Meeting of Friends, and upon his removal he attached himself to the Monthly Meeting of Friends of Philadelphia for the Northern District. He was a man of positive views, and was firm in maintaining them. As to his character in these respects, we obtain a shade of light in the following extract from the minutes of the Meeting last mentioned:

"Silas Yerkes, who had a right of membership with us, the religious Society of Friends, has transgressed our Discipline by persisting with others in holding a Meeting Styled the Monthly Meeting of Friends held at Green Street, Philadelphia, after that Meeting had been dissolved by the Quarterly Meeting and the members thereof attached to the Monthly Meeting of Friends of Philadelphia for the Northern District: Also by attending other Meetings held in violation of our established Order.--On these accounts it became our concern to treat with him in order to convince him of his errors, but he denied the authority of the Monthly Meeting, and refused to see the committee appointed to confer with him. Having thus separated himself from the religious Society of Friends, we testify we no longer consider him a member among us--nevertheless desire that through the renewed visitations of Divine Grace he may be favoured to see and condemn his errors and prepared to unite with us in christian fellowship."

He married, 13 March, 1806, Mary Leech; born in Cheltenham township, Montgomery County, 26 June, 1786; died at Philadelphia, 25 July, 1858.

The Descendants of James Carrell and Sarah Dungan, His Wife
Author: Ezra Patterson Carrell
Call Number: R929.2 qC31
Eight generations of the Carrell family, including allied families.
Bibliographic Information: Carrell, Ezra P. The Descendants of James Carrell and Sarah Dungan, His Wife. N.p., 1928.

18. DIANA CARRELL (3), (James 1, James 2), youngest child of James and Diana (Van Kirk) Carrell, born May 9, 1744, married circa 1767, Elias Dungan, born circa 1742, died 1804. There is little known of her early life, in fact, of her life work at all. Her husband, Elias Dungan, was the son of Clement Dungan and Eleanor Craven, the daughter of James Craven, one of the Trustees of the Neshaminy Presbyterian Church in 1743. He was a large landholder in Bucks County and died about 1760. Besides the wife of Clement Dungan, he left the following children: Thomas, Giles, James, Alice wife of Harmon Vansant, Hannah wife of William McDowell, Esther wife of William Gilbert, and Mary wife of Anthony Scout.

Clement Dungan was the son of Jeremiah Dungan and Deborah Drake. He will be remembered as the one who deeded the Carrell Homestead to James Carrell and Sarah Dungan his wife, in 1711.

The complete history of this Dungan connection will be found in the Clarke-Dungan Book, compiled by Alfred R. Justice.

Elias Dungan, the husband of Diana Carrell, served in the Revolutionary War. He was enrolled as a private in Capt. Henry Lott's Company of Bucks County Associators of Northampton, August 19, 1775. (See Penna. Archives, 2d series, Vol. XIV, p. 152.)

On September 24, 1781, Elias Dungan of Northampton, and Diana his wife deeded to James Dungan a tract of land, which was a part of two tracts conveyed to Clement Dungan (father of Elias and James) by Jeremiah Dungan and Mary his wife, parents of Clement, by deed of February 1, 1744, which the said Clement devised by his will, dated March 8, 1780, to his sons James and Elias. The will of Elias Dungan of Northampton, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, dated November 23, 1802, proved February 27, 1804, provides for wife (not named), mentions daughters Ellen Lefferts, Ann Wilkinson, Rachel Dungan and Rebecca Shelmire.


95. Ellen, b. , d. Nov. 5, 1840; m. Leffert Lefferts.
96. James, b. Dec. 30, 1770, d. Aug. 28, 1817; no further record.
97. Ann, b. 1774, d. May 31, 1810; m. Col. Elisha Wilkinson.
98. Rachel, b. Nov. 20, 1777, d. Jan. 25, 1855; m. Jesse Johnson.
99. Rebecca, b. , d. ; m. John Shelmire.

95. ELLEN DUNGAN (4), (James 1, James 2, Diana 3), daughter of Elias and Diana (Carrell) Dungan, born circa 1768, died November 5, 1840; married, November 19, 1789, Leffert Lefferts, son of Arthur and Adrientje (Vanartsdalen) Lefferts of Bensalem, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He was born February 28, 1768, and died September 30, 1832.


314. Ann, b. Nov. 29, 1792, d. ; m. Wilhelmus Cornell.
315. Arthur, b. Aug. 7, 1798, d. Sept. 5, 1824; unm.
316. Diana, b. Oct. 11, 1800, d. Apr. 16, 1824; m. Edward Dyer.
317. Rachel, b. May 21, 1804, d. Aug. 25, 1834; unm.
318. Ellen, b. Nov. 28, 1806, d. May 7, 1807;
319. Elias Dungan, b. Jan. 20, 1809, d. ; m. Margaret M. Search.

314. ANN LEFFERTS (5), (James 1, James 2, Diana 3, Ellen 4), eldest child of Leffert and Ellen (Dungan) Lefferts, born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, March 29, 1792; married, November 25, 1810, Wilhelmus Cornell, a farmer of Northampton Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, a well-known and prosperous citizen.


969. John C., b. , d. ; m. Elizabeth Beans.
970. James, b. , m. Sarah Hunt; no further record.
971. Jesse, b. Feb. 9, 1820, d. Apr. 12, 1895; m. 1st, Elizabeth Craven; 2d, Esther Yerkes Fenton.
972. Eleanor, b. ; no further record.
973. Cornelia, b. ; " " "

316. DIANA LEFFERTS (5), (James 1, James 2, Diana 3, Ellen 4), third child of Leffert and Ellen (Dungan) Lefferts, born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, October 11, 1800, died April 16, 1824; married, September 2, 1819, Edward Dyer, a farmer of Northampton Township, and a descendant of Samuel Dyre, an early settler in Southampton Township, from New England.


974. Elizabeth, b. Oct. 8, 1820, d. Mar. 20, 1898; m. John Erwin.

319. ELIAS DUNGAN LEFFERTS (5), (James 1, James 2, Diana 3, Ellen 4), youngest child of Leffert and Ellen (Dungan) Lefferts, born January 20, 1809; married Margaret M. Search. He was a farmer near Newtown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and later removed to Southampton Township, where he purchased a home and resided until his death, about forty years later.


975. Anna Miles, b. Aug. 26, 1833, d. May 16, 1906; m. James A. Wilson.
976. Ellen Dungan, b. Aug. 26, 1833, d. Jan. 26, 1896; m. Albert M. Michener.
977. Martha Rachel, b. May 19, 1836, d. Apr. 29, 1917; m. John T. Poore.
978. George W., b. Aug. 9, 1838, d. Aug. 15, 1902; m. Sarah P. Leedom.
979. Elizetta, b. Feb. 25, 1841, d. June 6, 1924; m. George M. Leedom.
980. Neasmuth L., b. June 14, 1843; m. Caroline Krewson.
981. Jacob S., b. Aug. 13, 1845, d. Oct. 19, 1913; m. Margaret Pool.
982. Laura M., b. Jan. 28, 1850, d. Mar. 22, 1922; m. Charles S. Johnson.
983. Mary Jane, b. Jan. 26, 1856.

978. GEORGE W. LEFFERTS (6), (James 1, James 2, Diana 3, Ellen 4, Elias D. 5), fourth child of Elias Dungan and Margaret M. (Search) Lefferts, born in Northampton Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, August 9, 1838, died in Southampton Township, where he was a painter, August 15, 1902. He married, at Southampton, January 1, 1862, Sarah P. Leedom, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Potts) Leedom. She was born December 25, 1843, and died April 15, 1915.


2344. Howard L., b. Oct. 6, 1862, d. Dec. 6, 1898, m. Elizabeth Hoagland.
2345. Henry T., b. Sept. 1, 1870, m. Elizabeth Croasdale.
2346. Rev. Horace H., b. Apr. 23, 1878, m. Ella Adams.
2347. Naomi, b. Aug. 24, 1881, m. Edward Rounds.

979. ELIZETTA B. LEFFERTS (6), (James 1, James 2, Diana 3, Ellen 4, Elias D. 5), fifth child of Elias Dungan and Margaret M. (Search) Lefferts, born in Northampton Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, February 25, 1841, died near Trenton, New Jersey, June 6, 1924. She married, at Southampton, Bucks County, October 29, 1863, George M. Leedom, son of John and Elizabeth (Potts) Leedom. He was born March 11, 1840. He is a farmer near Trenton, New Jersey, having previously lived at Taylorsville, Southampton, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and at Bethayres, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.


2348. Elias D., b. Nov. 17, 1864, d. Jan. 30, 1909; m. Ella V. Krewson.
2349. Isaac Newton, b. Aug. 26, 1867, m. Lena Johnson.
2350. Granville M., b. Dec. 30, 1870, m. Clara E. Weikel.
2351. Elizabeth P., b. June 20, 1877, m. Casper G. Fetter.
2352. Frank H., b. July 7, 1883; telegraph operator at Belvidere,
N. J.; m. Sept. 6, 1905, Katharine Schmidt, b. July 27, 1884, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Huft) Schmidt. They had no issue.

244. MARY CARRELL (5), (James 1, James 2, Jacob 3, Benjamin 4), daughter of Benjamin and Mercy (Comfort) Carrell, born in Northampton Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, October 31, 1807; married, December 17, 1829, at Richboro, Pennsylvania, Christopher Leedom, born September 15, 1805, died April 6, 1866. He was a hotelkeeper, and conducted the old Warminster Hotel on the York Road for many years. He later removed to the vicinity of Bustleton, Pennsylvania. The dates of death of Christopher Leedom and Mary Carrell, his wife, have not been ascertained.


805. John Harvey, b. Sept. 21, 1830, d. July 28, 1916; m. Margaretta V. Willard.
806. Rachel Carrell, b. Nov. 20, 1834, d. Sept. 27, 1901; m. Thomas M. Fetter.
807. Frank, b. , d. Feb. 16, 1910; no further record.
808. Hugh, b. , d.

805. JOHN HARVEY LEEDOM (6), (James 1, James 2, Jacob 3, Benjamin 4, Mary 5), eldest child of Christopher and Mary (Carrell) Leedom, born in Warminster, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, September 21, 1830, died at Woodbourne, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, July 28, 1916. He was a blacksmith at Woodbourne. He married, in Philadelphia, October 26, 1854, Margaretta V. Willard, daughter of Jesse and Rebecca (Fetter) Willard. She was born June 12, 1832, and died October 16, 1903.


1995. Horace, b. Nov. 26, 1855, m. Mary Anna Townsend.
1996. Benjamin Franklin, b. Mar. 30, 1859, d. July 29, 1898; unm.
1997. Thomas Fetter, b. Apr. 12, 1861, m. Amanda Louise McVaugh.
1998. Ida Ray, b. Nov. 23, 1872, m. Oliver Wells Wharton.

1995. HORACE LEEDOM (7), (James 1, James 2, Jacob 3, Benjamin 4, Mary 5, John Harvey 6), eldest child of John Harvey and Margaretta V. (Willard) Leedom, born November 26, 1855, is a merchant in Camden, New Jersey. He married December 15, 1886, Mary Anna Townsend, born January 24, 1854, daughter of William and Rachel (Leedom) Townsend.


3572. Walter H., b. Nov. 14, 1888; m. Emilie DuBois.
3573. Florence, b. Sept. 12, 1890, no further record.

1997. THOMAS FETTER LEEDOM (7), (James 1, James 2, Jacob 3, Benjamin 4, Mary 5, John Harvey 6), third child of John Harvey and Margaretta V. (Willard) Leedom, born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, April 12, 1861, was a farmer near Dolington, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He married in Newtown, Bucks County, March 15, 1882, Amanda Louise McVaugh, born October 10, 1861, died July 2, 1925, daughter of Jacob and Anna (Pluck) McVaugh.


3574. Horace E., b. Nov. 23, 1882; m. Jennie Knight.
3575. Anna L., b. Feb. 28, 1884, d. Aug. 2, 1884.
3576. George Justice, b. Sept. 28, 1886; m. Helen Walton Hance.
3577. Ethel Margaretta, b. Aug. 4, 1888; m. Frank B. Buckman.
3578. J. Harvey, b. Dec. 16, 1890; m. Mabel Soden, of Rushland, Bucks County, Pa., daughter of William and Ida, and had one child:William Harvey, b. May 14, 1922.
3579. Warner, b. Apr. 4, 1893; m. Apr. 16, 1919, Margaret Mills, daughter of William and Sarah, and had one child: Verna Mildred, b. Mar. 15, 1920.
3580. Ella Grace, b. Feb. 9, 1895, no further record.
3581. Lester, b. July 16, 1896; m. Mar. 25, 1925, Grace Marie Worthington, who died Apr. 4, 1926, daughter of Lewis and Carrie, and had issue: Lester M., Jr., b. Mar. 21, 1926.

