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Subject: [McCARTNEY] Origin of Surname McCartney
Date: Sat, 1 Jun 2002 09:27:15 EDT

I have spent some time (limited but enjoyable) researching and discussing
with other McCartneys the origins of our surname and have met some really
intelligent, well versed arguments on this subject:
1. McCartney is a name of pictish origin possibly from gratney
associated with an ancient earl of Mar (Scotland).
2. McCartney as a name sept of clan Fraquharson as a phonetic variation
of McHardy. Lot of controversy here... one mcHardy described it to me as "a
rare misspelliing of McHardy" to another Farquharson adherent telling me that
the records of Invercauld are "replete with McHardy/McCartneys using the name
interchangeably". (Could not verify this info with anyone well versed in the
Invercauld records but the name is affiliated with Clan F so I must assume
there is some record somewhere of this affiliation.)
3. McCartney as a name sept of Clan Mackintosh as
McCardney/MacKairtnay/McCartnay. Both McLysaught & Bell in their books on
irish & scots-irish surnames allude to this premise. Black, in his "Surnames
of Scotland" does mention several McCs of these spellings coming out of Fife &
4. Most McCartneys seem to come from
Galloway/Ayrshire/Kircudbrightshire area. One theory has them coming into
this area possibly from Kinelarty, Co. Down, No. Ireland from the McCartan
clan. Bell & Black both state that the gaelic pronunciation of McCartney as
MacArtain that evolved into the scottish gaelic variant MacCartain. This
theory is interesting since Co. Down & Galloway are just across from the
irish sea from each other.
5. Another well documented irish origin theory states that McCartneys
are descended from the MacCarthy Mor clan of Munster, Ireland. A prince in
the royal MacCarthy family came to Argylshire, Scotland as he was an ally of
Edward Bruce In Ireland during his brief reign (1315-1318). He received lands
in this area from King Robert (the Bruce) for his support 7 his descendants
eventually made it down to Ayrshire/Kircudbrightshire.
Any comments about these theories would be welcome.

Steve McCartney

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