1999. IDA RAY LEEDOM (7), (James 1, James 2, Jacob 3, Benjamin 4, Mary 5, John Harvey 6), fourth and youngest child of John Harvey and Margaretta V. (Willard) Leedom, born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Pa., November 23, 1872; married in Trenton, New Jersey, February 21, 1894, Oliver Wells Wharton, born October 5, 1869, son of Oliver P. and Mary E. (Cook) Wharton. He is a farmer at Oxford Valley, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

974. ELIZABETH DYER (6), (James 1, James 2, Diana 3, Ellen 4, Diana 5), only child of Edward and Diana (Lefferts) Dyer, born in Northampton Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, October 8, 1820, died near Davisville, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, March 20, 1898; married, in 1835, John Erwin, a stonemason and contractor living near Davisville. He was born April 2, 1807, and died November 29, 1869.


2326. Langhorne, b. Nov. 14, 1836, d. Dec. 16, 1860; m. Sarah Evans.
2327. Edward Dyer, b. Mar. 26, 1839, d. Nov. 2, 1910; m. Rebecca Jackson.
2328. Annie E., b. Oct. 29, 1841, d. May 18, 1917; m. J. Howard Leedom.
2329. John Dyer, b. Jan. 5, 1844, d. Nov. 13, 1905; m. Julia Vanartsdalen.
2330. Hannah Mary, b. June 2, 1846, d. Sept. 10, 1869; m. Charles Evans; no further rec.
2331. Ellen L., b. Feb. 10, 1849, d. Sept. 11, 1915; m. Peter Krier.
2332. Sarah, b. Dec. 9, 1851, d. Dec. 16, 1851.
2333. Sallie Jane, b. Jan. 18, 1853, d. Feb. 15, 1863.
2334. Frank C., b. Mar. 14, 1856, d. Feb. 16, 1858
2335. Charles R., b. Dec. 23, 1858, d. Feb. 11, 1863.
2336. Emily B., b. Sept. 3, 1861, d. Feb. 25, 1863.
2337. Howard L., b. Apr. 12, 1865, m. Florence Samms, and had issue 3 children: Raymond, Irene and Gladys.

2328. ANNIE E. ERWIN (7), (James 1, James 2, Diana 3, Ellen 4, Diana 5, Elizabeth 6), third child of John and Elizabeth (Dyer) Erwin, born near Davisville, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, October 29, 1841, died May 18, 1917. She married, February 14, 1863, J. Howard Leedom, born November 21, 1836, son of John and Sarah (Tops) Leedom. He was a tailor and followed his occupation in Davisville and Southampton for many years. Late in life he entered the general store of Henry Stout, at Southampton, and lived in that town until his death June 18, 1908.


3887. Elias H., b. Dec. 14, 1863; m. Katharine Florence Yerkes.
3888. H. Benton, b. Feb. 11, 1866; m. Ella M. Williams.
3889. Jennie, b. Apr. 9, 1870, d. Aug. 25, 1870.
3890. Frank, b. Oct. 23, 1871, d. Aug. 18, 1872.
3891. Howard M., b. Mar. 31, 1874; m. Josephine Clayton.
3892. Wilmer E., b. July 21, 1877; m. Carrie Johnson.
3893. Ella, b. July 15, 1882; m. Lewis Wilmer Johnson.

3887. ELIAS H. LEEDOM (8), (James 1, James 2, Diana 3, Ellen 4, Diana 5, Elizabeth 6, Annie E. 7), eldest child of J. Howard and Annie E. (Erwin) Leedom, born December 14, 1863, is a contractor with Baldwin Locomotive Works, and resides at Southampton, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He married at Davisville, Bucks County, December 6, 1886, Katharine Florence Yerkes, daughter of Samuel Broom and Katharine (Abbott) Yerkes. They have issue:

5057. Percy Elias, b. July 6, 1891, is an automobile mechanic at Southampton; m. Oct. 14, 1915, Helena Maria Hogeland, b. Dec. 31, 1894, daughter of Henry V. and Blanche (Morton) Hogeland. They have issue:

Katharine Grace, b. Jan. 6, 1917.
Percy Elias, b. Sept. 12, 1918.
Helena Marie, b. May 3, 1921; d. in infancy.
Evelyn Hogeland, b. Aug. 7, 1922.

3888. H. BENTON LEEDOM (8), (James 1, James 2, Diana 3, Ellen 4, Diana 5, Elizabeth 6, Annie E. 7), second child of J. Howard and Annie E. (Erwin) Leedom, born February 11, 1866, is a coal and lumber merchant at Bethayres, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. He is a director of Hatboro National Bank, and holds many other positions of trust in the community in which he lives. He married at Davisville, Bucks County, February 22, 1887, Ella M. Williams, born January 6, 1868, daughter of Charles and Mary (Stamford) Williams. They have issue:

5058. Belle W., b. Mar. 29, 1890; m. Sept. 27, 1919, Fred D. Wynkoop and has issue: Beatrice, b. July 10, 1925.
5059. Harry Benton, Jr., b. Nov. 20, 1895; m. Dec. 13, 1919, Mabel V. Snyder and have issue:
Harry Benton 3d, b. Nov. 5, 1920; d. June 1, 1925. Rhea Aubrie, b. Dec. 4, 1924.

3891. HOWARD M. LEEDOM (8), (James 1, James 2, Diana 3, Ellen 4, Diana 5, Elizabeth 6, Annie E. 7), fifth child of J. Howard and Annie E. (Erwin) Leedom, born March 31, 1874; married at Southampton, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, April 21, 1897, Josephine Clayton, daughter of John and Mary (Whiteley) Clayton. He is a bookkeeper and resides at Southampton, Pennsylvania. They have issue:

5060. Ernest M., b. Mar. 9, 1898.

3892. WILMER E. LEEDOM (8), (James 1, James 2, Diana 3, Ellen 4, Diana 5, Elizabeth 6, Annie E. 7), sixth child of J. Howard and Annie E. (Erwin) Leedom, born July 21, 1877, was for many years connected with the Hatboro National Bank as teller and resigned to accept the position as treasurer of the Ambler Trust Company. During his residence in Hatboro he was secretary of the Board of Health for many years. He married at Huntingdon Valley, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, October 10, 1900, Carrie Johnson, born September 19, 1875, daughter of Jacob and Hannah (Margerum) Johnson. They have issue:

5061. Eleanor G., b. Feb. 9, 1903.

3893. ELLA LEEDOM (8), (James 1, James 2, Diana 3, Ellen 4, Diana 5, Elizabeth 6, Annie E. 7), seventh and youngest child of J. Howard and Annie E. (Erwin) Leedom, born July 15, 1882; married at Southampton, Pennsylvania, September 19, 1905, Lewis Wilmer Johnson, born March 19, 1879, son of Jacob and Hannah Elizabeth (Margerum) Johnson. He was a bookkeeper in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and resided in Southampton, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He was a graduate of Union Business College of Philadelphia and was a bookkeeper in the Johnson Service Company for fourteen years, and later with the Midvale Steel Company. He was killed in the railroad wreck at Bryn Athyn, December 6, 1921. They have issue:

5062. Frances, b. July 12, 1907.
5063. Carl Lewis, b. Dec. 13, 1910.

A Historical Narrative of the Ely, Revell and Stacye Families
Author: Reuben Pownall Ely
Published by Fleming H. Revell Company. New York. 1910.

464) HOLCOMBE ELY, son of Asher and Eleanor (Holcombe) Ely, born in Solebury March 27, 1809; died at the residence of his daughter in Montgomery County, July 8, 1894. He married Rebecca Pickering, who died in Doylestown, September 11, 1891. He inherited from his father, and resided for a number of years on a farm adjoining the old homestead, part of the land purchased by his great-grandfather, Joshua Ely, out of the Pike tract. In 1864, he sold his farm and removed to Doylestown, where he resided until after the death of his wife,
and then removed to Montgomery County, where he died.

Children of Holcombe and Rebecca (Pickering) Ely:--

916. Lucille R. Ely, born February 1, 1837; died January 25, 1870; married Louis C. Rice, M.D.
917. Ridgway Ely, born (???); married Emma Leedom.
918. Eleanor Ely, born April 20, 1846; married Jacob Boyer, and had two children, George H., and Eugene.
919. Anna Ely, born June 27, 1847; died September 20, 1880; married J. Curtis Michener.
920. Sarah Ely, born September 17, 1849.
921. Viola Ely, born March 30, 1857; died December 29, 1892; married Frank Brand, of Montgomery County,
and had one child--Irene.

(917) RIDGEWAY ELY, only son of Holcombe and Rebecca Ely, is living in Upper Makefield Township. He married Emma Leedom, daughter of William B. and Martha Leedom of Solebury, and they have two children:--

1367. Henry E. Ely of Doylestown.
1367a. Howard Ely.
1368. Justin H. Ely.

The Lancaster Family
Author: Harry Fred Lancaster
A history of Thomas and Phebe Lancaster, of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and their Descendants, from 1711 to 1902.
Published by The Lancaster Family, Huntington, Ind.: A.J. Hoover Printing Co., 1902. Call Number: R929.2 L244


History of Elizabeth, the youngest child of Thomas and Phoebe Lancaster, and her descendants.

ELIZABETH LANCASTER, the youngest daughter of Thomas and Phebe, was born the 8th month, 26, 1748, and died 7th month, 26, 1806, at Muncy, Lycoming County, Penn. She married Thomas McCarty, son of Silas and Sarah, in 1765. (See Note XXIV.) He was born February 12, 1741 and died October 9, 1804, at Muncy, Penn. They settled in Northampton County, Penn., where all their children were born. Sometime after 1790, they removed to Muncy, where several of their children were established. (See Note XXV.) Thomas McCarty is said to have owned the first "gristmill" in Lycoming County, The old mill disappeared many years ago to make room for a more modern structure which occupies the same site. The farm was located between Muncy and Clarkstown, near the latter place. It is now owned by the Shipmans. The old log house has been torn away and replaced by a more modern dwelling. Elizabeth received forty acres of land as her share of her father's estate. On April 1, 1775, Thomas and Elizabeth conveyed this tract to William Foulke, together with fifteen acres bought of Moses Lancaster, December 5, 1767. Thomas and Elizabeth McCarty were the parents of eighteen children, all of whom reached maturity.

PHEBE, see Chapter XLIV.
SAMUEL, see Chapter XLV.|
SILAS, see Chapter XLVI.
SARAH, see Chapter XLVII.
MARY, born December 19, 1769, married Christian Savage (Savidge?) who owned a large mill near Toronto, Canada. They had a large family but we have no record of their descendants.
JOEL, see Chapter XLVIII.
JOHN, born May 6, 1773 died at Muncy, unmarried, and is buried at Pennsdale, Lycoming County, Penn.
JAMES, born June 10, 1771, died at Muncy, unmarried, about 1842.
JANE, see Chapter XLIX:
ELIZABETH, see Chapter L.
THOMAS, born March 8, 1778, married Margaret White. We have no record of their descendants.
JOB, see Chapter LI.
HANNAH, born February 22, 1782, married Joseph Ogden. She died at Woodbury, New Jersey. No children.
BENJAMIN, see chapter LII.
MARTAA, see Chapter LIII.
DAVID L., see Chapter LVI.
JESSE, see Chapter LV.
LYDIA, see Chapter LVI.


LYDIA MCCARTY, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth, born August 16, 1790, died August 14, 1861. She married Charles Leedom, in 1821. They resided at Newtown, Penn. Children:

JESSE, see Section I.
DAVID, see Section II.
EDWARD, see Section III.
BEULAH, born January 30, 1827, died young.
ELIZABETH, see Section V.
MARY L., see Section VI.
SARAH, born November 11, 1821, died in infancy.
HANNAH, born January 19, 1834, died in infancy.


JESSE LEEDOM, born September 13, 1822, was married twice. He married Acsah Stapler, February 11, 1847. He married second, Elizabeth A. Mitchel, May 20, 1852. No children.


DAVID R. LEEDOM, born December 18, 1823, died April 26, 1886. He married Louisa Fredericka Muller, September 13, 1860. She resides on the corner of Cherry and Twentieth Street, Philadelphia. Seven children:

Charles - born January 1, 1862, is a druggist. He married Jessie Mellin, daughter of Edgar and Elizabeth, November 19, 1890. She was born May 10, 1862. They reside at No. 1403 Filbert Street, Philadelphia.
Sarah Ann - born June 19, 1863, died February 25, 1869
Rosina - born February 13, 1866, married George B. Hilliard, in April, 1892. He is a druggist. They reside at Washington, New Jersey. One child, Elsie Eliza, born July 8, 1900.
Louisa - born May 27, 1872, died February 12, 1883
Eliza - born September 14, 1869, married William B. Wallace, October 8, 1890. They reside at No. 5908 Master Street, Philadelphia.
Morris - born August 25, 1874. is a druggist. He married Cornelia Mount Corle, October 5, 1896. They reside at No. 545 Madison Street, Brooklyn, New York. One child, Marjorie Wallace, born September 7, 1897.
Jonathan - born December 18, 1881, resides in Philadelphia.


EDWARD LEEDOM, born February 9, 1826, died October 18, 1892, at Bristol, Penn. He married Sarah T. Knight, daughter of Nathan T. and Elizabeth, March 24, 1859. Children:

Walter Francis - born March 7, 1862, is engaged in the coal, flour and feed business, at Bristol, Penn. He married Lottie M. Miller, December 24, 1885. Children: Hillborn H., born January 20, 1887, and Medora Wilson, born September 12, 1887.
Ellen Knight - born September 15, 1865
Alice - born February 22, 1868, died October 12, 1899


THOMAS L. LEEDOM, born March 27, 1828, died July 19, 1901. He was engaged in the manufacture of the
well-known ingrain carpets, at Bristol, Penn. He married Hannah A. Thomas, January 7, 1858. Children:

Charles - born November 1, 1858, is engaged in the manufacture of ingrain carpets and rugs at Bristol, Pennsylvania
Clara - born March 8, 1862, married Edwin C. Beers, April 9, 1891. He is associated with his brother-in-law in the manufacture of carpets.


ELIZABETH LEEDOM, born June 2, 1829, died February 26, 1891. She married Thomas G. Kelly, in 1880. No children.


MARY L. LEEDOM, born October 31, 1830, married Edward Taylor, October 15, 1857. They reside at Newtown, Pennsylvania. Children:

Lydia L. Taylor - born October 20, 1860, married William B. Knight, son of Barclay, February 18, 1886. He was born May 6, 1857. Children: Alice, born March 31, 1887, Mary Taylor, born November 30, 1889, Anna Phillips, born December 1, 1890, Thomas Leedon, born August 18, 1892, and Edward Taylor, born August 30, 1896.
Anna Taylor - born April 14, 1865, married Charles L. Knight, son of Barclay, December 29, 1886. No children.
Rachel Taylor - born October 9, 1869, died February 8, 1896
Edward L. Taylor - born November 29, 1871, married Emily Snyder Wynkoop, January 14, 1894. He is a coal dealer and resides at Oak Lane, Philadelphia, No Children.

Family History of Jeremiah Fenton
Author: William B. Brown
The history and descendants of Jeremiah Fenton (1764-1841) of Adams County Ohio.
Bibliographic Information: Brown, William B. Family History of Jeremiah Fenton. Des Moines, Iowa. Privately Printed. 1910. Call Number: R929.2 F342

The Bucks County Fentons

Mr. Ely, who lives at Doylestown, in Bucks county, Pennsylvania, and who knows more of the history of that county than anyone else, has prepared the following sketch of the Bucks county Fentons. It will be recalled that through Mr. John F. Fenton, of Oxford, Ohio. we have the de??nite information that some of our Fentons came from Bucks county:

EPHRAIM FEXTON, the pioncer of the family in Bucks County. came from New Jersey and was said to be a son of Eleazer Fenton, one of the Proprietors of West Jersey, wi?? was a resident of Burlington County, New Jersey, as early as 1080 and died there in 1704, by his first wife, whose maiden name was West.

Ephraim Femon married about 1710. Mary Blackshaw, daughter of Randall and Alice (Burgis) Blackshaw, of Hot lingee, County of Chester, England, who with their children. Phebe, Sarah, Jacob, Mary, Nehemiah, Martha and Abraham, embarked for America. September 5, 1682, in the ship "Submission." which landed its passengers at Choptank, Maryland, October 30, 1682, from whence the Blackshaws made their way overland to Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where Randall was the purchaser of large tracts of land.

Ephraim and Mary (Blackshaw) Fenton settled in the extreme north corner of Buckingham township, on the lines of Plumstead and Solebury townships on a 500 acre tract of land laid out to Randall Blackshaw. Ephraim later purchased the land lying westward of this tract which descended to his sons. The original tract was sold by him in his lifetime. He died in 1750, leaving a will dated September 11, 1738, proved December 24, 1750, in which he devises to his cldest son. Ephraim Fenton, 180 acres of land off the end of his plantation and the remainder of his estate to his other sons, Josiah and Samuel, they paying certain legacies to their mother, Mary Fenton, and their sister, Mary Fenton, who was a minor at the date of the will, and married prior to 1750, James Shaw, Jr., (1724 1801).

Ephraim Fenton, the eldest son, died before his father, letters of administration on his estate being granted to his widow. ??annah Fenton, in 1748. He had married, by New Jersey License, dated April 12, 1736, Hannah Pearson, daughter of Lawrence and Ann Pearson, of Plumstead, Bucks County, who were among the earliest Quaker settlers in Buckingham, removing later to Plumstead near Point Pleasant, where Lawrence died in 1756, at an advanced age and his widow, Ann, in 1760. Both their wills mention their daughter, Hannah Fenton, and that of the latter a granddaughter, Mary Fenton.

Ephraim and Hannah (Pearson) Fenton had children, Eleazer, Huldah, who married John Jones in 1765, and Hannah, Eleazer married, second, late in life, or at least if married earlier had no children by first wife. He married about 1796, Margaret (Brown) Evans, and had son, Ephraim, who died without issue, and daughter, Mary, who married Tench C. Kintzing.

Eleazer Fenton, married first at Buckingham Friends Meeting, November 22, 1769, Martha, widow of Stephen Wilson and daughter of William and Deborah Preston, but had no issue by her.

Eleazer, son of Ephraim and grandson of Ephraim the first, was for many years proprietor of the old Cross Jeys Tavern in the west corner of Buckingham on the Doylestown township and Plumstead township lines. His will dated April 18, 1806, was proven November 11, 1806. Deeds of record show absolutely his connection with the pioneer above noted.

The Fentons were originally Friends, but through one cause or another most of them drifted out of the Society, like their cousins in New Jersey.

Josiah Fenton, second son of Ephraim, and Mary (Blackshaw) Fenton, was disowned from Buckingham Friends Meeting in 1739, for being the father of two illegitimate children. In the same year his father, Ephraim Fenton, is dealt with for attending a "disorderly marriage at the house of Thomas Heed;" that is, a marriage not authorized by the meeting. This was probably the marriage of Josiah, though Joseph Pearson, a brother-in-law of Ephraim, was charged with the same offense at the same date, but the date being three years after Ephraim's marriage, it could hardly apply to that.

The will of Josiah Fenton, of Buckingham, dated January 19, 1783, proved March 12, 1783, mentions sons, John, Eleazer and Ephraim, to whom he devises his lands, Samuel Shaw and Eleazer Fenton to divide it between them. Eldest daughter, Jane Fenton, daughter Judith, youngest daughter Sarah, a minor. Son John and James Shaw, Exrs. All three of the sons sold their land in 1790 and apparently left the county; Eleazer, the youngest, was a minor in 1784.

Samuel Fenton, the youngest son of Ephraim and Mary (Blackshaw) Fenton, married prior to 1746, Ursula Day, daughter of Christopher Day, one of the earliest settlers of Plumstead township, just over the line of Buckingham, whose will dated September 1, 1746, proved March 25, 1748-9, mentions daughters Abigail Poe and Ursula Fenton. Abigail was the wife of Patrick Poc, many years proprietor of the Tavern at Brownsville, now Gardenville.

Samuel Fenton died intestate and on November 7, 1796, a petition was presented to the Orphans Court, setting forth that he left sons, Randal, Ephraim, Patrick, Thomas, daughters, Hannah, Martha and Elizabeth, and a grandchild "supposed to be living in some part of North Carolina, or South Carolina, whose name is unknown to the petitioners, but according to the best information obtainable is Lydia, being the only issue of Mary, daughter of the said Samuel Fenton, deceased, by her husband, William Gilbert, which said William and Mary both died in the lifetime of said Samuel Fenton. The name of this girl as shown by later records was Mary Gilbert. According to the records of Buckingham Meeting Hannah Fenton, was married to William Gilbert, of Buckingham, at Plumstead Meeting House, November 25, 1761. Witness signing "Eleazer Fenton." He may have married, first. Hannah, daughter of Ephraim and Hannah (Pearson) Fenton, and second, her cousin, Mary. He did not marry Hannah, daughter of Samuel, mentioned above, as she never married, and died at an advanced age in 1838. Her will mentions her brothers, Patrick and Ephraim, and the children of the former as Samuel, Ephraim, Jesse, Randall and Elizabeth. And of Ephraim as Samuel, Eleazer, James, Randal, Ephraim, Charles P. and Thomas, all of Montgomery County. She also mentions her nephew, William Fenton, Esq., of Buckingham, and his wife, Mary. A daughter of this latter couple is still living in Buckingham at an advanced age. She it was that presented to the Bucks County Historical Society, the silk sash said to have been worn by Lord De-la-Warr, and had come down to her through the Fentons, as descendants of Lord Delaware, through the mother of Ephraim Fenton, first, Elizabeth or Mary West.

Randal Fenton, son of Samuel, died without issue and devised all his estate to his brother, Thomas, whom he named as executor.

Mary Fenton and William Gilbert were granted a marriage license, May 23, 1772.

As before stated, the three sons of Josiah Fenton, John, Ephraim and Eleazer, after dividing their father's land between or amongst them, each sold their tracts at different dates during the year 1790, their mother, Sarah Fenton, joining in the deeds to clear the land of her dower. Nearly all this land was acquired by their uncle Samuel, and his sons, Randal. Patrick, Ephraim and Thomas. The latter in earlier deeds being named as Tomson. At the death of their father, Samuel Fenton, in 1796, intestate, partition was had in the Orphans Court and the whole tract or tracts comprising about 250 acres was adjudged to Randal Fenton, and he soon after conveyed portions to his brothers, Patrick, Ephraim and Thomas, finally making a deed to Thomas, vesting in the latter a one-half interest, with titles of survivorship all the residue of said lands which he still held. He further made his will in 1807, proved March 26, 1829, by which he devised all his estate to Thomas. Thomas and Randal Fenton both died unmarried. Thomas, as above shown, was seized of the greater part of the paternal real estate in Buckingham, and at his death in 1829, the same year his brother Randall died, partition thereof was made in the Orphans Court on petition of Samuel Fenton, son of Ephraim, December Term, 1829, which shows that his brother, Ephraim, was deceased, leaving children, Samuel (the petitioner), Eleazer, James, William, Randal and Thomas; his second brother, Patrick, was still living, as were his sisters, Martha Fenton, (who died in 1830, leaving will dated January, 1829, by which devised all her estate to her sister, Hannah, and made her brother, Thomas, Exr.), Hannah who died in 1838; that his sister, Mary, and her husband, William Gilbert, were deceased, leaving a daughter, Mary Gilbert, residing in North Carolina. The land was divided and adjudged to Patrick, Hannah and Samuel, the nephew.

Hannah Fenton survived all her brothers and sisters; her will was made in 1833, a codicil added in 1836, and proved August 25, 1838. At the date of her will, her nephews, Samuel, Eleazer, James, Randal, Charles P., Ephraim and Thomas D. Fenton, sons of her brother, Ephraim, deceased, were all residents of Montgomery County; while Samuel, Ephraim, Jesse, Randal, William, and Elizabeth, the wife of William Rich, children of her brother, Patrick, were residents of Bucks. Ephraim, son of Patrick, had died before the date of the codicil.

Joseph Fenton and Mary Shaw

Another Fenton family was founded in Bucks County, in 1743, by Joseph Fenton, "of Brookland, Kings County, Province of New York, Weaver," as he is named in a deed dated May 12, 1743, by which Isaac Van Horn and Alice, his wife, convey to him 276 acres of land in Northampton township, Bucks County.

He married at about this date, (certainly prior to June 1, 1745, when she joins him in a mortgage on the 276 acres), Mary Shaw, daughter of Joseph and Sarah (Watts) Shaw, of Northampton, and granddaughter of Stephen Watts. Joseph Fenton died early in 1782, the inventory of his estate being made May 27, 1782. His will dated February 8, 1782, proved May 19, 1783, mentions his wife, Mary; grandchildren, Joseph, Thomas, Mary and Martha, representatives of his deceased son, "Thias;" Joseph and Mary, representatives of his deceased son, Cornelius; and surviving children, Joseph, John, Benjamin Fenton, and Helena Kroesen. His widow, Mary, survived until April 27, 1789, dying at the residence of her son, Dr. Joseph Fenton, with whom she had resided since November 15, 1786, as shown by his settlement of her estate. On September 21, 1782, she joined with her sister, Rachel Shaw, in the conveyance of real estate inherited by her father. Joseph Shaw, from her grandfather, John Shaw, of Northampton, D. B. 21, p. 11.

Note.--It is just possible that this Mary (Shaw) Fenton was the wife of Cornelius Fenton, son of Joseph and Mary. He, Cornelius, died intestate and letters were granted to his widow, Mary Fenton, April 8, 1782. On September 28, 1786 letters of Administration were granted on the estate of Mary Fenton, to Dr. Jos. Fenton, and in a petition to the Orphans Court ask for appointment of guardians for her two minor children, "the eldest not exceeding eight years of age."

The children of Joseph and Mary Fenton are named in his will above quoted.

Dr. Joseph was the eldest and is given a special legacy of 10 pounds for his birthright. He married Hannah (???), and died in 1827, leaving only one child, Maria, wife of Joseph C. Whitall. He and his brothers, John and Cornelius, were members of Northampton Associated Company in 1775; and he was Surgeon of Col. Joseph Hart's Bucks County Battalion in the Flying Camp, in 1776, though his name is given in the Pennsylvania Archives as "John Fenton, Jr.," instead of Joseph Fenton, Jr.; there was no John Fenton, Jr., who could have been more than a mere child at that date.

John Fenton, second son of Joseph and Mary Fenton, married Sarah, daughter of Richard Leedom, of Richboro, a prominent merchant and innkeeper. John Fenton was a member of the Associated Company of Northampton in 1775, on May 6, 1777, was commissioned Second Lieutenant of the Eighth Company, First Battalion, Bucks County Militia, Captain Gawin Adams, First Lieutenant Garret Dungan. His name does not appear as an officer of the same company in 1780. He was named as one of the executors of his father's will, and the real estate of his father being sold by the Sheriff, he purchased it, and after deeding a small portion thereof to his brother, Dr. Joseph Fenton, conveyed the residue to his father-in-law, Richard Leedom. He purchased another tract in Northampton on which he lived at the time of his decease, which he authorized his wife and her father, Richard Leedom, as Executors to sell, which they did. His will dated January 19, 1792, proved February 14, 1793, directs that his sons. Joseph, John, Benjamin. Richard and Jesse, be placed out to trades at suitable age, and mentions two daughters, Sarah and Mary. His son, Benjamin, died unmarried and letters of Administration were granted to his brother, Richard, February 4, 1809. Richard married March 10, 1808, Elizabeth Feaster. No effort has been made to trace out the descendants of these children, as they are of too late a date to be ancestors of the Virginia branch.

Cornelius Fenton, son of Joseph and Mary, died intestate and letters were granted to his widow as above stated. April 8, 1782. They had two children, Joseph and Mary, "the eldest not exceeding 8 years of age," at the date of appointment of guardians for them on petition of their uncle. Dr. Joseph Fenton, in 1787.

Matthias Fenton, son of Joseph and Mary, married at the Dutch Reformed Church of North and Southampton, August 23, 1770, Rachel Harding, daughter of John Thomas Harding, of Northampton. They purchased the famous old Red Lion Inn, in Bensalem in 1779, and both died there soon after leaving children, Joseph, Thomas, Mary and Martha. Letters were granted to his brothers, Joseph and John, October, 1781. On September 8, 1783, Abraham Duffield, who had a three-years lease of the inn, petitioned the Orphans Court, joined by the guardians of the Fenton minors, for a reduction of the rent, "being hard and ruinous owing to Peace taking place."

Helena Fenton, the daughter of Joseph and Mary Fenton, married March 21, 1765, Garret Kroesen, of Northampton.

Benjamin Fenton, son of Joseph and Mary Fenton, does not appear of record here other than in the will of his father. He evidently left this section and was probably the Benjamin Fenton who married Ann Jackson in Frederick County, Virginia, in 1795. [Note.--Mr. Ely is mistaken here. The Benjamin Fenton, husband of Ann Jackson, was a son of Enoch Fenton.--W. B. B.]

Who the Fenton was who married Ruth Wright in Frederick County, Virginia, in 1779, for which she was disowned (see abstracts of records of Hopewell Monthly Meeting hereto attached), I am unable to determine.

Sidney Wright, a widow, of Solebury, Bucks County, married as second husband. Isaac Pickering, a widower, born 1716, died 1798, who by his first wife had several children, one of whom, Rachel, born 1752, married Solomon Wright, son of Sidney, by her first husband. Solomon Wright and Rachel Pickering were married at Buckingham Meeting of Friends, June 13, 1787. The will of his mother, Sidney Pickering, of Solebury, dated June 10, 1800, and proved June 24, 1812, makes her son, Solomon Wright, executor, and mentions children, John, James, Edward, Nathan and Solomon Wright; daughters, RUTH FENTON, and Mary Adams; daughter-in-law, Rachel Wright, wife of Solomon.

Can it be possible that some of her sons and the daughter, Ruth, had removed to Virginia prior to the marriage of Ruth to (???) Fenton? I can find no Fenton in the Bucks County families of suitable age or who left here early enough to have married in Virginia in 1779, unless it was Benjamin, and he seems to have married Ann Jackson.

The John Fenton who petitioned for membership at Hopewell in 1794, might of course have been the son of Josiah, of Buckingham, but it would be rather singular if representatives of three distinct families of Fenton were almost simultaneously to appear in that section, viz.: (???) Fenton, who married Ruth Wright in 1779; John, who asked and became a member of Hopewell Meeting in 1794, and Benjamin, who married Ann Jackson in 1795. Or was John and the husband of Ruth the same?

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Source: The McCarthy's in Early American History by Michael J. O'Brien
page 149 150

Bucks County seems to have attracted many of the Irish immigrants arriving via the Delaware River during the first quarter of the eighteenth century, and in the early records of that section of the State their names are found in goodly numbers. At a place called Haycock Run about twelve miles north of Doylestown, the County seat of Bucks County, there were a number of McCartys, evidently relatives, who came from Ireland between the years 1730 and 1737, and some of their descendants are since mentioned among the conspicuous families of the County. The earliest reference to a person of the name in this region is in the New Jersey Archives under date of October 25, 1733, when a marriage license was issued in New Jersey to "Daniel McCarty of Bucks County and Olive Titus." The place where the license was issued is not stated in the Archives, but in all probalility it was in Warren County, directly across the Delaware River from Bucks.

By a deed dated March 11, 1737 Thomas and Richard Penn, for a consideration of 38 pounts and "a yearly rental of one-half penny per acre," conveyed 250 acres of land in Nockamixon Township, Bucks County, to Edward McCarty, and in describing the boundaries of the tract the deed mentions "the lands of John Durham and Thomas McCarty," which indicates that the latter was already a settler in this place. There is another deed on record in Bucks County covering a second tract of 250 acres, sold by the Penns to Edward McCarty on April 19, 1738, and in the same record there is a deed dated March 3, 1738, from Thomas and Richard Penn to Silas McCarthy for 215 acres in Nockamixon Township, and the tax lists show that he and his son, Carroll McCarthy, settled on these lands. Silas McCarthy is mentioned five times down to 1749 in the Pennsylvania Archives among "Warrantees of Land in Bucks County."


Subj: Re: [PABUCKS-L] James McCarty son of Silas McCarty & Sarah Carrell
Date: 7/23/01 6:44:36 AM Central Daylight Time
From: (lcandbat)

Can't help with James McCarty, but here is what I have on Silas.

In his will he left one acre of ground to the New Britain Baptist Church, on
which to erect a church building. This plot of ground is separated from his
plantation near Quakertown, but only a few scattered tombstones and the
foundation cavities remain to mark the site of the old church [near Quakertown].

Will: Silas McCarty of adjacent of Springfield. January 13,
1749/50. Proved May 1, 1750. Wife Sarah, son Carell and Bro-in-law Robert
Tomkins, exrs. To wife, plantation for life, then to all children, Carell
excepted. Carell, 100 acres adj. Congregation of Baptists 1 acre on east side of
tract where
a Meeting House now stands. Wit: Thos. Lancaster, Benjamin Gilbert.

#65 - The Descendants of James Carrell and Sarah Dungan, His Wife
Author: Ezra Patterson Carrell
Call Number: R929.2 qC31
Eight generations of the Carrell family, including allied families.
Bibliographic Information: Carrell, Ezra P.
The Descendants of James Carrell and Sarah Dungan, His Wife. N.p., 1928.

#160 - Abstracts of Bucks Co, PA, Wills, 1685 - 1785
Author: F. Edward Wright
Bucks County, PA, wills executed 1685-1785, originally abstracted under the
auspices of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

Lynn Tinsley

Page 2 (A portion of) Compiled By John K. Heess

Silas McCarty

Silas McCarty probably was born in Ireland about 1700. In 1722
he married Sarah Carrell, daughter of James and Sarah (Dungan) Carrell.
She was born in Northampton Township, Bucks County in 1700.
The McCarty family was founded in Bucks County, PA. by Cornelius
McCarty of Middletown and Silas McCarty of Haycock. Silas was a
Presbyterian but after his marriage, he joined the Baptists. His
wife was a Baptist.

The McCarty families probably descended from the ancient family
of MacCarthy, which was the dominant family in Desmond or South Munster,
Ireland, from the period of the establishment of surnames down
to the reign of Henry VII. The name is modernized as McCarty,
MacCartney, Carty, etc.

According to one family tradition, Silas McCarty left Scotland
with his brother Rowland, when he was 14 years old. They settled in
Ireland for a few years and then came to America, His brother, Rowland
settled in New Jersey and Silas settled in Pennsylvania.

In 1724, Silas owned a tract of land in the south-eastern part
of Plumstead Township, Bucks County, PA. IN 1738, John, Thomas
and Richard Penn conveyed to him 350 acres of land in Haycock Township.
He gave one acre of this land to the Baptist Church as a site
for a church and burying ground. It is likely, both he and his wife
were buried here, but the head stones have become obliterated so the
names are not distinct. He died in 1750 and his wife died in 1755.


Most of the data keyed into this tree was taken from a family tree
compiled by John K. Heess. His sources are listed as:
"The descendants of James Carrell and Sarah Dungan" 1690-1928
"The Landcaster Family" 1711-1902


Spouse: Sarah Carrell
Birth: abt 1700, Northampton Twp., Bucks County, PA
Death: 1760
Father: James Carrell (-1720)
Mother: Sarah Dungan
Marr: 1722

Children: Carrell (1723-<1759)
James (1725-)
Silas (1727-)
Benjamin (1731-1794)
Lydia (1733-)
Elizabeth (1735-<1804)
Hannah (1737-)
William (1739-)
Thomas (1741-1804)
Paul (1743-)

1.1 Carrell McCarty
Birth: 15 Jul 1723
Death: bef 1759

Spouse: Tamar

1.2 James McCarty
Birth: 1 Nov 1725

Spouse: Sarah

1.3 Silas McCarty
Birth: 16 Apr 1727

1.4 Benjamin McCarty
Birth: 5 Aug 1731, Richland, Bucks County, PA
Death: 27 Oct 1794, Bucks Co., PA

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To: ,

Subj: Can someone do a lookup please? "Early Friends Families of Bucks County"
Date: 7/31/01 4:16:33 PM Central Daylight Time
From: KATNKEV5458

Hi listers,

Does anyone out there have the book "Early Friends Families of Bucks County" that can do a lookup for me?

I need to know about Benjamin McCarty s/o Silas McCarty & Sarah Carrell.
I need anything I can get. Preferably dates and spouse's and such. There is a contradiction in the book "The McCarthys in Early American History" by Michael J. O'Brien. I would like to clear it up. The book says that Benjamin McCarty was the son of Patrick McCarty. Descendants say that Benjamin was the son of Silas McCarty.

Can someone please help me??

Kathy "Kath" (Burden) Shaffer
Omaha, NE

>^,,^< >^,,^< >^,,^< >^,,^< >^,,^< >^,,^< >^,,^< >^,,^< >^,,^<
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From: Bjchanney

page 33
Benjamin McCarty, son of Silas, moved to this location (Quakertown) in 1765, which was a portion of the Logan tract:

There is a lot of McCarty information in this book.
Bucks County History and Genealogy
Subj: Re: [PABUCKS-L] Can someone do a lookup please? "Early Friends Families of Bucks County"
Date: 7/31/01 5:51:13 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (lcandbat)

According to "The Descendants of James Carrell and Sarah Dungan, His Wife"
Author: Ezra Patterson Carrell
Call Number: R929.2 qC31

"Silas McCarty, born about the year 1700, was the ancestor of the
McCarty family of
Richland, with whom this narrative is concerned. He took up a tract of
350 acres in
what became later Haycock Township, just over the line of the present
Township, adjoining the Logan tract on the west, the Bryan tract on the
south, and the
Jacob Strawn tract on the east.

The patent for this tract of land from John, Thomas and Richard Penn to
Silas McCarty
is dated 1 mo. 3, 1737/8, but he was probably located there under a
proprietary warrant
of survey for some years prior to that date.

He died seized of this land in the year 1750, leaving a will dated
January 3, 1749/50,
probated on May 1, 1750, which devised to his wife Sarah his plantation
for life, then to
all his children, his son Carrell excepted. To this son Carrell he gave
100 acres off the
end of his plantation. To the congregation of Baptists he devised a
plot of one acre on
the east side of his plantation "where a Meeting House stands." This
was near the village
long known as Strawntown, where a much neglected Baptist burying-ground
is still in


21. Carrell, b. Sept. 15, 1723, m. Tamar (???).
22. James, b. Jan. 1, 1725/6, m. Sarah (???).
23. Silas, b. June 16, 1727,
24. Benjamin, b. Oct. 5, 1731, d. Oct. 27, 1794; m. Margaret
25. Lydia, b. Oct. 11, 1733, m. Daniel
26. Elizabeth, b. Oct. 30, 1735, m. John Melvin
27. Hannah, b. Dec. 6, 1737, (No further
28. William, b. Feb. 29, 1739/40, (No further
29. Thomas, b. Apr. 12, 1741, d. Oct. 9, 1804; m. Elizabeth

30. Paul, b. Apr. 29, 1744, m. Cassandra

prior to 1780, daughter of John and Margaret William, of New
Britain, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He was taxed in Bethlehem
Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania, in 1781,
for 100 acres of land, and live stock. Their daughter Margaret
is mentioned in will of John William, dated August 2, 1780.
Cassandra was then deceased. "

Lynn Tinsley
Gillett, PA
Subj: Re: [PABUCKS-L] Can someone do a lookup please? "Early Friends Families of Bucks County"
Date: 7/31/01 8:34:45 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Gay Davis)

Dear Kathy, There are a good many references in the book to Benjamin and
Silas. Interesting, they were neighbors of my Ancestor, Peter Ashton, and I
think I have a McCarty marriage somewhere in the Ashton line.

p 32, Listing the early settlers of near Quakertown "Silas McCarty came to
the "Great Swamp" district in 1735, and settled in Haycock Township (15),
along the eastern line of Richland.
The Baptist Burying Ground (16) located back of the barn now owned by
Zeno Wireback is mentioned in Silas McCarty's will as follows: 'To William
Bryan and others one acre of land on east side of my plantation where a
church now stands.' The church has disappeared long ago and the burying
ground is now over-run by pigs and chickens. Headstones with early dates
are as follows: William Bryan died May 17, 1784, aged 76 years, 8 mos. 27
days; Rebekah Bryan died July 22, 1796, aged 78 years, 4 mos. 8 days; Esther
McCarty died 1747; Edward Bryan died 1747; Eleanor Morgan wife of James
Morgan died December 12, 1764."

p 33 "Benjamin McCarty, son of Silas, moved to this location (28) in 1765,
which was a portion of the Logan tract."

pp 47-48 Peter Ashton (Peter, Robert), eldest son of Robert and Sarah
(Thomas) Ashton, born Springfield, Bucks County, Pa., 8 mo. 16, 1760, died
there 12 mo. 30, 1821. He was a farmer and acquired the farm of 219 1/2
acres of his father in 1812. He married, 1785, Mary McCarty, daughter of
Benjamin and Margaret (Walton) McCarty, and had probably been living on the
farm many years before the deed was made to him. In 1813 and 1819,
respectively, he conveyed parts of this tract to his sons Benjamin and
Samuel and his daughter Sarah, and died seized of 102 acres in 1821. His
wife died a year earlier. (See No. 16, Chapter XXXI)

Children of Peter and Mary (McCarty) Ashton:
15 Robert, b 12-13-1787
16 Benjamin, b 2-1-1789; removed from Bucks County prior to father's death
17 Sarah, b 7-5-1791; m David Davis (See Addenda.)
18 Samuel, b 7-20-1798; removed from Bucks Co. prior to father's death

Oh, groan, there are pages of this. LOL
p 365
McCarty Family

"The McCarty Family was founded in Bucks County by Cornelius McCarty, of
Middletown, and Silas and Edward McCarty, of Haycock, all doubtless natives
of Ireland, and all born about or shortly prior to the year 1700. An effort
has been made to show that these three were brothers, and that they were
sons of one John McCarty, of Piscataway, New Jersey, who married 7 mo. 9,
1684, by New York marriage license to Ann Harman, of Woodbridge, New Jersey,
but it has not been successful, though it is probably that these three, with
Dennis McCarty, of Middletown, Monmouth County, New Jersey, and one or two
other McCartys of record at about the same date, were the children of John
and Ann (Harman) McCarty.
The McCartys of New Jersey and Pennsylvania were doubtless descendants
of the Earls of Clan Carty, who were driven out of Ireland and dispossessed
of their large estates under Kim William of Orange in 1690.
1. SILAS McCARTY, born about the year 1700, was the ancestor of the
McCarty family of Richland, with whom this narrative is concerned. He took
up a tract of 350 acres of land in what later became Haycock Township, just
over the present line of Richland Township, adjoining the Logan tract on the
west, the Bryan tract on the south, and the Jacob Strawn tract on the east.
The patent for this tract of land from John, Thomas and Richard Penn to
Silas McCarty is dated 1 mo. 3, 1737-38, but he was probably located there
under a proprietary warrent of survey for some years prior to that date. He
died seized of this land in the year 1750, leaving a will dated 11 mo. 3,
1749-50, which was probated on 3 mo. 1, 1750, which devised to his wife
Sarah his plantation for life, then to all his children, his son Carrell
excepted. To this son Carrell he gave 100 acres off the end of his
plantation. To the congregation of Baptists he devised a plot of one acres
on the east side of his plantation 'where a Meeting House stands.' This was
near the village long known as Strawntown, where a much neglected Baptist
burying ground is still in existence. Silas McCarty married, in 1722, Sarah
Carrell, daughter of James and Sarah (Dungan)

p 366
Carrell, of Warminster, and the granddaughter of Rev. Thomas Dungan, founder
and pastor of the first Baptist Church in Bucks County, in 1684.

Children of Silas and Sarah (Carrell) McCarty:
2 Carrell, b 7-15-1723; m Tamar----
3 James, b 11-1-1725-26; m Sarah ----
4 Silas, b 4-16-1727
5 Benjamin, b 8-5-1731; d 10-27-1794; m Margaret Walton
6 Lydia, b 8-11-1733; m Daniel Pursell, of Nockamixon
7 Elizabeth, b 8-30-1735; m John Melvin, of Springfield
8 Hannah, b 10-6-1737
9 William, b 12-29-1739-40
10 Thomas, b 2-12-1741; d 10-9-1804; m Elizabeth Lancaster
11 Paul, b 2-29-1744; m Cassandra William, prior to 1780, dau. of John and
Margaret William, of New Britain, Bucks Co., Pa. He was taxed in Bethlehem
Twp., Washington Co., Pa., in 1781, for 100 acres of land and live stock.
Their daughter Margaret is mentioned in will of John William, dated Aug. 2,
1780. Cassandra was then deceased.

5. BENJAMIN McCARTY (Silas), son of Silas and Sarah (Carrell) McCarty, born
8 mo. 5, 1731, was reared on his father's farm in Haycock, then known as
'adjacents to Springfield.' He married about 1737 Margaret Walton, daughter
of Isaac Walton, Sr., of Richland. (See No. 16, Chapter XLVII>) He not
being a member of the Society of Friends, she was disowned for marriage to
him. Isaac Walton was at that time and for many years thereafter a tenant
on one of the plantations or divisions of the Logan tract in Richland, his
son Isaac Walton, Jr., being a tenant on another division of the same tract.
It is possible that Benjamin McCarty on his marriage to Margaret Walton took
charge of the farm of her father. The two tracts 'in tenure of Isaac
Walton, Sr. and Isaac Walton, Jr.' were devised by the will of William Logan
to his daughter Sarah, wife of Thomas Fisher, and on 2 mo. 13, 1787, Thomas
and Sarah Fisher conveyed 195 acres part of both tracts to Benjamin McCarty,
and he and his family resided thereon until his death, on 10 mo. 27, 1794.
The will executed on his deathbed devised all his estate to his wife for
life or widowhood, then to his children. His executors, his widow and
brother-in-law Daniel Walton, were directed to hold the share of his
daughter Mary, wife of Peter Ashton, paying her the interest and paying the
principal to her children at her death. The share of another daughter Sarah
Mitchell a widow was divided between her and her daughter Mira. Most of the
children of Benjamin and Margaret McCarty removed with the Waltons to Muncy
and were prominently associated with affairs there."

p 367
"Children of Benjamin and Margaret (Walton) McCarty:
12 Silas
13 William, m Mary Lloyd
14 Isaac
15 Sarah, m ---- Mitchell, in 1806, one child Mira, who m Andrew Heller
16 Mary, m Peter Ashton (See No. 6, Chapter VII)
17 Alice, m ---- Parker
18 Margaret, m David Lloyd
19 Elizabeth, unm in 1795
20 Rachel, unm in 1795
21 Jane, unm in 1795
22 Benjamin

"In a little bi-monthly magazine entitled 'Now and Then,' published at
Muncy, Pa., during the years 1888, 1889, 1890, 1891, 1892, is an account of
the removal of seven young men from Richland toMunch. These included four
of the sons of Benjamin and Margaret (Walton) McCarty, whose names appear in
the above list. The data refers especially to the children of William and
Mary (Lloyd) McCarty). The seven young men seem to have included David
Lloyd, who married Margaret McCarty, a sister of the four McCarty brothers,
and two members of the Walton family. An extended biography of 'Uncle John
McCarty' one of the sons of William and Mary, accompanied by his portrait,
appears n Vol. II, pages 146-7. Other notes in these volumes refer to his
brothers, David, born 1803, died August 1, 1889, and Lloyd, born 1811, the
latter the youngest of the fourteen children; also to Hon. Clinton McCarty
and A. T. McCarty, son of Lloyd. A summary of the eulogistic biography of
'Uncle John McCarty' is as follows: 'In the year 1789 seven young men
belonging to the Society of Friends came from the neighborhood of Quakertown
in the County of Bucks, to make themselves homes in the beautiful valley of
Muncy then not many years abandoned by the vanquished Indians and almost a
wilderness.' ***'Four of these young settlers were devoted brothers, Silas,
William, Benjamin and Isaac, surname McCarty.'***
'William and Benjamin bought and divided the 300 acres known as the John
Brady Tract in the Manor of Muncy and by laying out the first lots a few
years later became the actual founders of the town of Muncy. William before
he came had married Mary Lloyd, a Quaker maiden, also of Bucks County, an
aunt of the late David Lloyd the father of our townsman Captain Thomas
Lloyd.* The Young couple

p 368
moved into a temporary structure, located about five rods southwest of the
site of Fort Brady, but soon built a better and permanent home (the same log
house on North Main Street, in which his nephew William J. McCarty, the son
of Lloyd, at the present time resides), where all but one of their eight
sons and six daughters were born. Benjamin, their first born, came into the
world in Bucks County, in 1788, the year they settled here.'***

Uncle John McCarty was fourth of the fourteen children of William and
Mary (Lloyd) McCarty, and was born in the old log house November 4, 1794.
He was taught by example and precept the lessons of honesty, charity,
frugality, and sobriety, to which he adhered during his long and tranquil
life. Here he spent all his days except one year that he served as
apprentice to the blacksmith trade with his cousin David Lloyd at
Jerseytown, and here he died January 26, 1884. He never married."

*This was doubtless a son of David Lloyd, who married Margaret McCarty,
sister tothe four brothers, and accompanied them to Muncy in 1789. (at
bottom of p 367)

The rest of p 368 gives the genealogy of Thomas McCarty, son of Silas. This
continues onto p 369 where the children are listed.

p 576 gives the genealogy of Isaac Walton. His daughter, Margaret m
Benjamin McCarty.

Gay Wickersham Davis
Washington State


Subj: Re: [PABUCKS-L] Can someone do a lookup please? "Early Friends Families of Bucks County"
Date: 7/31/01 8:37:42 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Gay Davis)
To: ,

Kathy, I found no listing for a Patrick McCarty in the Bucks book.

Gay Wickersham Davis

Subj: Quiry on PABUCKS-L
Date: 7/31/01 8:06:08 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (James V. Roberts)

Kathy wrote:

Does anyone out there have the book "Early Friends Families of Bucks
County" that can do a lookup for me?

I need to know about Benjamin McCarty s/o Silas McCarty & Sarah Carrell.

I need anything I can get. Preferably dates and spouse's and such. There
is a
contradiction in the book "The McCarthys in Early American History" by
Michael J. O'Brien. I would like to clear it up. The book says that
Benjamin McCarty was the son of Patrick McCarty. Descendants say that
Benjamin was
the son of Silas McCarty.

Hi Kathy,

Page 366 of the "Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks" states:

Benjamin McCarty, son of Silas and Sarah (Carrell) McCarty, born 8 mo.
5,1731 ( d. 10-27-1794) was reared on his father's farm in Haycock. then
known as "adjacents to Springfield" He married about 1757 Margaret
Walton, daughter of Isaac Walton Sr., of Richland. He not being a member
of the Society of Friends, she was disowned for marriage to him. (minor
other info omitted here for sake of brevity)
Children of Benjamin McCarty & Margaret (Walton) McCarty:
William m. Mary Lloyd
Sarah m. - - Mitchell, in 1806 one child Mira who m. Andrew
Mary m. Peter Ashton
Alice m. - - Parker
Margaret m. David Lloyd

Siblings of Benjamin McCarty were:

Carrell b.7-15-1723
James b.11-1-1725/26
Silas b.4-16-1727
Lydia b.8-11-1733
Elizabeth b.8-30-1735
Hannah b.10-6-1737
William b.12-29-1739/40
Thomas b. 2-12-1741
Paul b.2-29-1744

There is no mention of a Patrick McCarty in this family listing.
Hope this helps you some, please don't hesitate to ask if you have
further questions....


Spouse: Margaret Walton
Birth: 1736
Father: Isaac Walton SR.
Mother: Alice Davis
Marr: 1757

Children: Issac
Silas (~1758-)
Benjamin (1763-1828)
William (1766-1813)

1.4.1 Issac McCarty

I was just reviewing all McCarty messages at and notice that
you are also researching the McCarty line.

My greatgrandmother Nora McCarty (b. Penn. 1879) shows up on 1880
Edwards County Kansas census in family headed by Silas McCarty (b.1848,
Lycoming, Penn). I have traced this Silas back to Lycoming CO. Penn
Township. His father was Benjamin O. McCarty (b. 1814, died before 1870).
Benjamin married Lavinia Harding. In one biography they are said to have
died the same year, however, she is listed in the 1870 Penn Township,
Lycoming Co - Census as a widow living with her sons. There are some
biographies of the McCarty sons in Lycoming CO -- the family grouping
match. Penn Township was established by four McCarty brothers one of whom
was Isaac McCarty (1760) and there is some evidence that he is the father
of Benjamin O. McCarty.

Isaac's father was Benjamin (1731) and Benjamin's father was Silas
McCarty (1800). The naming convention of bringing the grandfather's name
forward to the next generation seems evident in the naming practices of
this line of McCartys.

I haven't really started to dig into the records in this line -- so
far all I have are census reports, a history of Lycoming County which
refers to the McCarty history and Penn Township, biographies and extracts
of wills. Silas McCarty served in the Civil War according to biography of
his father and his name does appear on a Civil War military list.

Evidence that the Silas McCarty in the Kansas Census (1880 Kansas
Federal, 1895 Kansas Agricultural, Federal Census 1900, 1910) is the Silas
McCarty listed as Benjamin (1814) McCarty's son is the fact that two of the
brothers (same age, name and listed as born in Penn as the sons listed in
the family of Benjamin McCarty) are listed in the 1880 census as brothers
of Silas Mccarty the "head" of this family unit in Kansas. Also family
history says that all three brothers traveled to Kansas and settled in the
same county (Edwards).

So I do believe that we may be researching the same family line --
which wouldn't surprise me since each generation seemed to have produced
quite a number of children. I believe that my Kansas line has become
detached from the rest of the McCarty family history and I believe that I
am collecting evidence which can reconnect this Kansas branch with the
Pennsylvania branch. My greatgrandmother would be so pleased to know that I
am researching her Pennsylvania roots. She always claimed to be from
Pennsylvania rather than from Kansas and she went back to Pennsylvania to
visit family quite often while she was growing up.

Silas McCarty married Emma C ????? she was Pennsylvania Dutch. Emma
C. lists her parent's place of birth as Pennsylvania which means that
perhaps their parents emigrated from German? Emma's maiden/surname has
eluded me -- so far.

Barbara Russell (living in Washington State)

1.4.2 Sarah McCarty

Spouse: Mitchell
Marr: 1806

Children: Mira

1.4.3 Mary McCarty

Spouse: Peter Ashton
Birth: 16 Aug 1760, Springfield, Bucks County, PA
Death: 30 Dec 1821, Springfield, Bucks County, PA
Father: Robert Ashton
Mother: Sarah Thomas
Marr: 1785

Children: Robert (1787-)
Benjamin (1789-)
Sarah (1791-)
Samuel (1798-)

1.4.4 Alice McCarty

Spouse: Parker

1.4.5 Margaret McCarty

Spouse: David Lloyd

1.4.6 Elizabeth McCarty

1.4.7 Rachel McCarty

1.4.8 Jane McCarty

1.4.9 Silas McCarty
Birth: abt 1758

1.4.10 Benjamin McCarty JR
Birth: 2 May 1763, Bucks Co, PA
Death: 1828, Muncy, PA
Burial: 1828, Walton Cemetery

Spouse: Mary Smallwood
Birth: 10 May 1766, Bucks County., PA
Death: 1865, Rolling Prairie, LaPorte County, IN

Children: Andrew
Isaac (~1792-)
Mercy (1798-~1853)
Maria (1806-1883)
James (1808-1901)

1.4.11 William McCarty
Birth: 11 Mar 1766, Richland, Bucks Co., PA
Death: 21 Jan 1813, Muncy, Lycoming, PA
Burial: 1813, Walton Cemetery, Muncy

In the fall of 2001, the Muncy Historical Society <Muncy%20Historial%20Society.jpg>, <>; held the 'Getting in the Spirit" Open Homes Tour in which the McCarty House was one of the featured homes. During the tour William Corson portrayed Muncy historical figure, William McCarty <../McCarty%20House%20photos/William%20McCarty.jpg> and spoke at the entrance to the home. As a founding father of Muncy, he spoke his thoughts of laying out the borough in 1787 and of his home. Below is the words he spoke that day.
I am William McCarty. I am a descendant of Silas & Sarah (Carrell) McCarty & son of Benjamin & Margaret (Walton) McCarty, of Bucks County, PA. I was married in 1787 to Mary Lloyd, a Quaker maiden of Springfield Township, Bucks County, PA.
About 1789, Mary & I with our son, Benjamin (born 1788) left civilization for the wilderness of the Susquehanna Valley. My 3 Brothers: Silas, Benjamin & Issac, Sister, Margaret and her husband, David Lloyd came along. Our cousins, the Waltons: James, Ezekiel & Issac, also made the trip.
I built a temporary log house between Muncy Creek and Glade Run. Around 1789, this home (the McCarty House) was started and built. Originally only four rooms, attic and upper hall, it had thick walls, deep window sills and low ceilings. (The original deeds <../McCarty%20House%20photos/original%20deeds.jpg>to the property, which are on sheep skin, can be viewed in the main room of the McCarty House and another original deed is next door at the Muncy Historical Society.)
Mary & I reared 13 children in this house. As the family grew, a wing was added with a large kitchen, pantry, 2 bedrooms, an upper hall, attic and a second circular stairway.
The roadway in front of our house was merely a lonely trail. But as more people came into this wilderness, the trail out front became a great road and stagecoaches became a familiar sight.
My Brother, Benjamin, who owned the land South of Water Street, divided some of it into town lots in 1797. (He thus was the real founder of "Pennsborough" or "Hardscrabble" as it was originally called.)
In 1812, a company of soldiers camped on my land near Muncy Creek. Several were sick with an epidemic known as "Black Fever". I visited the camp to bring them food, and came down with the disease. I died on January 21, 1813.
I left Mary with 13 children, the youngest being only 2 months old. But like all pioneering women of good stock, Mary was not only able to cope, but also to prosper and keep the family together.
I was buried near the river bridge on Water Street in the "Walton Cemetery" Mary died in in 1838 and joined me on Water Street.
Our fifth son, John, will retain the house after Mary's death. He will later become a Lutheran. (As he said "Pennsdale is 3 miles away and the Lutherans are 3 doors away and one church is as good as another!") John did not totally forget his Quaker upbringing as he was a "conductor on the Underground Railroad" that passed through Muncy. (A portrait of John McCarty can be viewed at the Muncy Historical Society.)
My family has done well. Six of our children have gone West to Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan and Minnesota. Muncy likewise has prospered for which Mary, I and Brother Benjamin are quite proud.
If you would like to know more about my life, I refer you to Volume XXII, (April, 1990) of the "Now & Then" magazine.
I am William McCarty and thank you for coming to my house.
The McCarty's were Muncy borough's first family. Five generations of McCarty's have lived at this location.
It is interesting to note that in 1789, when this home was being built, George Washington <George%20Washington.gif> became our first president on April 30th.
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Spouse: Mary Lloyd
Birth: 26 Sep 1764, Quakertown, Bucks Co, PA
Death: 12 Aug 1838, Muncy, Lycoming, PA
Father: John Lloyd
Mother: Mary David
Marr: 1787

Children: Benjamin (1788-1826)
Margaret (1790-)
Silas (1791-1831)
Ann (1793-)
John (1794-)
William (1796-)
Mary (Molly) (1798-)
Jane (1800-1878)
Lavina (1802-1834)
David (1804-)
Sarah (1806-1887)
Seth L. (1808-)
Joseph (1810-)
Lloyd (1811-1899)

1.5 Lydia McCarty
Birth: 11 Aug 1733

Spouse: Daniel Pursell
Birth: ca 1730, Nockamixon

1.6 Elizabeth McCarty
Birth: 30 Aug 1735
Death: bef 1804, VA

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ID: I39857
Name: Elizabeth McCarty
Sex: F
Birth: 30 AUG 1735 in Haycock Twp., Bucks Co., Pa.
Death: BEF. 1804 in Jefferson Co., Va.
Reference Number: 39857

Marriage 1 John Melvin , Sr. b: ABT. 1737 in Probably Bucks Co., Pa.
Married: ABT. 1760 in Bucks Co., Pa.
Joseph Melvin b: 24 JAN 1764 in Berkeley Co., Va.
John Melvin , Jr. b: 1 SEP 1765 in Berkeley Co., Va.
Thomas Melvin b: 9 AUG 1768 in Berkeley Co., Va.
Mary Melvin b: ABT. 1773 in Berkley Co., Va.
Samuel Melvin b: ABT. 1777 in Berkeley Co., Va.
Benjamin Melvin b: 26 JUL 1778 in Jefferson Co., Va.
Silas Melvin b: 1781 in Jefferson Co., Va.


McCARTY, Elizabeth
Birth : 30 OCT 1735 Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Death : BEFORE 1804 Jefferson County, West Virginia
Father: McCARTY, Silas
Mother: CARRELL, Sarah

Marriage: CIRCA 1759 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania
MELVIN, John Sr.
Birth : CIRCA 1730 Jefferson County, Virginia
Death : SEP 1804 Jefferson County, West Virginia
Father: MELVIN, James

MELVIN, Joseph
MELVIN, Elizabeth "Eliza"
MELVIN, Samuel
MELVIN, Susanna
MELVIN, John Jr.
MELVIN, Thomas
MELVIN, Benjamin

----------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------

Spouse: John Melvin
Birth: Springfield, Bucks County, PA
Death: 1804
Father: James Melvin
Marr: ca 1760, Bucks County, PA

Children: Joseph

1.6.1 Joseph Melvin

1.6.2 John Melvin

1.6.3 Thomas Melvin

1.6.4 Mary Melvin

1.6.5 Samuel Melvin

1.6.6 Benjamin Melvin

1.6.7 Silas Melvin

1.7 Hannah McCarty
Birth: 6 Oct 1737

1.8 William McCarty
Birth: 29 Dec 1739

1.9 Thomas McCarty
Birth: 2 Feb 1741
Death: 9 Oct 1804, Muncy, Lycoming County, PA
Burial: 1804, Walton Cemetery, Muncy, Lycoming County, PA

Lycoming County Wills

McCarty Elizabeth Muncy Creek Twp book 1, page 33 widow of Thomas McCarty. Daus Jane, Hannah, Martha & Lydia; son James. Executors James & Thomas McCarty. Written 8 Feb. 1806 witness Silas McCarty & Benjamin McCarty

McCarty John Muncy Creek Twp book 1, page 30 miller. "Benjamin McCarty to be in my place to settle my accounts, Lydia McCarty to have my watch which Jesse McCarty can affirm. Benjamin McCarty to have sum of money from the desk which Martha McCarty can affirm." James McCarty to have testator's mare which Joab McCarty could affirm. Martha McCarty appeared before John Kidd, Register for Lycoming Co 5 Oct. 1805 and declared John McCarty died 19 Sep. 1805. part of the will - as far as "Lydia McCarty" was written about an hour before death in the present of the deceased. She had heard the deceased make other statements about time the writing was begun. Jesse McCarty also affirmed the above statement

McCarty Thomas Muncy Creek Twp book 1, page 25 yeoman. Wife Elizabeth. Children Jobe, Phebe, Mary, Sarah. Grsons Samuel & Thomas Foulke. Other children Samuel has blacksmith shop, Silas, John, Thomas, Joel, Benjamin, James David, Jesse, Jan, Elizabeth, Hannah, Martha, Lidda. Executors sons John & Wm McCarty. written 5 Jul. 1803 proven 22 Oct. 1804. witness Ellis Walton & Aaron Patterson

Subj: Thomas McCarty info
Date: 11/5/01 12:25:08 PM Central Standard Time
From: EVE6434

Dear Kath,

Thanks you for the ongoing McCarty info. Regarding the 11/1/01 infor to the McCarty site which included the source: John K. Heess. It says that Thomas McCarty died 9 Oct, 1804, Muncy, Lycoming County, PA. Buried: Paradise Cemetery

A couple of years back I attended the memorial service conducted by the local SAR as they erected an monument for this Thomas McCarty in the Walton Cemetery in Muncy PA for his service in the Revelutionary War. His nephews, William and Benjamin (amoung other McCarty and Walton family members) buried there.

I stopped by the Muncy Historical Society this a.m. to see if the Walton Cemetery had ever been called "Paradise Cemetery." There seems to not be a record of Paradis Cemetery in Muncy. Records show that William, etc., who died prior to Thomas's death, is buried the the Walton Cemetery.

All of this is not earth shattering, but thought that you would be interested in this info.

Evelyn Bryan, Lycoming Co., PA


Subj: Thomas McCarty info REPLY
Date: 11/6/01 12:06:26 AM Central Standard Time
From: EVE6434


The Sons of the American Revolution do not put markers with extensive ceremonies on just any spot without verification that this is where the Revolutionary Soldier is buried. As I noted, this event occurred in the Walton Cemetery in Muncy, PA and this Thomas McCarty is the son of Silas, and, as I noted, the uncle of the four sons of his brother, Benjamin. These four, William, Benjamin, Isaac and Silas, came to the Muncy Lycoming County area in the late 1700's along with some of the Walton in-laws. William and his wife, and Benjamin are buried in this cemetery also (as I noted previously). Benjamin's wife, Mary Smallwood, died at the home of her son, Charles, in Laporte, IN (as noted in the info that you have) so is not buried in the Walton Cemetery. Benjamin, who is my ancestor, laid out the town of Muncy where my family lived.

I appreciate your remarks, and don't mean to belabor it in as much the Thomas referred to is not my direct ancestor. I passed by the Walton cemetery this p.m. where Thomas' SAR soldier's marker is still in evidence.

Out of courosity and respect for Haas, I will keep on a lookout for a Paradise Cemetery. There is one over in Montour County I understand.

Evelyn B.

Source: John K. Heess page 4

Thomas was raised a Presbyterian and his wife, Elizabeth was
a member of Society of Friends. Her parents were both ministers in
Society of Friends. Before their marriage, Thomas applied for membership
in her church. The committee appointed to investigate his
character, reported and his membership was finally denied. He however
married Elizabeth, even though she had been disowned by her church.

They both continued attending Friends Church and after nineteen
years, they were both admitted to membership in Richland Meeting.

Thomas was reared on his fathers farm in Haycock Township, Bucks
County, Pa. He was a mason by trade, and helped build Friends Church
at Quakertown, Pa. in 1772. They settled on a farm, which his
wife inherited from her father, in Richland, In 1775 they sold
this farm and removed to Northampton County, Pa., where they resided
until 1794, when the whole family removed to Muncy, Lycoming
County, Pa. Some of the children returned to Richland, with their
mother, after their father died in 1804. Thomas McCarty is said
to have owned the first grist mill in Lycoming County. The farm
on which they lived is located between Muncy and Clarkstown and is
now owned by the Shipmans.

Thomas and Elizabeth (Landcaster) McCarty had eighteen children.

Their sixth child, Joel settled in Elkland, Sullivan County,
Pa., and it is he and his family and their descendants, we will
follow, from this point.

For a more complete history of Thomas and Elizabeth (Landcaster)
McCarty, see "The Descendants of James Carrell and Sarah Dungan"
1690 to 1928, pages 72 to 75. Also "The Landcaster Family" 1711
to 1902, pages 206 to 208, and also a copy of his Last will and
Testament, in which he remembers all of his eighteen children,
dated July 5th, 1803, pages 289 to 291.

Spouse: Elizabeth Lancaster
Birth: 26 Aug 1748
Death: Jul 1806, Quakertown, PA
Father: Thomas Lancaster
Mother: Phebe Wardell
Marr: 1765

Children: Phebe (1766-1850)
Samuel (1767-1846)
Silas (1768-1838)
Sarah (1769-1844)
Mary (1769-)
Joel (1771-1850)
John (1773-)
James (1774-)
Jane (1775-)
Elizabeth (1776-1861)
Thomas (1778-)
Job (1779-1845)
Hannah (1781-1843)
Benjamin (1783-)
Lydia (1790-1861)

1.9.1 Phebe McCarty
Birth: 8 Feb 1766, Quakertown, Bucks County, PA
Death: 30 Mar 1850, Milford Twp., Bucks County, PA

source LDS

Spouse: Levi Roberts
Birth: 10 Oct 1759, Bucks County., PA
Death: 4 Jan 1846, Milford Twp., Bucks County, PA
Father: Abraham Roberts
Mother: Catherine Lester
Marr: 4 Jun 1795, Richland, Bucks County, PA

Children: Elizabeth (1803-1858)
Abigail (1808-1882)

1.9.2 Samuel McCarty
Birth: 8 Nov 1767, Quakertown, Bucks County, PA
Death: 15 Oct 1846, Muncy, Lycoming County, PA

Subj: Silas McCarty
Date: 2/20/02 9:55:13 AM Central Standard Time
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I have some info on Silas McCarty that I got in Bucks Co. I was wondering if you had any info on his great grandson Samuel McCarty. Samuel was the son of Samuel McCarty( son of Thomas McCarty and Elizabeth Lancaster) and Margaret Alice (Peggy) Green(daughter of Samuel Green and Rachel). I don't have any info on the ggrandson Samuel McCarty but I was curious about who his children were and if they dropped the "Mc" in thier name. My ggg grandfather was Samuel Carty, and his wife was Elizabeth Herstine/Herstein. I don't know who my Samuel's parents were but he was born 10-20-1828. Samuel Carty joined the Union Army with a Jacob M. Carty who we think might be his brother. Thanks for your help.

Chris Carty

Spouse: Margaret Alice "Peggy" Green
Birth: 17 Aug 1774, Richland Twp., Bucks County, PA
Death: 27 Jan 1848, Muncy, Lycoming County, PA
Father: Samuel Green
Mother: Rachel
Marr: 20 Aug 1793, PA

Children: Peninah (1794-1797)
Katharine (1795-1871)
Samuel (1797-1858)
Charles (1798-1798)
Thomas (1802-1803)
Ellis Walton (1803-1876)
Jesse (1804-1839)
James (1805-)
Lewis Walton (1807-1876)
Phebe (1809-1894)
Henry Wilson (1811-1854)
Evan G. (1814-)

1.9.3 Silas McCarty
Birth: 30 Nov 1768, Quakertown, Bucks County, PA
Death: 15 Oct 1838, Muncy, PA

source LDS

Spouse: Laura Lyman
Birth: 20 Feb 1794, Kingsburg, Washington, NY
Death: 20 Nov 1864, Kingsburg, Washington, NY
Marr: 1811, NY

Children: Charlotte (1812-1844)
Eloisa (1816-1854)
Lyman Kennedy (1822-1872)
Hiram T. (1825-)
Otis L. (1828-1899)
Lucetta (1830-1894)

1.9.4 Sarah McCarty
Birth: 19 Dec 1769, Richland, Bucks County, PA
Death: 31 Oct 1844, Belmont County, OH

Family Group Record of Judah Foulke
================================================================= ===========
Husband: Judah FOULKE
----------------------------------------------------------------- -----------
Died: 30 NOV 1847 in: Belmont County OH
Father: Samuel FOULKE Mother: Ann GREASLEY
================================================================= ===========
Wife: Sarah McCARTY
----------------------------------------------------------------- -----------
Died: 31 OCT 1844 in: BELMONT COUNTY, OHIO
================================================================= ===========
M Child 1 Samuel M. FOULKE
Died: 18 AUG 1844 in:
----------------------------------------------------------------- -----------
F Child 2 Eleanor FOULKE
Died: in:
----------------------------------------------------------------- -----------
F Child 3 Mary FOULKE
Born: 8 MAR 1791 in: Richland Twp., Bucks Co., PA
Died: in:
----------------------------------------------------------------- -----------
F Child 4 Ann FOULKE
Born: 9 DEC 1792 in:
Died: 19 JUN 1857 in:
----------------------------------------------------------------- -----------
M Child 5 Thomas McCarty FOULKE
Born: 7 MAY 1795 in: Muncy Lycoming County PA
Died: APR 1855 in: Haskelville Lawrence County OH
----------------------------------------------------------------- -----------
F Child 6 Elizabeth FOULKE
Born: 19 MAY 1797 in:
Died: in:
----------------------------------------------------------------- -----------
F Child 7 Jane FOULKE
Born: 19 JUN 1799 in:
Died: in:
----------------------------------------------------------------- -----------
F Child 8 Amelia FOULKE
Born: 20 JUN 1801 in:
Died: in:
----------------------------------------------------------------- -----------
M Child 9 Cadwallader FOULKE
Born: 25 MAY 1803 in:
Died: 5 NOV 1879 in:
----------------------------------------------------------------- -----------
M Child 10 Jesse FOULKE
Born: 18 SEP 1805 in:
Died: 13 FEB 1875 in:
----------------------------------------------------------------- -----------
F Child 11 Mercy (Marcy) FOULKE
Born: 6 MAY 1808 in:
Died: in:
----------------------------------------------------------------- -----------
F Child 12 Grace FOULKE
Born: 29 JAN 1810 in:
Died: in:
----------------------------------------------------------------- -----------
M Child 13 Silas FOULKE
Born: 18 MAR 1812 in:
Died: in:
----------------------------------------------------------------- -----------
M Child 14 John FOULKE
Born: 1817 in:
Died: 17 APR 1878 in:
================================================================= ===========

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Submitted and written by: Andy Gammill
Jenkins, Howard M. Historical Collections Relating to Gwynedd. Philadelphia, 1884.
History of Belmont and Jefferson Counties, Ohio.
Hinshaw, William Wade. Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy. Baltimore, 1973.

----------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------

Biography of Judah Foulke
Written by Andy Gammill

Judah Foulke was born on January 18, 1763 in Richland Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He was the eighth child of Samuel Foulke and Ann Greasely Foulke. His father, Samuel Foulke, was a statesman representing Bucks County in the Pennsylvania colonial assemblies of 1761-1768. He was brought up in the Richland Meeting where his father was originally the clerk. Judah seems to have kept his Quaker faith, although during the Revolutionary War, his father was disowned by the Society of Friends for being too sympathetic to the war effort, an act which went against the Quaker beliefs.

In 1791, Judah and his family were granted a certificate to Exeter, Pennsylvania. Sarah's parents, Thomas and Elizabeth (Lancaster) McCarty, went with them. Staying for a little more than a year, both families moved again to Muncy in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. However, they returned to Bucks County in 1803.

However, Judah was an adventurous man and could not bear to stay in one place, so he relocated his family to Ohio in 1819. The church records indicate that the Plainfield Meeting in Ohio accepted Judah Foulke with wife Sarah and minor children, Amelia, Cadwallader, Jesse, Mercy, Grace, Silas, and John. His other son, Thomas, was accepted on the same day, May 5, 1819. The record indicates that they came from the Richland Meeting in Pennsylvania and had stopped for a while at the Miami Monthly Meeting in Ohio. They left children Samuel, Eleanor, Mary, and Ann behind in Pennsylvania.

In 1824, the family, without Thomas, Amelia, or Cadwallader, moved to the meeting at Somerset, Belmont County, Ohio. While at the Somerset Meeting, Judah was a schoolteacher. He taught at the Barnesville Village School. In 1828, Judah Foulke taught in the newly erected Mason's Hall of which the school was in the basement. However, in 1829, the masons decided to sell the hall, and the school went under. The Foulkes' stay in Belmont County was relatively peaceful as nothing relating to them was entered into church records until their departure on April 27, 1829.

At that point in time, they joined son Thomas at the Stillwater Monthly Meeting. Two years later, Judah's son Silas was disowned for "mcd," married contrary to discipline. Judah died and was buried on November 30, 1847 in Richland, Belmont County, Ohio.

Spouse: Judah Foulke
Birth: 18 Jan 1763, Richland, Bucks County, PA
Death: 30 Nov 1847, Belmont County, OH
Father: Samuel Foulke
Mother: Ann Greasley
Marr: 20 Oct 1786, Richland Twp., Bucks County, PA

Children: Samuel M. (1787-1844)
Eleanor (1789-)
Mary (1791-)
Ann (1792-1857)
Thomas McCarty (1795-1855)
Elizabeth (1797-)
Jane (1799-)
Amelia (1801-)
Cadwallder (1803-1879)
Jesse (1805-1875)
Mercy "Marcy" (1808-)
Grace (1810-)
Silas (1812-)
John (1817-1878)

1.9.5 Mary McCarty
Birth: 19 Dec 1769

Spouse: Christian Savage
Birth: abt 1765, Quakertown, Bucks County, PA

1.9.6 Joel McCarty
Birth: 16 Mar 1771, Richland, Bucks County, PA
Death: 1850
Burial: 1850, Freinds old burying ground at Shunk, Fox Twp., Sullivan County, PA

Source: A Record Of Joel and Ellen (Roberts) McCarty
and their descendants

Page 5 from: John K. Heess

In 1800, and soon after their marriage, Joel and Ellen (Roberts) McCarty
removed from Muncy to Elkland, Sullivan County, Pa.
At that time, this place was mostly wilderness. It
is located about one mile from Elk Lake and close by, where at
one time was the Post Office of Lake Run. It is on one of the high
ridges at the foot hills of the Allegheny Mountains. They bought
several hundred acres for 100 pounds ($262.66). They built a log
house and other out buildings and a barn. The old log house still stands.
Later they built a large and comfortable frame house.
With the help of their children, they developed a good farm and
in time, their living conditions became quite comfortable. They
were truly pioneers and had to undergo many hardships. They carried
their grain on horseback forty mile to have it ground. Fish
and game were very plentiful and were much used.

At this time there was a small community of Friends settling
in Elkland and Fox Townships. Ellen McCarty, being a minister in
Society of Friends, was of valuable help in establishing and carrying
on this Meeting. She was their minister for about forty years.
Sometime after her death, her daughter, Sarah (McCarty) Schill
became the minister of this church, a position which she filled
until she died in 1892. In addition to her ministry and the many
duties in caring for a large family, Ellen found time to make a
journey in the ministry to the State of New York and to Upper
Canada. In the later years of her life she spent much time in
visiting and caring for the sick in her community.

About the year 1900 the farm passed into the hands of Hampton
Pardoe, whose wife was Katharine (McCarty) Pardoe, the daughter of
Abel and Julia (Black) McCarty. Katharine was the person who assembled
the information, about the McCarty families in Sullivan
County which was used in "The Descendants of James Carrell and
Sarah Dungan". Note: The compiler of this record, has the advantage
of having lived early enough to have known, personally, many
of the children of Joel and Ellen (Roberts) McCarty and also many
of their descendants.

The farm is now owned by Nelson Pardoe, a son of Hampton and
Katharine Pardoe, so it still remains in the hands of one of Joel and Ellen McCarty's descendants.

Spouse: Ellen Roberts
Birth: 1781
Death: 1844
Father: Moses Roberts
Mother: Jane
Marr: Nov 1798

Children: Aaron (1799-1874)
Jesse (1802-1880)
John (1804-1885)
Elizabeth (1806-1881)
Jane (1809-1868)
Silas (1811-1888)
Joel (1814-1867)
Joseph (1816-1896)
Mary (1818-1898)
Sarah (1822-1892)
Thomas (1827-1857)

1.9.7 John McCarty
Birth: 6 May 1773


1.9.8 James McCarty
Birth: 11 Jun 1774


1.9.9 Jane McCarty
Birth: 18 Sep 1775, Hummeltown Twp., Northampton, PA

source LDS

Spouse: Isaac Ogden
Birth: abt 1771, Hummeltown Twp, Northampton, PA
Death: 1835
Marr: 27 Nov 1810

1.9.10 Elizabeth McCarty
Birth: 17 Sep 1776, Hummeltown Twp., Northampton, PA
Death: 11 Jan 1861, Buckingham Twp., Bucks County, PA

source LDS

Spouse: Samuel Thomas
Birth: 15 Jul 1760, Richland Twp., Bucks County, PA
Death: 17 May 1847, Quakertown, Bucks County, PA
Father: Edward Thomas
Mother: Alice Roberts
Marr: 24 Sep 1806, Bucks County., PA

Children: Amanda (1807-)
Jervis (1808-)
Louisa (1810-)
Thomas (1811-)
Edward (1813-1883)
Hannah (1815-)
Benjamin (1817-)

1.9.11 Thomas McCarty
Birth: 8 Mar 1778, Hummeltown Twp., Northampton, PA

Spouse: Margaret White
Birth: abt 1782, Hummeltown Twp., Northampton, PA

1.9.12 Job McCarty
Birth: 10 Aug 1779, Hummeltown Twp, Northampton, PA
Death: 19 Apr 1845, PA

source LDS

Spouse: Jane Paxton
Birth: 19 Nov 1781, Hummeltown Twp, Northampton, PA
Death: 19 Apr 1846
Marr: 26 Oct 1808

Children: Martha
Mary Ann
Sarah E.
Joseph Paxton
Thomas Weston
Oliver C.
James W.

1.9.13 Hannah McCarty
Birth: 19 Feb 1781, Hummeltown Twp., Northampton, PA
Death: 6 Jun 1843, Woodbury, NJ

no children

Spouse: Joseph Ogden
Birth: abt 1777, Hummeltown Twp., Northampton, PA

1.9.14 Benjamin McCarty
Birth: 20 Jul 1783, Hummeltown Twp., Northampton, PA

Subj: [McCARTY-L] McCarty/Caller Bible
Date: 9/10/02 5:37:21 PM Central Daylight Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

McCarty copied fro original Bible of Benjamin McCarty by Ouida Bouldon Grissom 1940;
Benjamin McCarty b 20 July 1783
(he was son of Thomas & Elizabeyth McCarty)
Elizabeth LEbo b 31 Dec 1785
(dau. Henry Lebo & Sarah Eoff)
Charles McCarty b 15 Aug 1806
Sarah McCarty b 31 March 1808
Henry L. McCarty b 4 Feb 1810
Alfred McCarty b 3 May 1816
Mary M b 16 May 1818 Muncy,co. PA
Thomas b 7 Nov 1820
James M Caller b 12 Sep 1813 Selingsgrove, Union CO. PA
Olivia Augustus Caller b 21 Jul 1840
James Harrison Caller b 31 Aug 1845 Colorado Co. TX

Benjamin McCarty and Elizabeth Lancaster married Oct 15, 1805

Mary M. McCarty married James M Caller Oct 5, 1837

James Caller died Colorado Co. TX 25 Nov 1851
Mary McCarty Caller died Columbus, Tex Oct 31, 1907

Hope the above will be of help to some of you on the list.

My line is Jacob McCarty born ab 1793 NC married Nancy Clark 1823 in Lincoln Co. NC. Was in OH by 1840. Ark 1860. Have no found parents or sibs of Nancy or Jacob. Any help would be appreciated. Do any of you have McCarty/ Clark connections?

Jean Pasmore

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source LDS

Spouse: Elizabeth Lebo
Birth: 31 Dec 1785, Hummeltown Twp., Northampton, PA
Marr: 15 Oct 1805

Children: Charles (1806-)
Sarah (1808-)
Henry (1810-)
Ann Catherine (1812-)
John (1814-)
Alfred (1816-)
Mary (1818-)
Thomas (1820-)

1.9.15 Lydia McCarty
Birth: 16 Aug 1790, Nothampton, Bucks County, PA
Death: 14 Aug 1861

they resided at Newtown, PA

Spouse: Charles Leedom
Birth: 25 Jan 1793
Marr: 1821, Bucks County, PA

Children: Sarah (1821-)
Jesse T. (1822-1891)
David R. (1823-1886)
Edward (1826-1892)
Beulah (1827-)
Thomas Lancaster (1828-1901)
Elizabeth M. (1829-1891)
Mary L. (1830-)
Hannah (1834-)

1.9.16 Jesse McCarty

1.9.17 Martha McCarty

1.10 Paul McCarty
Birth: 29 FEB 1743/44

Subj: Re: [McCARTY-L] Why I believe Silas McCarty is a better choice of lineage
Date: 3/13/02 6:54:03 PM Central Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Something I ran across on a Paul McCarty.

Pennsylvania Marriages Prior to 1790
Pennsylvania Marriages

1766, Nov. 5. Williams, Kissander, and Paul McCarty.

Record of Pennsylvania Marriages Prior to 1810
Volume 1
Marriage Record of the First Baptist Church, Philadelphia, 1761-1803

1766, Nov. 5, McCarty, Paul, and Kissander Williams

Chuck McCardie

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Subject: Re: [McCARTY-L] Why I believe Silas McCarty is a better choice of

> Pat,
> I am most anxious to compare McCarty notes with you on your John. With
> Paul and John being in or having strong connections to Frederick Co. MD
> roots, I strongly believe there must be a connections between Paul and
> I have never found a Will nor burial place for Paul, so I believe he may
> left Washington Co. PA. There is a John in 1800 Census on the same page
> my Paul in West Bethlehem, Washington Co. PA. Is that your John and
> Margaret? John is listed as between 26 and 45, his wife as between 26 and
> 45. At that time Paul is listed as over age 45, his wife as between 26 and
> 45. Paul and wife are still there in 1810 in West Bethlehem both over age
> 45, then they are not listed in 1820.
> LDS records list Paul who married Cassandra Williams born 29 Apr 1744.
> your John be the son of Paul? On the other hand, there is a John McCarty
> the 1790 census in MD.
> What do you have as the birthdate/marriage dates of your John?

Spouse: Cassandra Williams
Father: John William Williams
Mother: Margaret
Marr: 5 Nov 1766, PA

Children: Margaret
Joseph (1788-)

1.10.1 Margaret McCarty

1.10.2 Joseph McCarty
Birth: 30 Oct 1788
Death: PA

Spouse: Juliann Wise

Children: Sarah


Sarah spouse of 1.2
Tamar spouse of 1.1
Benjamin child of 1.4.3
Peter spouse of 1.4.3
Robert child of 1.4.3
Samuel child of 1.4.3
Sarah child of 1.4.3
Sarah spouse of 1
Amelia child of 1.9.4
Ann child of 1.9.4
Cadwallder child of 1.9.4
Eleanor child of 1.9.4
Elizabeth child of 1.9.4
Grace child of 1.9.4
Jane child of 1.9.4
Jesse child of 1.9.4
John child of 1.9.4
Judah spouse of 1.9.4
Mary child of 1.9.4
Mercy "Marcy" child of 1.9.4
Samuel M. child of 1.9.4
Silas child of 1.9.4
Thomas McCarty child of 1.9.4
Margaret Alice "Peggy" spouse of 1.9.2
Elizabeth spouse of 1.9
Elizabeth spouse of 1.9.14
Beulah child of 1.9.15
Charles spouse of 1.9.15
David R. child of 1.9.15
Edward child of 1.9.15
Elizabeth M. child of 1.9.15
Hannah child of 1.9.15
Jesse T. child of 1.9.15
Mary L. child of 1.9.15
Sarah child of 1.9.15
Thomas Lancaster child of 1.9.15
David spouse of 1.4.5
Mary spouse of 1.4.11
Laura spouse of 1.9.3
Aaron child of 1.9.6
Alfred child of 1.9.14
Alice 1.4.4
Andrew child of 1.4.10
Ann child of 1.4.11
Ann Catherine child of 1.9.14
Arthur child of 1.4.10
Benjamin JR 1.4.10
Benjamin child of 1.4.11
Benjamin child of 1.4.10
Benjamin 1.9.14
Benjamin 1.4
Carrell 1.1
Catherine child of 1.10.2
Charles child of 1.4.10
Charles child of 1.9.2
Charles child of 1.9.14
Charlotte child of 1.9.3
David child of 1.4.11
Elizabeth 1.4.6
Elizabeth child of 1.4.10
Elizabeth child of 1.9.6
Elizabeth 1.6
Elizabeth 1.9.10
Elizabeth child of 1.10.2
Ellis Walton child of 1.9.2
Eloisa child of 1.9.3
Evan G. child of 1.9.2
Hannah child of 1.4.10
Hannah 1.7
Hannah 1.9.13
Henry child of 1.9.14
Henry Wilson child of 1.9.2
Hiram T. child of 1.9.3
Isaac child of 1.4.10
Issac 1.4.1
James child of 1.9.2
James child of 1.4.10
James 1.2
James 1.9.8
James W. child of 1.9.12
Jane child of 1.4.11
Jane 1.4.8
Jane child of 1.9.6
Jane 1.9.9
Jesse child of 1.9.6
Jesse child of 1.9.2
Jesse 1.9.16
Job 1.9.12
Joel child of 1.9.6
Joel 1.9.6
John child of 1.4.11
John child of 1.9.6
John child of 1.9.14
John 1.9.7
Joseph child of 1.4.11
Joseph child of 1.9.6
Joseph 1.10.2
Joseph Paxton child of 1.9.12
Katharine child of 1.9.2
Lavina child of 1.4.11
Lewis Walton child of 1.9.2
Lloyd child of 1.4.11
Lucetta child of 1.9.3
Lydia 1.5
Lydia 1.9.15
Lyman Kennedy child of 1.9.3
Margaret child of 1.4.11
Margaret 1.4.5
Margaret 1.10.1
Maria child of 1.4.10
Martha child of 1.9.12
Martha 1.9.17
Mary 1.4.3
Mary child of 1.4.10
Mary child of 1.9.6
Mary child of 1.9.14
Mary 1.9.5
Mary Ann child of 1.9.12
Mary (Molly) child of 1.4.11
Mercy child of 1.4.10
Oliver C. child of 1.9.12
Otis L. child of 1.9.3
Paul 1.10
Peninah child of 1.9.2
Phebe child of 1.9.2
Phebe 1.9.1
Rachel 1.4.7
Rachel child of 1.9.12
Samuel child of 1.9.2
Samuel 1.9.2
Sarah child of 1.4.11
Sarah 1.4.2
Sarah child of 1.9.6
Sarah child of 1.9.14
Sarah 1.9.4
Sarah child of 1.10.2
Sarah E. child of 1.9.12
Seth L. child of 1.4.11
Silas 1.4.9
Silas child of 1.9.6
Silas child of 1.4.11
Silas 1.3
Silas 1.9.3
Silas 1
Thomas child of 1.4.10
Thomas child of 1.9.6
Thomas child of 1.9.14
Thomas child of 1.9.2
Thomas 1.9
Thomas 1.9.11
Thomas Weston child of 1.9.12
William child of 1.4.10
William child of 1.4.11
William 1.4.11
William 1.8
Benjamin 1.6.6
John spouse of 1.6
John 1.6.2
Joseph 1.6.1
Mary 1.6.4
Samuel 1.6.5
Silas 1.6.7
Thomas 1.6.3
UNNAMED spouse of 1.4.2
Mira child of 1.4.2
Isaac spouse of 1.9.9
Joseph spouse of 1.9.13
UNNAMED spouse of 1.4.4
Jane spouse of 1.9.12
Daniel spouse of 1.5
Abigail child of 1.9.1
Elizabeth child of 1.9.1
Ellen spouse of 1.9.6
Levi spouse of 1.9.1
Christian spouse of 1.9.5
Mary spouse of 1.4.10
Amanda child of 1.9.10
Benjamin child of 1.9.10
Edward child of 1.9.10
Hannah child of 1.9.10
Jervis child of 1.9.10
Louisa child of 1.9.10
Samuel spouse of 1.9.10
Thomas child of 1.9.10
Margaret spouse of 1.4
Margaret spouse of 1.9.11
Cassandra spouse of 1.10
Juliann spouse of 1.10.2

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